How Much Does a Bearded Dragon Cost?

Bearded Dragon Cost

At first sight, Bearded Dragons can deceive people with their looks. They have spikes and scales around their heads which are used as defense mechanisms. Nevertheless, they are more of a calm reptile than an aggressive one when in people’s care.

That said, in going extraordinary, you must first know the cost of Bearded Dragons. It is also important to identify other necessary things for breeding this reptile.

Surely, investing time and money will be worth it as you see your pet cared as much as it needs.

Owning a Bearded Dragon – Cost Expectations

There are equally-important things that an owner of Bearded Dragon should know. One of these is the proper allocation of budget because owning this reptile is no small feat. The tranquillity that Bearded Dragons can give you should be reciprocated with extra love and care.

In this article, various expenditures for owning a Bearded Dragon were presented. There are necessities and factors that may affect this reptile’s price. Read on and be acquainted with the required expenses of owning a Bearded Dragon.

Upfront Expenditures for Bearded Dragons provided specific prices for Bearded Dragons. The cheapest comes at $39.99 while the highest price is $54.99. These have yet to include necessary equipment for breeding.

A lot of options can also be found at Prices range from $50 to $450, depending on the age, size, color, breed, type, or if it comes with some freebies. The more unique, the more costly it will be.

However, if you want to focus more on the breeding process rather than the cost of the reptile itself, there are facilities that offer adoption. Just make sure to prepare a small amount for adoption fees.

Meanwhile, in ensuring the quality of the growth of your Bearded Dragon, the following must be considered:

  • Habitat – The home of your Bearded Dragon must complement its size. offers fully-packaged habitats ranging from $319.49 to $350.99. But if you only want tanks, other stores such as priced them at $27.79 to $159 depending on the size.
  • Substrate – If you decided not to spend for a fully-packaged habitat, you will surely need to provide your pet a substrate. It is needed to make your Bearded Dragon’s home cozy and comfortable. Prices play at $2.79 to $22.79.
  • Heat lamps – Bearded Dragons are naturally cold-blooded so they need heat to maintain body temperature. The price of heat lamps starts at $5.59 to $20.49.
  • UV Bulbs/Lights – Other than the heat lamp, Bearded Dragons need UV lights for health purposes. UV Bulbs range from $6.96 to $49.99 while UV Fluorescent lights can cost as low as $8.61. Prices depend on the watts of the UV lights.
  • Food and Water Bowls – Actually, you can create food and water bowls for your Bearded Dragons. However, if you want them to complement the reptile’s territory, stores sell designed food and water bowls at $2.19 to $24.99.
  • Reptile Cage Thermometers – Because Bearded Dragons react easily to the temperature, you are advised to buy reptile cage thermometers. You can buy from any pet store for as low as $2.38
  • Artificial/Natural Hiding Area – Artificial leaves can be the hiding area of Bearded Dragons. Just like humans, there are times when they choose to have some sort of privacy. Prices start from $1.04.
  • Climbing/Jungle Décor – Since reptiles often walk up and down to get some attention, climbing decors are good in their habitat. Moreover, the habitat will look like a true forest home for the Bearded Dragons. The lowest price possible in a pet store is $3.56.
  • Spray Bottle for Misting (Optional) – For cleaning purposes, a spray bottle will enable you to clean the habitat easily. You can buy it for $1.57.
Bearded Dragon Wide
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What are included in the Bearded Dragon’s price?

When you purchase a Bearded Dragon specifically from PetCo, you are also entitled to the Vet Assured Program. Your pet will be monitored for 14 days for satisfaction guaranteeing. And if your reptile gets ill or you are unsatisfied, the store will refund your money or replace the pet.

However, not only promos are included when purchasing Bearded Dragons. The pet owners must be extra careful of infectious diseases brought by reptiles. To avoid Salmonella, it is advised that you always wash hands before and after handling your Bearded Dragons.

For purchasing a fully-packaged habitat, necessary items are already included in the promo. You can already enjoy a 40-gallon breeder terrarium, sliding screen top, and a sand mat. The package also includes a mercury vapor bulb and a ceramic reptile dome.

