How Much Does a Dog Microchip Cost?

Pet microchipping is a key security and identification of pets throughout the country. Microchip is a transponder device that activated through the use of radio frequency and sends out identification codes to a scanner. The device has the size of a rice grain and does not require a battery. Also, the implant is expected to last a lifetime if done properly and the procedure does not harm the pet.

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The dog microchip cost is quite inexpensive in exchange for the protection and pet insurance the service provides to your dog. In case of a lost pet, there is a bigger chance to recover the pet through the microchip identification by bringing it to a clinic. As of now, shelters and veterinarian clinics have universal scanners for the microchips and help in acquiring contact information from the manufacturers to inform the owner regarding the found pet.

Average Cost to Microchip a Dog

The dog chipping price depends on the extent of the service and brand of the microchip. Some of the manufacturers provide lifetime protection, a fast recovery program for lost pets, and free access to 24/7 emergency call to veterinaries but yield annual fees for the pet owners.

Therefore, there are two components in the dog chipping price, the fee of the implant including the cost of the microchip and the registration fee of the microchip.

The registration fee is usually included in the implant cost in some clinics and sometimes free of charge depending on the service provider. Manufacturers require their chips to be registered to the access their online database and to avail other benefits such as insurance.

But there are also chip registries that provide the same service free of charge with a minimum coverage for any brand of microchip. The database is essential especially for recovering lost pet which helps in providing information to the local shelters and veterinarians that found the lost pet.

The average cost to microchip a dog is around $17 to $52 based on the shortlisted providers below. But according to the, the usual cost of the implant is around $15 to $50 on clinics or $10 to $15 if the procedure is performed by local humane organizations. Meanwhile, the average cost of microchip registration can reach up to $20 annually. Also, the estimated cost of the implant and registration can reach between $25 up to $75 based on VIP Pet Care.

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Shopping for Dog Microchip

The most important factor in shopping for a dog microchip is the credentials of the provider and coverage of the service offered by the clinics, shelters and humane organization. Some of the clinics include the registration in the overall cost of the procedure. Also, the brand of the chip should be considered especially for the coverage of the benefits provided by different manufacturers.

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Microchip Frequencies

  • 125 kHz chip – the most common used microchip before the introduction of ISO microchips. The chip contains a 9 identification digit code and applicable to almost all of the universal scanners.
  • 134 kHz chip – developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO) in 2014 as a global standard for pet microchipping especially for owners traveling in and out of the countries. The chip provides information like the country code in the identification to determine the location of the owner with the help of the manufacturers. It is also mandatory in most of the country to have ISO microchip in pets entering their country.
  • 128 kHz chip – the microchip is considered as non-ISO and contains a 10 digits code. The identification does not include the country

Microchip Registration

Even without registering in the manufacturers or pet microchip websites, the microchip can still function but with limited utilization. The importance of the chip registration is to gain access to the database which helps in recovering a lost pet. The security and protection should be considered cost-effective in regards to the wellness for both the owner and the pet.

In case of Home Again microchips, the services provided does not only cover the access of the national database but also access to a pet specialist, medical hotline, travel assistance, and even pet alerts. Home Again can also register any brand of the microchip for a $20 annual fee. Another service provider is the Pet Chip Registry which has a registration and annual renewal fee that costs around $19.95.

Save This Life provides ISO microchipping for pets which includes lifetime registration, ID tags, $1,000 for Lost Pet Health Insurance and Emergency Care Insurance. The microchips are exclusively distributed by the Henry Schein Animal Health. Therefore, pet owners can avail the microchip in clinics like River Mill Animal Hospital and Healthy Pets which uses the chip and includes the registration fee in the overall procedure cost. There are also websites that provide free registration to an online database like Free Pet Registry and Found Animals Organization.

Additional Information

The procedure of implanting the microchip is non-surgical using a hypodermic needle and injected under the skin usually between the shoulder blades. Even if the procedure looks very easy, it should be performed by a trained professional to avoid harming the pet. The microchip can be considered as a permanent identification but tags are still necessary. 

Also, the country is currently suffering from pet overpopulation which a huge percentage of the lost and abandoned pets are euthanized at animal shelters due to limited resources.  So if your pet is not recovered in time, there is a chance that it will be adopted or in worst case scenario, euthanized. Therefore, pet microchipping is a type of assurance to increase the recovery of lost pets.

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