How Much Does a Clownfish Cost?

Clownfish have always been a popular addition for home saltwater aquariums because they are brightly colored and fun to watch. But the clownfish got a big boost after the movie “Finding Nemo” was released in 2003. The clownfish, also called the false clownfish or the clown anemonefish, … Read more

How Much Does a Koi Fish Cost?

Just looking at the elegant, graceful, and colorful Koi fish, it is hard to imagine that this fish is related to the common carp. But in fact, the very name of this fish, Koi, means “carp” in Japanese. While most Koi fish found in pet … Read more

How Much Does an Asian Arowana Cost?

According to National Geographic, the Asian Arowana is currently the priciest freshwater aquarium fish on the planet. Nicknamed the “dragon fish” by enthusiasts and collectors, the Asian Arowana is endangered in the wild and heavily protected by the Endangered Species Act. But this hasn’t stopped … Read more

How Much Does a Discus Fish Cost?

The Discus fish, as its name implies, is a bright round colorful disc of a fish. This docile, shy, grouping fish makes a pricey yet popular addition to freshwater aquariums for intermediate to advanced keepers. However, even beginning keepers can learn how to keep … Read more

How Much Does a Seahorse Cost?

Just to see a seahorse swimming is to marvel in one of marine life’s greatest wonders. The seahorse is a fish, of course – but it sure doesn’t look like a fish! In fact, the seahorse’s formal Latin-derived name translates to mean “horse caterpillar”. … Read more

How Much Does a Blue Lobster Cost?

The blue lobster, sometimes called the blue crayfish, gets its common name from its vivid blue coloration! But this blue-colored crustacean has no relation to the rare and stunning saltwater blue lobsters that seem to regularly make international news headlines. The blue lobster you … Read more

How Much Does a Zebra Pleco Cost?

Zebra Plecos (Hypancistrus Zebra) are one of the most stunning and sought-after fish in the aquarium hobby today. These dwarf Plecostomus are native to the Xingu River near Altamira region in Brazil and reaches a maximum size of about 3”. They have parallel white … Read more

How Much Does a Firebird Fish Cost?

The firebird fish, or Platax pinnatus, is one of those “holy grail” species that captivates home aquarium enthusiasts and professionals alike. This fish, with its elongated fins that glow like neon fire (hence its most popular common name “firebird fish”), is truly a sight to … Read more

How Much Does a Goldfish Cost?

Goldfish might seem oh-so-commonplace in tanks and bowls today, but this wasn’t always the case. These cheery, friendly fish are actually products of tinkering with an ancient east Asian carp fish called the chi. The silver-colored chi were a favorite food source. But every so often, … Read more

How Much Does a Puffer Fish Cost?

Also known as blowfish, this Tetraodontidae family member is such an interesting species because of its ability to blow or inflate its body to protect itself from predators; something its clumsy swimming style is not able to provide. Saltwater puffer fish, especially the one … Read more