How Much Does It Cost to Board a Dog?

A dog is a man’s best friend.

This is not just a popular statement. It is actually a principle being lived by, not just by dog owners, but also by dog welfare advocates.

And being treated as such in the US, being one of the dog-loving countries in the world, you could expect every kind of business catering to all kinds of dog needs.

Cost for putting a dog on kennel


One of the services that have high demand in the country is dog boarding. In fact, boarding a dog has been a steady part of the cost of owning a dog in America, with around 9,000 boarding kennels operating within the US and Canada. According to 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, the average cost of kennel boarding per year is $322, whereas 2015-2016 surveys reveal $333.

These are temporary shelters and facilities that specialize in taking care of dogs while owners are away. And taking care basically includes feeding and exercising within the facility which is more of making your dogs feel that there is someone who will take care of them and not feel left alone and left out. But there are some specialty dog spas and dog hotels that offer more.

How much does it cost to board a dog and what are the factors affecting its cost? Let’s find out.

Average Cost of Board a Dog

Usually, when you have to leave home to go somewhere else and there’s nobody left to take care of your dog, hiring a dog walker for a few hours could save the day.

But during unplanned trips or travel for a few days and you cannot carry along your dog, leaving it to a next-door neighbor who might not have any experience with taking care of any pets, particularly, dogs might spell a disaster. So you might as well entrust your pet to a facility that specializes in this kind of service.

The average kennel rates range around $15 to $25 per day but could go up as much as $50 depending on the facility and location.

Dog in a kennel

What are Included

Depending on what kind of facility you entrusted your pet, the average kennel rates generally include:

  • The kennel where your dog would temporarily stay for the day for sleeping and resting
  • Feeding
  • Exercising within the facility
  • Basic grooming

Additional Costs

If you want your dog boarding to include training, expect to pay a total of around $950 up to $2,000 for about two to four weeks of training that includes an individual attention each day.

You may also consider pet insurance that costs around $225 per year.

Shopping for Dog Boarding

With the booming pet industry in the country, particularly for dogs, you would not have a hard time locating kennels anywhere. But to help you find one that is most convenient to you, please see the following suggestions:

  • Referral – your first reference into any kind of service you might need and is the safest is actually through a referral. If you know someone, like a friend, a relative, or a next-door neighbor who may have experienced boarding a dog, talk to them into giving the contact details of the dog boarding service.
  • Yellow pages – you would most like see kennel advertising in the Yellow Pages. It is important to contact several companies and facilities to get the best price and facility for your dog’s need.
  • Better Business Bureau – it would be very convenient for you if your community has a business bureau where you can inquire through phone about local dog boarding services and if they know their reputation and history of complaint from customers.

Once you have narrowed down your choices (provided you want to have several choices), call them to know if they can accommodate your pet or not as some may be fully booked or they cater only several types of dogs. Either that or your dog may have special needs that kennel owners need to know so they can decide if they can service it or not.

Or better yet, an ocular visit may be the best option as you can initially see whether they have good facility depending on your preference.

You also check out Rover for your dog’s boarding needs and so much more. They are not a dog service company but rather, a locator that can help you find companies, facilities, and even individuals that serve different canine service.

If you love your dog so much and you would want it to be treated like a royalty while you are away, check out for your dog’s hotel needs.

Factors Affecting Cost to Board a Dog

  • Facility – your choice of whether to put your dog in a boarding kennel company or just in the care of a someone who has experience and spare time to take care of dogs spell the difference in how much is it to board a dog.
  • Duration – the longer you need the boarding for your dog, the higher the cost you will incur. But this is also an opportunity for you to negotiate with the owner for a discount.
  • Location – areas with higher dog boarding demands like states with more busy working professionals and higher cost of living tend to have higher dog boarding rates.
  • Service – some of the dog boarding companies offer more than just a shelter. Some have higher-quality facilities, special foods, and additional training to dogs.
  • Dog size – it is said that the larger your dog is, the higher the price you need to pay to board your dog.

Boarding your dog has lots of advantages compared to other services like dog sitter. It is far less expensive in terms of rates and you do not have to worry having a stranger in your home. Plus boarding your dogs teaches them to socialize especially when they are somewhat wild. You are also assured that your pet would not feel sad being left alone because they are in the company of other dogs.

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