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Be it any pet animals that include cat, dogs, horses, fish, birds e.t.c, we have discussed in detail about the costs to own them. 

Who Are We?

Just like the site name, SpendOnPet, conveys, we are the leading resource about cost guides for owning and maintaining of pets.  

SpendOnPet.com was started in March 27, 2018 as PrinceOfPrice.com and grown quickly to become a trustful website for pet enthusiasts. Currently, we have cost guides covering around 200 pet breeds and receives over 30000 visitors every month.

The website, SpendOnPet, is privately owned and operated by IQuese Media LLC, Delaware. 

Our platform is completely free to use and all costs mentioned in our guides are based on quotes provided by real services, breeders or rescue centers in the USA. Along with the costs, we include basic informations that would help you to know the breed or the animal better.  

PrinceOfPrice Team

Our team of pet experts:

Megan grew up with dogs, cats, and a 300-gallon tank full of fish. In college, she was even the designated “pet foster mom” for her friends who were studying abroad. Throughout her life, Megan has cared for a variety of animals, including cats, dogs, fish, a Roborovski hamster, rats, rabbits, and even a ball python.

Shannon has released two pet books about her flock’s adventures. “Love & Feathers: What a Palm-Sized Parrot Has Taught Me About Life, Love, and Healthy Self-Esteem”, is a memoir of her life with Pearl based on her blog. “Waffles & More: A Love & Feathers Recipe Book” is a specialty spin-off of “Love & Feathers”.

She has spent most of her life volunteering at animal rescues and is a huge supporter of animal rights. She is experienced in a wide variety of other pet issues, ranging from Chinchilla diseases to the highest quality dog brushes. She has written for a number of popular pet sites, including The Happy Puppy Site, Cat Life Today, and TheLabradorSite.

Claire’s love of dogs and Cocker Spaniels, in particular, led her to become a registered Kennel Club Cocker Spaniel breeder and she now lives at home with her four Cocker Spaniels. When not at work, writing away on her laptop, Claire can be found out walking with her dogs in the glorious countryside near her home in the Cotswolds.

Rebecca Sanchez and her husband are the founders of The MattieDog Foundation. In 2015, Rebecca had her first book published, “MattieDog Gets Adopted: a dog’s view of being rescued and adopted.” Since then, Rebecca has penned four additional books and is working in collaboration with a major pet publisher.

Why You Can Trust Us?

Here is why you should trust our contents:

  • All our articles are reviewed by well known industry experts who have expertise and experience with pets. 
  • All the price quotes on our websites are taken from real US sellers/breeders. 
  • The parent company, IQuese Media LLC, has a history of 5 years. 
  • All cost guides are written following our strict editorial policies. 
  • We are trusted by Google and receives over 30000 page views every month. 
  • We and our writers have been featured in many pet outlets. 
  • We update our articles along with the cost figures regularly. 
  • All our health articles are reviewed by a veterinarian. 

Our Mission

All our team members are pet experts that are well known in the industry. We say that because we hired everyone based on their expertise and experience in owning pets and we continue to train them to make them better.

Our team’s aim is to help you become the best pet parent at the least expense. If you haven’t made a decision on which breed to buy, you can search through our guides to select one that best suites your budget. 

Since we know that pet buying price is only a starting, we carefully discuss all other costs such as one-time and recurring expenses that happen after buying an animal. We provide you all kind of knowledge so that you’ll know what you can expect in the future regarding pet expenses.

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