How Much Do Jack Russells Cost?

Are you looking for a compact long-distance running buddy? An adventurous breed should be right for you. Small but mighty, such as the Jack Russell. It has tremendous energy and can run for a surprisingly long period of time.

Jack Russell Terriers were bred for vermin hunting. They are courageous dogs that were made to chase foxes, badgers, and rat, above and below ground. Digging is their favorite pastime, and as such, they make good escape artists.

They are intelligent,  full of confidence and attitude, and great with people. Surely, you want to get one. But let’s first look at how much does a Jack Russell terrier cost

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Average Cost of Jack Russell Terrier

Buying a dog is a big step, but luckily the Jack Russell isn’t the most expensive breed. It could be because they aren’t as sought-after as some more glamorous canines. Whatever the reason, though, a healthy Jack Russell Terrier pup usually costs $450 to $2,000 from a reputable breeder.

For instances:

On puppy find, expect to pay in the neighborhood of $750 and $1800 for a JRT puppy.

In South Carolina, they sell Jack Russell puppies of all ages, colors and coat styles. They range from $750 to $1000.

At Next Day Pets, the typical price range for a Jack Russell puppy is $450 to $1,200.

At Puppy Finder, you can get one for $800 to $1,500.

Apparently, the final Jack Russell price varies, given the history of the dog and its parents, if they competed in events and competitions. Those registered pups will be more expensive.

One-time Expenses

The cost of first-time supplies will be different for every dog, but the estimates below take into account a crate, a collar, and a leash, as well as miscellaneous expenses. Training can be a great investment, as it helps your dog keep away from destructive behaviors down the road. Check the list below:

  • Initial Jack Russell Terrier expense: $450 to $2,000
  • Initial Medical Exam: $45 to $250
  • First vaccinations and booster vaccinations: $60 to $200
  • Neutering: $35 to $200
  • Dog Crate: $40 to $150
  • Collar: $20 to $60
  • Leash: $15 to $60
  • Microchipping: $60 to $80
  • Bed: $50 to $200
  • Training: $25 to $450

Estimated Recurring Expenses

Keeping a Jack Russell Terrier is something that will leak your pocket every month, as with any other dog breed. Below is the estimated monthly Jack Russell Terrier expenses, based on current market prices:

As you can see, owning a Jack Terrier will cost you over $1,200 in the first year. But this list does not cover vet charges. If your pup becomes sick or injured, the expenses could be even higher.

Thus, it is essential to determine whether your finances can support this level of responsibility before getting a Jack Russell Terrier.

Possible Veterinary Cost

For the most part, qualified Breeders have preserved the gene pool of the breed. However, just like any miniature, pedigreed dog, Jack Russell Terriers are open to some potential health issues. So it’s best to be realistic about the possible costs they may bring.

The table below shows some common health issues of Jack Russells and their treatment costs:


Cost to Treat

Wobbler Syndrome

$5,000 to $8,000

Von Willebrand Disease            

$500 to $3,000 per treatment

Tracheal Collapse

$3,500 to $8,000

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

$2,000 to $3,000 per eye

Patent Ductus Arteriosus

$2,500 to $5,000

Luxating Patella

$1,500 to $5,000

Legg-Perthes Disease

$2,000 to $4,000


$350 to $3,500 per eye


$2,000 to $3,000 per eye


$200 to $15,000

Keeping your dog in tip-top condition is, of course, a big commitment. It is up to you to have that kind of money available whenever it may be required.

The best solution here is to take out a pet insurance policy that will cost a few dollars a month but save a significant amount of money in the long term.

When Shopping For a Jack Russell

There are sadly more ‘bad’ breeders out there than good ones. They breed bad genetics. They breed because they didn’t neuter their dogs properly. They’re puppy mills breed for money. So, investigate where to get a good Jack Russell to prevent future problems. You can follow the following tips.

  • You should start by questioning about the pedigree of the canine and what type of registration papers you will get for them.
  • Make sure to see the puppies with their mother. If you’re not permitted to see them together, it may be that they’re not her pups.
  • The pup should be at least eight weeks old to leave their mother.
  • The puppy at seven weeks must be completely weaned.
  • All dogs must be de-wormed. De-worming should begin at two weeks old and be repeated every two weeks hence, including by you.
  • The Jack Terrier must be vaccinated at 6 to 9 weeks of age and then again at 10 to 12 weeks.
  • A good breeder will provide you with sufficient food to maintain the same diet for a few days.
  • More significantly, investigate who their vet is. If the breeder doesn’t have a great relationship with their veterinarian, there may be issues with the breeder’s practices.
  • Take your new pup to a vet for a health check-up within 48 hours. An good breeder will allow you to return the puppy at any point if you are unable to keep them.
  • Ask about socialization as well.


Keep in mind; we own dogs because we love dogs. The money should not stop us from taking in a pup that wants a home. We have to be knowledgeable of the costs and our obligation to our pet.

The dog’s needs have to come first. If you can’t satisfy the needs of your pet or are not entirely committed to providing finances that the dog needs, then you should not bring that dog into your home, no excuses.

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