Shannon Cutts

Shannon Cutts is first and foremost a parrot, tortoise, and box turtle mama. She is also the proud and doting auntie to a standard wirehaired dachshund named Flash Gordon.

Growing up in the South alongside a slow-flowing bayou tributary, a young Shannon kept constant happy company with an ever-changing assortment of rescued baby slider turtles as well as a pair of escape-artist gerbils and aquariums full of lovely freshwater fish.

She began begging her folks for a parakeet when she was seven. On her eighth birthday, a precocious green and yellow parakeet named Perky came home to stay. Shannon and Perky instantly became inseparable and her parrot-loving path forward was set.

Love & Feathers & Shells, Shannon’s popular pet blog, features the adventures of her current beloved flock: Pearl, an oh-so-masculine and manly whiteface split-to-pied cockatiel, Malti, a young and pampered red-footed tortoise princess, and Bruce, a very brave rescued adult Texas 3-toed box turtle.

Shannon has released two pet books about her flock’s adventures. "Love & Feathers: What a Palm-Sized Parrot Has Taught Me About Life, Love, and Healthy Self-Esteem”, is a memoir of her life with Pearl based on her blog. "Waffles & More: A Love & Feathers Recipe Book” is a specialty spin-off of “Love & Feathers” written in response to eager (and very hungry) reader requests.

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