How Much Does a Green Cheek Conure Cost?

Green Cheek Conures or Green-Cheeked Conures are full of personality. They are one of the friendliest pet birds out there. They are affectionate, intelligent, easy to train, and understand many words and human gestures. These birds are originally from South America and are often mistaken for … Read more

How Much Do Canaries Cost?

A canary can be a great pet choice for a beginning keeper who loves birds. The canaries are sufficiently petite; they don’t take up much space. However, canaries are typically long-lived – some live as long as 20 years! There are actually three different types … Read more

How Much Do Parrotlets Cost?

Parrotlets are brightly colored, sociable parrots that are native to South and Central America as well as throughout Mexico. While there are several species of parrotlets, the most popular in the pet trade is the Pacific Parrotlet. This breed specifically inhabits Peru in the northwest and … Read more

How Much Does a Sun Conure Cost?

The Sun Conure is a petite parrot species found in just one small region in the northeastern part of South America in Guyana and Brazil. In the wild, the Sun Conure is considered to be endangered. In captivity, however, the captive-bred Sun Conure is … Read more

How Much Do Lovebirds Cost?

Lovebirds are among the smallest of the parrot family. They can grow from 13 to 17 cm long and weigh about 50 grams. There are nine species of lovebirds in existence, eight of which are native to Africa and one of which is from … Read more

How Much Does a Parakeet Cost?

Thinking of owning a small to medium-sized pet that is playful, outgoing, and with a tremendous personality? Then the Parakeet is for you! This graceful bird originates from Australia, Asia, Africa, Central, and South America. It has a feather which is naturally yellow and … Read more

How Much Does a Hyacinth Macaw Cost?

Do you have the guts to own the largest parrot by length in the world? Hyacinth Macaw is known for having a very long body. It measures up to 100 cm. or 3.3 ft. from its head down to the tail. “Gentle Giant” as … Read more

How Much Does an African Grey Parrot Cost?

The African Greys are considered the most intelligent and the most talented kind of parrot. They have two main subspecies: the Congo African grey which is slightly bigger with a bright red tail, gray feathers, and black beak and the Timneh African grey which … Read more

How Much Does a Cockatoo Cost?

The price of a cockatoo itself varies depending on species or whether you’re buying from a breeder or a rescue. Most popular Cockatoo species will generally cost around $800 to $2,000. On the other hand, some rare species of Cockatoo cost up to $15,000 … Read more

How Much Does a Cockatiel Cost?

Cockatiels are known for being the smaller version of parrots. They are very vocal, which has become their way to make their human friends happy. Spending time with these lovely birds, whose feathers are mostly mutated in flashes of white and grey, will instantly … Read more