How Much Do Munchkin Cats Cost?

A Munchkin cat is a breed resulting in a natural genetic mutation. It is a type of cat famous for being short-legged which can possess either short hair or long hair characteristics. Munchkin is also referred to as kangaroo cat because of its short forelegs. It is also named as magpies due to its characteristic of being playful and hiding shiny things.

The Munchkin is quite new and there are still things to research regarding the breed. Even though the breed is already available in 20th centuries but only approved recently by the International Cat Association. It also became a center of controversy because of its misunderstood physical deformities. Regardless the physical attribute of the Munchkin, it is a healthy and capable feline.

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The Average Munchkin Cat Cost

In terms of breeding, Munchkin gene is considered lethal because if the embryo receives both genes from the parents, it will result in a fatality. Therefore, breeding between two Munchkins is dangerous. But munchkin can mate with other breeds and still pass the gene to the kittens.

The average Munchkin cat price is about $650 to $9,000 sold by the local breeders. Factors such as medical fee, guarantee, registration, and pet insurance are usually included in the cost but depend on the cattery.

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Before Buying a Munchkin Kitten

Before going straight to buying a new furry friend, it is important to determine the type of companion you need and handling capability. Kittens are great playmates but require keen attention and care to keep them healthy. Meanwhile, adult cats are already trained and honed which can lessen the time required to take care of them.

Also, adopting a new pet at local shelters and rescue group is a good option for acquiring a pet cat at a cheaper price. It is also satisfying to help abandoned pets that need a new home and rekindle a healthy companionship with humans. The cost of adopting a pet is around $25 to $880 depending on the condition of the abandoned pet. 

Shopping for Munchkin Cats

But if you desire to buy a new Munchkin kitten, there are tons of cattery that raise such breed. Although, strict caution is necessary to avoid buying a sick or unhealthy kitten. Always check the background of the breeder and if the cattery is registered with the International Cat Association (TICA). As long as the breeders is a member of TICA, they are in conformance with the code of ethics which assure the quality of the breed.

Also, catteries release kittens only when it reached an age of 12-weeks. It is a pristine timing for transitioning the kitten to its new home and owner. Make sure to ask for health guarantee of the kitten from the breeders to determine the condition and vaccination history. It is also important to perform spaying or neutering when the Munchkin reached a certain age.

Kinkalow Kittens provides exotic breed of Munchkins with complete medical preparation and training. The pricing of cats significantly increases depending on the pedigree and titles received. For reservation of the desired kitten, the deposit fee is usually around $400 to $1,000. Meanwhile for shipping, $265 to $300 for cargo shipment and $480 to $800 for personal delivery.

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Josies Munchkins Cattery, on the other hand, sells Munchkin at $650 to $800 for kittens and $1,000 to $1,500 for breeders cat. To reserve a Munchkin, a deposit fee of $150 is required for kittens and 50% of the breeder’s price for the breeding cats. For an extensive range, data from three more catteries are available below.

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Additional Expenses

  • Cat Essentials

As a new owner of a cat, it is important to supply the necessary items to make the cat comfortable like litterboxes, beds, and toys. PetCo is a great shop to browse for the essentials of a pet cat. The litterboxes are around $4.19 to $240 depending on the design and size. For the litter, odor locked materials usually increase the price but the average cost of litter is around $6.49 to $28 per 3.5lbs to 40lbs.

Cat beds can be bought for around $3.5 to $227 depending on the design and size of the bed. Meanwhile, cat furniture like scratcher costs about $4 to $475. For cat toys and teasers, the money you need is around $0.80 to $28.

  • Food and Treats

The food expenses are different between a kitten and an adult cat. Dry foods can be bought for around $7.59 to $43.34 for kittens and $2.00 to $111 for an adult. Wet foods cost about $4.61 to $45 for kittens and $3.89 to $65 for the adult feline. Meanwhile, cat treats are around $1.20 to $11.

  • Veterinary Expenses

Pets should be vaccinated and regularly checked by a veterinarian to maintain wellness. Cats sold by catteries are usually in pristine condition with adequate vaccinations and medical check-ups. Even though, vaccination is required to be updated within a certain period to protect the cat from diseases.

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  • Grooming

Munchkin is very energetic and friendly which requires weekly maintenance of the cat’s coat and nails. 

Additional Information

Regardless of the physical attribute of the Munchkins, its a breed capable to perform all the things that normal felines can do. The average lifespan of a Munchkin is around 12 to 15 years which depicts how healthy the breed is. In regards to personality, males are very sociable to humans and other animals while females tend to act motherly. Munchkins are also intelligent and enjoy playing around.

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