How Much Does a Chinchilla Cost?

Chinchillas are fun pets and they are complete fur balls. They belong to the rodent family and can live up to 22 years. Native to South America, these small creatures have so much energy in them. They are most famous for their dust baths – they just love them! It’s their unique way of cleaning their fur. … Read more

How Much Does a Domesticated Fox Cost?

Foxes are majestic and sly creatures from the canine family. However, when kept as pets, they do not behave as dogs or even cats. They have numerous behaviors and vocalizations unique to their species. They are entirely different creatures and should not be expected to act as common house pets. Domesticated foxes were the results … Read more

How Much Does a Capybara Cost?

Often mistaken for giant guinea pigs, Capybaras are considered as the largest rodents in the world. They can grow as big as medium-sized dogs weighing up to 70 kilograms. Although they are considered as exotic animals, they can surely become a household pet. Known for being sociable and friendly, they can be a good pet choice if … Read more

How Much Does A Fennec Fox Cost?

You may mistake Fennec foxes for chihuahuas because of their small stature and fuzzy huge ears, but these exotic pets are very much different from dogs! Originated in the sandy Sahara and North Africa, Fennecs, also known as desert foxes, are tiny wild animals that may be so adorable; tempting you to bring them home. … Read more

How Much Does a Pet Capuchin Monkey Cost?

Capuchin monkeys belong to the New World group of monkeys native to the rainforests of South and Central America. They are round-headed and stockily built. They can be very light weighing only 3-9 pounds on average. The body is 12-22 inches long with a tail of about the same length. They have tails that can … Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Board a Horse?

Owning a horse is more expensive than owning any other pet. Just like having a dog or a cat, a huge chunk of your budget for your horse should go to food, vets, medicines, grooming, and everything else that your pet needs. But unlike dogs and cats that can be contented living inside your homes, … Read more

How Much Does a Flying Squirrel Cost?

Flying Squirrels are small rodents capable of gliding among the treetops like they’re flying; hence the name. They do this by spreading the fold of skin between the front and hind legs, forming a kind of parachute that lets them whip through the air. Gliding as much as 300 feet and doing 180 degree turns … Read more

How Much Do Horse Riding Saddles Cost?

Any modern equestrian knows that a good saddle can be the difference between winning first place and finishing last. While there are people who still prefer to ride horses bareback, saddles are necessary when competing or when learning English and Western riding techniques. A riding saddle is a structure fastened to a horse to support … Read more

How Much Does a Clownfish Cost?

Clownfish have always been a popular addition for home saltwater aquariums because they are brightly colored and fun to watch. But the clownfish got a big boost after the movie “Finding Nemo” was released in 2003. The clownfish, also called the false clownfish or the clown anemonefish, forms a synergistic relationship with an anemone host. The anemone provides … Read more

How Much Does a Koi Fish Cost?

Just looking at the elegant, graceful, and colorful Koi fish, it is hard to imagine that this fish is related to the common carp. But in fact, the very name of this fish, Koi, means “carp” in Japanese. While most Koi fish found in pet stores are sold when they are still quite young, adult Koi … Read more