How Much Does a PTSD Service Dog Cost?

One of the most identifiable but ironically less understood mental health issues plaguing the United States is called ‘post-traumatic stress disorder’ (PTSD). Contrary to popular misconception, PTSD is a condition not exclusively experienced by military personnel or civilians surviving the physical and psychological horrors … Read more

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How Much Does Pet Licensing Cost?

Not all would be fine with an extra pet cost no matter how small or insignificant it might be. This is exactly the case of pet licensing cost. In fact, pet license has a negative connotation to a lot of pet owners. To them, … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Dog?

It may sound cliché but the best part about adoption is really having the chance to give dogs a second chance at life. With animal shelters having no choice but to euthanize around 3 million cats and dogs every year due to overpopulation, you … Read more

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How Much Does Dog Cloning Cost?

Animal cloning is a relatively new development in science; going back to the first cloned animal, a sheep named Dolly in 1996. Cloning of dogs and cats only began in 2015 at a university in South Korea and has only been available to the … Read more

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How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost?

In this article, we will be talking about dog grooming prices for the most common services, as well as the costs for the more specialized ones. We will also take a look at the ways to save you some money while giving your dog … Read more

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How Much Do Dog Walkers Charge?

Walking your dog is an important part of pet ownership as it allows the pet to not only get outside for bathroom breaks, but also gives them a chance to exercise, socialize with other dogs and people, and in general, receive enrichment. However, it … Read more

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How Much Does It Cost To Kennel A Dog?

Going out of town can be difficult when you have your furry friend to consider. Especially when you don’t know how much it will cost. Here we will discuss the overall costs of kennelling a dog and would give adequate focus on the factors … Read more

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How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

Dog training can vary widely depending on location and what the training is needed for. Meaning, if you live in Los Angeles and have a dog that is showing aggression, expect to pay considerably more versus if you live in a smaller city and … Read more

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How Much Does AKC Registration Cost?

AKC is the largest and most well-known registry of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States. Now first thing off, AKC registration does not imply the dog’s quality. It simply means that the dog is an offspring of an AKC-registered parent of the same … Read more