Maintenance Costs of Owning a Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragons are pets that need to be treated like a true friend. Owning and maintaining them come with great responsibilities. Pet owners must be observant of the behavior and attitude of their reptiles.

When signs such as jerky behavior and swollen limbs and tails appear, consult the veterinarian. Usually, Veterinary consultation amounts from $35 to $130.

If there is a need for X-Ray, the price would reach as high as $300. So, it is deemed necessary to take full care of your pet by giving it vitamins and healthy habitat.

Other than health concerns, maintaining a friendly Bearded Dragon means investing for its food and nutrition. There are stores that offer cheaper cost to feed a bearded dragon at $1.99 for 1.6-oz. food. If your reptile gets a little obese, dietary foods are also offered at $6.

But if you want natural choice for your reptile, live crickets are the best option. An average-sized Bearded Dragon can consume 100 crickets every week. A supply that contains 1000 live crickets is good for 10 weeks or 2-month supply. This is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, and would cost $35.99.

Factors Affecting the Price of Bearded Dragon

  • Age – If you are planning to buy a Bearded Dragon, you have to remember that age plays an important role. The younger the Dragon, the cheaper it sells in stores. Also, the size of Bearded Dragons depends on their age. So if you have small budget and place for habitat, it is advised that you get the younger ones.
  • Breed – Among all the types of Bearded Dragons, Pogona Vitticeps is the most common and the cheapest. This is the type of Bearded Dragon that is usually sold in pet stores. Other than this, unique types of this reptile entail higher prices as well.
  • Sources – In buying a Bearded Dragon, you have to consider that pet stores have varied prices for this. Private breeders also have specific prices based on how much they want. It is important to conduct a research before purchasing this reptile.
  • Location – This entails big effect on those buyers who are far from pet stores. As transporting will require additional expenses. Taking into account that other stores do not allow online purchase.

Useful Tips in Buying and Caring for Bearded Dragons

Before buying a Bearded Dragon, make sure that its home is ready. Just like humans, this reptile wants to be comfortable as soon as it gets to its new home.

It is also important to find a quiet place for your Bearded Dragon. It is really sensitive in hearing. It uses the hole on the side of its head to pick up noise from its surroundings.

Another thing that you have to ensure is the amount of time you can give to your pet. More than a day of not giving it attention can affect its behavior. If you barely go home because of work, owning a Bearded Dragon is not a good idea.

If you want to save money, search for how big Bearded Dragons can grow. You never want to buy new habitats as your reptile continues to grow.

Before taking your new pet at home, remember to give it 2 to 3 days to adjust to its environment. It is advised not to touch it during this period. After 3 days, you can already try to touch your pet gently.

On buying Bearded Dragons, consider first the environment of the store. Observe if it is clean and ask if it has a permit to sell animals. This way, you can ensure that the pet is properly handled before you make the purchase.

Include in your plans to have a stock of food for this pet. This is to avoid shortage that may affect your Bearded Dragon’s health. Live crickets as food are a good option. You can save money for the Bearded Dragon’s food expense by buying packs of 1,000 crickets.

If you are thinking to get habitat decorations from your backyard, think again. Natural plants or pieces of wood might have parasites that may affect the breeding process of your pet.

Bearded Dragons’ poop can be an indicator of their health. The more it becomes smelly, the more chances of the reptile having parasites in its body. Also, they are often carriers of transmitted diseases such as Salmonella. Always prioritize your sanitary kits.

Maintenance Costs of Owning a Bearded Dragon

In choosing a pet, you probably would consider having the cutest and most friendly ones. This has been the standard of pet ownership nowadays. However, for some extraordinary pet lovers, nothing is cuter than having a reptile like Bearded Dragons.

Before owning a pet, you have to ready yourself physically and financially. Having pets can add up to the workloads you have. But you can surely benefit from maintaining one because you can instantly find a good friend in them.

Indeed, the responsibility glued in owning this kind of pet is more than just spending for its price. It is imperative to asses yourself before buying one. If you are not ready to treat your Bearded Dragon like a true family, you might as well not deserve to feel the love that this reptile can give to its owners.

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