How Much Does a Pet Cremation Cost?

For some people, pets are more than just animals.  They are a part of the family – truly loved and cared for.  That is why it is especially hard when their pets die. It feels like a part of their lives is lost and will never be the same again.

To honor their pet’s life and to show their love for their pets, some owners choose to have them cremated.  For people who treat their pets like family, animal cremation is a fitting send-off and tribute for their beloved animals.

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Yes, pets can be cremated too but of course, it comes at a cost.   Animal cremation is a process of subjecting the deceased body to high levels of temperature until all that is left are bones and ashes.  These remains can be buried, scattered in a significant place, or turned into keepsakes.

Average Cost of Pet Cremation

There are pet cremation service providers that charge according to the size of the pets.  Pine Hill Pet Cemetery and Crematory in Bowie, Texas charges $25 for pets whose sizes are 55 pounds and below. They charge $35 for cremating pets that weigh 56 pounds and above. These charges are still subject to tax.

Pet Cremation in Kansas City bases their fees according to size and the type of cremation service to be availed by the pet’s family. For their private services, they charge $140 for pets weighing below 50 pounds. The cremation fee for pets that are 50 to 99 pounds is at $155. Those pets weighing between 100 to 199 pounds are charged $185, while for those pets which are between 200 to 300 pounds, the cremation fee is $235. 

On the other hand, their communal cremation service is at $45 for small animals and $95 for hoofed or non-domestic animals weighing between 75 to 200 pounds. Since there are many horse owners in their community, they also offer cremation services for horses.  The charge is $1000 for adult horses and $600 for ponies.

The cremation fee in Palmer Funeral Homes in Michiana, Indiana is based according to the type of service to be availed.  They charge $155 for a private cremation.  Their community cremation is $40.  However, there are additional charges when the pet weighs over 100 pounds.  The cost is one dollar for every pound in excess of the said limit.

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What are Included

Usually, the cremation fees just cover the service itself.  But there are some service providers like Pet Cremation KC whose private animal cremation charges include an urn for the remains of the pets and a certificate of cremation.

Factors Affecting Cost of Pet Cremation

The factors affecting are the type and size of the pet, type of cremation, type of urn, and other memorial services and keepsakes.

Generally speaking, the bigger the size of the pet, the more expensive is the cremation.

There are also different types of animal cremation services. A private service is when only one pet is placed in the cremation chamber. The family can keep the remains of their beloved pet.  This is the most expensive type of cremation.  

A partitioned cremation service cremates two or more pets at the same time. However, there are barriers in between to ensure that the bones and ashes of one pet are separate from the other pets. A communal cremation service is where two or more pets are cremated inside the chamber and their ashes and bones are mingled together.

For those who want to keep the remains of their pets, they have to purchase urns where they can keep them. The prices of urns vary depending on the size and material that they are made of. They can be made of wood, stone, or metal.

Other services have additional costs. Pet owners can request for pick up service from their home to the cremation area. They can also request to have the pet cremation service provider to be the ones to scatter the remains of their pets. There is an additional charge for this service.

Pet owners can also choose to bury their beloved animals in memorial gardens. When they choose this option, they have to pay for the casket, grave space, gravestone markers, and engraving on the urns or markers. There are still other services such as grave maintenance and should pet owners decide to avail of these services, expect that there are corresponding fees for those services.

Additional Costs

Because the deceased pets have been a part of the family, pet owners usually do not stop at the cremation service. They want to customize the memorial service, lay their beloved pets to rest, and obtain keepsakes to remember their pets by.

Pet cremation service providers offer pick up services. They will come to your house, get the body of the pet, and transport it to the cremation chamber.  Palmer Funeral Homes charges $75 for pick up within 35 miles. Pet Cremation Minnesota has transportation fees of $125 within the county.  They charge an additional $3 per mile if outside of the coverage area.  Pick up services in Pet Cremation in Kansas City cost $50 within the city.  They have an additional fee of $1.5 per mile for those places outside of their service radius.

Urns are the main containers used to store the ashes and bones of the cremated pets.  Pet cremation service providers usually offer different urns to give pet owners a wide variety of options to choose from. Prices range from $35 to $300 depending on the size, materials used, and design.  They can choose urns made of wood, stone, or metal. They can be simple or have ornate patterns.

Ashes and remains of the cremated pet are usually available one to two days after the service. Some pet owners ask the pet cremation service provider to scatter the ashes in a peaceful and legal manner. Pet Cremation Minnesota does this for $35.

Other pet owners want to remember their beloved animals by laying them to rest in graves in memorial gardens. Palmer Funeral Homes offers grave spaces for pets for $125. However, this comes with additional services as well such as opening and closing of the graves for $250 and maintenance fee of $100. They also have a corresponding charge for services given after regular office hours.

If you have a grave site for your pet, you will need burial or gravestone markers. Cost ranges from $25 to $335 depending on the size, material used, and even color of the marker. Pine Hill Pet have markers made of pavestone, natural river rock, flagstones, dolomitic stone, and granite. They also charge $0.5 for every letter engrave on these markers.

Some pet owners also want customized keepsakes for remembering their beloved pets.  Clay paw prints start at $25. They can also put appliques and other designs in the urns and markers. The price for these starts at $35.

Shopping for Urns and Other Keepsakes

Aside from the pet cremation service providers, you can also buy pet urns online for a wider variety of choices. Of course, pet owners want the best and most special container for their beloved animals.

Aside from urns, there are also fashionable necklaces available so that you can be sure that the remains of your beloved pets are always with you. 

Additional Information

Pet cremation service providers have dedicated staff that you can approach for your concerns.  Some offer advanced funeral planning for those who want to plan ahead when that painful time comes.  Usually, payment is required in full before they can proceed with the cremation services.  Pet owners can pay in cash, card, or check.

Pet owners can decide if they want a simple or lavish send off for their beloved animals.  The most important thing is that they will be remembered and cherished forever in the hearts of the families that they left behind.

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