How Much Do Dog Vaccinations Cost?

Dogs, as they say, are man’s best friends. It is then understandable that one doesn’t have any other wish but to have their dogs live longer and healthier. This is where vaccinations enter the picture.

There are different kinds of vaccinations. One must be able to carefully identify the kinds of vaccines that suit their dog’s needs before the actual vaccination itself. Giving the wrong vaccines would be useless, costly, or even fatal. It is but right that you talk to your veterinarian first before you submit your pet for vaccinations. Your vet would be able to know what vaccines are needed.

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Average Cost of Dog Vaccines

Each vaccine would usually cost about $18 to $35, depending on where you get them. As dogs are required to have core vaccinations, the total amount would range from $72 to $250.

When you say core vaccinations, these are those that are required for dogs to have. These are vaccinations against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza. Sometimes, a leptospirosis shot would also be included in the core vaccines.

Depending on location and living conditions, the vet may also recommend other vaccinations which are called the non-core vaccines.

Certain medical organizations would also have very inexpensive vaccination costs. An example is the Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP) that lists dog vaccinations at a very low price. Their vaccination for leptospirosis (also called lepto) for example is only $10 while that of Vetco is $33.

It would also save you lots if you look into packages that could probably fit your dog’s needs. But how much do dog shots cost if included in a package? Vetco has packages that include four kinds of vaccines plus a round or hook dewormer package at $64.

Another package, this time being offered by the TCAP includes four kinds of vaccinations plus a heartworm test for only $55. In another example, the Good Neighborhood Vet priced DAPP vaccines at $190, with payments divided into three installments ($65 for the first visit, $65 for the second visit, and $60 for the third visit).

This would already cover distemper, adenovirus (also hepatitis), parvovirus, and parainfluenza. It would be beneficial if you look into each package and hope that there is one that suits your dog’s needs. Talk to your vet and find out.

The law also requires dogs to be vaccinated against rabies. But how much does a rabies shot cost? A rabies vaccine would usually cost $11 to $22. It is usually given at age three months, and annually after that. Sometimes, you would find a clinic that costs lower than usual. TCAP has rabies vaccines listed at $5.

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What are Included

As earlier discussed, there are two groups of vaccines. One would be the core vaccines which are recommended. These are those that are to be administered at about age six to eight weeks old. The non-core vaccines, on the other hand, are dependent on a dog’s lifestyle and living conditions. For example, wooded areas can cause ticks that transmit Lyme disease to thrive. If your dog loves getting into bushes and playing in the wooded areas, you may want to consider getting him a vaccine against Lyme disease.

When you are thinking of giving your dog non-core vaccines, talk to your vet first and discuss what is needed.

Additional Costs

  • There may be instances when your dog reacts to the vaccines that were administered. When such happens, make sure to consult your vet and see what kind of treatment is needed. This would be added cost to the initial meeting with your vet. Expect to pay about $25 to $75 for the extra vet visit plus the cost of whatever medication is given, if any, to treat your dog’s reaction(s) to the vaccines.
  • There may be recommendations of non-core vaccines on top of the core vaccines that have already been administered. Depending on the recommended vaccine and the type of clinic, you can expect to shell out about $12 to $35 per non-core vaccine. If the vet recommends two types of non-core vaccines, that would be higher, of course.
  • The following are the usual non-core vaccines and their average costs: Bordetella bronchiseptica ($12 to $33), heartworm ($28), and Lyme ($33).

Shopping for Dog Vaccinations

  • If you feel like administering the vaccines yourself, you can check out single dose dog vaccines from Valleyvet. This is, however, not recommended unless you have enough knowledge about what is good for your dog. Your vet, on the other hand, can check if the pet is ready for vaccinations and can treat reactions (if any).
  • Valleyvet has them at 10ml bottles. You only need to give 1ml to a dog 3 months or older and the next thing you are going to need one is when you give the dog a booster shot a year after or as often as your state laws require (some states require that booster shots should be given three years later while some states require yearly booster shots).
  • Banfield Pet Hospital, offers pricing estimates for pet health services. You only enter your zip code, specify whether you have a dog or a cat, the service types and details, and you are given an estimated price. This includes rabies shots.

Factors Affecting Cost of Dog Vaccination

  • While most would go to their local vets for the vaccine shots, some would opt for the cheaper way by purchasing the vaccines and administering the vaccinations themselves. This would cost around $7 or so. Most of the time, it would be beneficial though if it is the vet that injects the vaccines as they would know whether the dog is ready for the vaccines or if the dog needs non-core vaccinations.
  • Animal shelters may sometimes provide vaccinations at a lesser price. The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, NV has what they call the Low-Cost Clinic where a 5 in 1 costs $25. This would already include core vaccinations for distemper, parvovirus, and parainfluenza. Just make sure to call ahead and be early as there have recently been a huge number of customers visiting their clinic. They can only serve a specific number of clients daily.
  • Geographical locations also play a role in the price of dog vaccinations. Places where vaccines are in abundance normally have lower rates than those locations that have difficulties in obtaining them. More competitions among clinics in one area mean there is a waging war on becoming the lowest-priced clinic with the best services.
  • Privately-run clinics also tend to cost higher when it comes to dog vaccinations than those that are publicly-run. You may shop around using Vetco’s clinic locator to get that vet that suits your needs and budget.

Additional information

For the schedule of vaccinations, please check the table below:

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Most insurance providers do not cover pet vaccinations. You would have to make use of your research skills to make sure your dog gets the shots he needs at the most reasonable price you can find.

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