How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost?

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In this article, we will be talking about dog grooming prices for the most common services, as well as the costs for the more specialized ones. We will also take a look at the ways to save you some money while giving your dog the pampering it deserves.

Grooming your dog is an important aspect of pet ownership as it not only helps maintain comfort and day to day quality of life for the animal but is also beneficial from a medical and health perspective.

Excess hair, for example, can cause problems through overheating or matting. Groomers can also identify skin problems or other similar issues that the owner may not notice.

Analyzing the Costs of Dog Grooming

Generally, there are 3 main types of grooming sessions available.

  • Pet Salon

For most people, the most accessible grooming service would be to take your dog to a local pet shop or dog boutique. Here, the groomer will spend 30 minutes to an hour (or more if needed) tending to your dog.

On average, these sessions will range in cost between $30 to $100. Some groomers charge flat rates based on the type of dog, while others charge hourly.

  • Mobile Pet Groomer

The second option is to have a mobile dog groomer come to you for the session. If your dog gets nervous with handling or being in an unfamiliar setting, this may be preferred, especially as opposed to sedated grooming which is more invasive due to medication being used.

This service will generally cost more as the groomer has to travel to you specifically – usually around $60 to $150 depending on the dog’s needs.

  • Self-Service Grooming

Lastly, there are also self-service facilities where you can groom and tend to your own animal; with all the needed supplies being provided. This is the cheapest route as there is no labor cost involved.

But, of course, you do need to be confident in your ability to take care of your dog’s grooming needs. These run for only about $10 to $30 per session.

Types of Dog Grooming Services

  • Bathing

This is probably the most sought after pet service. Bathing not only helps clean your pet but it can address skin issues and help remove fleas.

Grooming helps keeps a dog’s coat nice and shiny. Bathing typically costs $20 to $30.

  • Haircut

Most haircuts include bathing services in the price. Groomers do this to remove dirt and possible tangled fur on the canine before the haircut.

For this combined service, Alpha Grooming Pet Salon charges around $85. The price range also depends on the hair type and the size of the dog.

Some dogs such as full-coat Shih Tzu’s have long hair that takes more time, and thus, costs more to maintain.

Dog Grooming Cost
Poodle getting its nails trimmer at the grooming salon.
  • Nail Trimming and Filing

Trimming your dog’s nails needs to be done on a regular basis. If left unattended, they may make your dog uncomfortable and even lead to injuries and subsequent infection.

Long nails can also cause unintentional wounds to you or your loved ones. Additionally, it is best practice to have your dog’s freshly trimmed nails filed such that they are smooth to the touch.

Unfiled nails can cause minor scratches to wood floors and snags to clothing and carpet. The usual charge for this service is between $10and $20.

  • Ear Cleaning and Plucking

Dirt and bacteria easily accumulate inside a dog’s ear, particular for breeds with floppy ears. If a dog’s ears are not cleaned and left dirty for a prolonged period, the germs can cause infection to your canine.

Treatment for an ear infection can be costly. Therefore, ears should be cleaned thoroughly with inner hair plucked out on a regular basis.

Ear cleaning and plucking cost about $5 to $10.

  • Teeth Brushing

Brushing teeth can improve oral health and the breath of your dog.

Petco offers teeth brushing services for around $10 and breath refresh for $13. Teeth cleaning $5 to $10.

  • Anal Gland Expression

Anal glands are the two small pouches on each side of a dog’s anus. These secrete smelly fluids used by canines to mark their territories.

Some dogs have difficulty emptying these glands on their own. If this is the case, your dog requires these to be cleaned at least monthly by squeezing out the fluid. This prevents impacted and infected glands. However, doing so can prove to be gross for some people.

Additionally, if done improperly the impacted anal glands will not express, and thus, worsen over time and likely require a costly vet visit. Many pet owners prefer a trained professional to express their dog’s anal glands.

This service averages $10 to $30 per visit.

Dog Grooming Packages Inclusions

If you’d like to have a combined package for some or all of these services instead of opting for the a la carte approach, grooming costs are clearly marked for an informed buying decision. The most basic grooming package can be purchased for $16, while the most complete and thus, expensive one is $137.

Petsmart is the largest retail pet care and supply store in the US, and as it does offer grooming services, we would like to outline its general costs.

Puppies, regardless of breed, cost around $15 to $20 for a bath and haircut. For adult dogs, the Petsmart grooming cost for a full bath and haircut service ranges from $60 to $150 – with the highest costs reserved for breeds with particularly long or dense hair like the Komondor.

The basic service includes an oxygen-infused bath with shampoo and blow dry, 15-minutes of brushing, dematting and haircut, nail trim, ear cleaning, paw pad shaving, and anal expression.

Extra Services and Charges

Additionally, there are other special services offered for additional costs if needed. This can include the following:

  • De-shedding – this is done to take away the loose hair of dogs before it spreads around the house especially on carpets, mattress, pillows, etc. which can be difficult to remove.
  • De-matting – this is untangling heavily-matted hair using specialized tools because it can be delicate and it may hurt your pet if not handled very well.
  • Nail Polish – want to brighten up your dog’s little nails after trimming? Adding a few nail colors could make your pup looking more fabulous!
  • Flea or tick treatment – removal of annoying parasites in your dog’s coat.
  • Pet facial – this is the removal of dead skin cells on your dog’s face. If it has tear stains, it can be addressed too with this service.

Keep in mind that there may also be extra fees for the following conditions:

  • Extra-large dogs
  • Extremely dirty and stinky dogs
  • Rambunctious or extremely rough dogs

Factors Affecting Groomers’ Price

The main parameter by which groomer’s price vary is the type of dog you have. For instance, a large breed with a lot of thick fur would be more labor-intensive to groom compared to a smaller short-haired dog. They would require more products such as shampoos, conditioners, and colognes.

Of course, the location will matter. A groomer in a large metropolitan city will typically charge more than one in a smaller suburban town.

The temperament of your animal can also influence the cost, as some groomers may charge more if your animal is particularly difficult to handle, as the session will then take longer.

In some cases, dogs that can’t tolerate handling may need to be sedated for a grooming session. In this situation, the cost may be $50 to $100 more as this will cover the sedative medication as well as oversight by a medical professional.

Another factor is the style of haircut. Some dog owners prefer their dogs to be styled in very specific and time-consuming cuts.

A Poodle maintained in a standard Poodle cut will likely cost more than a dog in a traditional shaved cut. For an idea about pricing based on the breed of the canine, Grooming Angel Pet Salon has a detailed list about it.

For example, a full groom on a Chihuahua costs around $45 while it’s $85 for an Akita.

The groomers also require more specific training and spend a great deal more time to complete a grooming session for these types of coats.

You may opt for home service, but know that this likely charge an additional fee for transport costs.

You will likely spend more should you select to have your dog pampered and treated like a VIP (Very Important Pet). These types of specialized service include individualized service, versus many dogs serviced back-to-back.

Additionally, they can include pickup and drop off when complete, as well as walking services and catered meals. Shampooch Dog Salon specializes in these services – offering a special haircut at a starting price of $70.

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