How Much Does a Boykin Spaniel Cost?

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The Boykin Spaniel, or simply the Boykin is a sporting dog developed in the lakes and swamps of South Carolina where it earned the title “Swamp Poodle”.

Although the nickname may remind you of a similar legendary creature from the swamps, the Boykin is very far from being a monster as this dog is very sweet and lovable but fierce when it’s out to work!

Boykin Spaniel Price

Boykins are being sold for around $650 to $1,200 online by reputable AKC registered breeders at AKC Marketplace.

At, the price can even reach up to $1,500.

If you think adopting is a better option, you can see some of the most adorable Boykins looking to be rescued at Boykin Spaniel Rescue at the price of $325. Some of the Boykins it has that are up for adoption are already neutered/spayed and have up-to-date vaccinations that will surely make them a good deal.

Other One-Time Costs of Owning a Boykin Spaniel

When deciding to own a dog, there are other costs you need to anticipate. That’s why it is always important to adjust your budget higher than the price of the dog itself. Here we will be discussing the other costs you need to include in your budget immediately upon the purchase of your new pet.

  • Health Certificate

Vets can charge you around $45 to $50 for a signed health certificate. The prices may vary due depending on its purpose. The health certificate is required for dogs if you are going to travel with them by plane or if you are going to get a dog license.

  • Transportation Costs

The shipping fees may or may not be included in your purchase. For prices, however, shipping fees may vary depending on the company, but prices usually start at $800 for domestic destinations and $2,000 for international for the small to medium-sized dogs.

  • Training

The Boykin is relatively easy to train as it is intelligent and can excel in obedience and agility courses. Training is a very vital part of every dog and owner’s lives because it keeps discipline and mutual respect between the pet and the owner.

You can get your dog trained for basic obedience courses to more advanced courses for $119 to $199.

Boykin Spaniel Cost
How Much Does a Boykin Spaniel Cost? 3

Maintenance Expenses of Boykin Spaniel

  • Food and diet

The Boykin is a very active dog that requires nutritious foods that will compensate for its daily activities. Although the Boykin doesn’t necessarily have any restrictions when it comes to dog foods and their ingredients, it is recommended to provide it with kibbles that are rich in protein.

You can shop online for high-quality dog foods for $17.98 to $59.99 for a 4 lbs – 25 lbs. bag, respectively.

  • Grooming and hygiene

The breed standard for the Boykin suggests that its coat comes in a royal-looking chocolate brown color that is medium length and very dense. To keep the coat from matting, brushing at least twice a week is a recommended routine.

When it comes to bathing, if you’re living a pretty active life and going with your Boykin for a hunt, it should be practical to bathe it occasionally; at least once a week.

When looking for a good grooming kit, the feature to look for is its suitability for the coat type of your dog. You can get kits online that are great for Boykin coats for $59.97 to $70.31 that come with a set of clippers, de-shedding tool, scissors, and shampoo.

  • Vet and other health costs

As with any other dogs, the Boykin gets no exception in developing diseases. The health issues it can acquire are Patellar Luxation, Hip Dysplasia and the Exercise-Induced Collapse that is very common among the Boykin Spaniel breed.

A visit to the vet would cost you around $45 to $63. It is important to remember to ask the vet for a thorough examination than just a simple check-up.

Additional Information About Boykin Spaniels

The Boykin Spaniel would not have existed if it wasn’t for a man named Alexander White who found a stray dog on his way home. The stray is a brown spaniel dog who he then, for some reason, named Dumpy.

As it turns out, Dumpy was very good at retrieving and was later introduced by “Whit” Boykin; a dog breeder at the time who grew a fascination about the dog and apparently, where the breed was named after.

With a lifespan of 12 – 15 years, the Boykin is curious and intelligent and will excel in training when provided with the right conditioning. It is very affectionate towards its owners and is very good with children.

The average size of the Boykin according to its breed standard is 15 – 18 inches, 30 – 40 lbs. for males and 14 – 16 inches, 25 – 35 lbs. for females. It is a very active dog that requires a lot of exercises, so it’s best for active people who live near bodies of water like shallow lakes or creeks.

Its sweet and easy-going attitude make it a good choice as a family dog. As the state dog of South Carolina, the Boykin reminds us that breed doesn’t need mysterious or complex history and that a great dog can come from humble beginnings, too.

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