How Much Does a Pet Euthanasia Cost?

A pet is part of the family, whether it is a cat or a dog.

However, just like any living beings, our pets also suffer, especially when they are old. The only way to stop their suffering is euthanizing them. And unfortunately, it still comes with a price.

So how much does it cost to euthanize a dog or a cat?

Cost of putting down a dog

Average Cost to Euthanize a Cat or a Dog

Pet Euthanasia or mercy killing is the painless killing of your pet who is suffering from a disease that is typically incurable and painful. Most of the pet euthanasia that is done today uses painless injection for the procedure.

Why do people avail euthanasia? Well, the first reason is that they don’t want to let their beloved pets to suffer more. Another reason why pet owners avail this service is that their pet is already old and has already achieved the end of their at ease life. The least reason that pet owners avail this is that their pets are suffering from any problem and treating them would cost a lot.

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So how much does it cost to euthanize a dog or a cat? Well, the answer depends on many factors. One of it is the type of service, whether it will be done at home or done at the office of the veterinary. Usually, cat or dog euthanasia costs more when it is done at your home.

The usual cost to euthanize a cat or a dog at your home runs around $300 up to $850 and it all depends on the package you want to avail. Here are some of them:

$300 to $450

This package includes the drive time to your home, home visit, the sedation and euthanasia process. It will be up to you if you want to keep the body to bury it at your home or you can transport it to the facility for cremation.

$400 to $650

This package includes the drive time to your home, home visit, the sedation and euthanasia process, and the body will be transported via mobile vet for group cremation. Nothing will be returned to you.

$600 to $850

This package includes the drive time to your home, home visit, sedation and euthanasia process, transportation of the body to the cremation facility for solo cremation. The ashes of the pet will be saved and returned to you via shipping or manual delivery.

Keep in mind that the packages depend from one location to another. On the other hand, the cost to euthanize your pet at the office of a veterinary depends on your location and the veterinarian itself. Expect to spend around $35 on the lower end and up to $100 on the higher end. However, the cost might also increase depending on the size of your pet.

Cheapest - $35 to $100

Extra Costs

While considering the total cost for euthanising your pet, it could fluctuate a lot based on your options and selections. There are some of them that you will need to consider, such as:


Of course, you will have to give your pet the final resting place. You can save money if you will bury them in your backyard. But always keep in mind that there are some areas where you will need a permit to bury your pet in your backyard. On the other hand, there are also available pet cemeteries around the world. Expect to spend around $500 on the lower end and up to $1,000 on the higher end for pet cemeteries.


If you think burying your pet is a hassle, cremation is another option. As what we have mentioned above, pet cremation is sometimes included in the package you have availed. But if pet cremation is not included, then you should prepare extra money. Usually, the cost of cremation greatly depends on the weight of your pet. A dog that weighs 80 lbs. can cost you around $80. While a dog weighing 101 lbs. or more can cost you around $

Another factor that can also affect the cost of cremation is the type of service. The first type is group cremation. In this service, your pet will be cremated along with other pets. The cost for this service is a lot cheaper, usually around $80. However, the downside of this service is that you can’t keep the ashes of your pet. The next type of cremation is the private cremation. This type of service will allow you to keep the ashes of your beloved pet. However, you should expect that the cost is a bit expensive. It usually runs around $135 for an 80 lbs. dog.

If you choose to cremate your pet and keep its ashes, you will have to purchase an urn. The cost of urns greatly depends on its size and its quality. Expect to spend around $100 for a high-quality dog urn. Urns for cats usually cost less. You can purchase one at Perfect Memorials.

When to Euthanize Your Pet?

Now that you know how much does cat or dog euthanasia cost, you should probably know when to euthanize your pet.

Almost all of the pet owners around the world know that the “decision part” is the hardest part of them all. It is really hard to decide to put your pet, which is already considered as a member of the family and embarks a great part of your heart, to sleep. However, even if it really hurts you, you must know that it is the best way.

Hesitating about euthanizing your pet is very normal to all pet owners who grew attached to their beloved pets. Of course, you don’t want to easily get rid of the life your pet that has a special connection to you. Vet Street can help you on how to say goodbye to your little love one.

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