How Much Does a Bulldog Cost?

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Being one of the most famous dog breeds, the Bulldog possesses a unique but familiar face. It has a discrete flat wrinkled face, an undershot jaw, saggy jowls, and a pushed-in nose. Its broad, muscular body can weigh as much as 50 pounds and it can grow up to 16 inches.

The Bulldog (also known as the English Bulldog or British Bulldog) was first mentioned in literature in the 1500s. The “bull” in its name is a reference to bull-baiting where it was originally used for.

Fortunately, England banned bull-baiting in 1835 and the Bulldog made its way to the United States with the help of some enthusiasts.

Bulldog’s Upfront Costs

  • The Bulldog Price

A Bulldog typically costs between $2,500 and $5,000. You can find one on reputable websites such as AKC Marketplace. Its price is just a little bit above the average buying price for a dog breed.

There are some breeders like the Rock English Bulldogs that offers re-homing of their puppies for as low as $500. While there are some, such as the Thomas Bulldogs of Ohio, that sell them for as much as $18,000 with special consideration for the puppy’s color.

The thing about breeding Bulldogs is that they generally undergo problematic breeding processes. Around 90% of puppies are delivered through a Caesarian section which increases the mother and the puppies’ risk of having health complications.

Keep this in mind if you are planning to own one. This is generally not a big problem unless you plan on breeding Bulldogs.

If you are a bit short on the budget or just don’t want to buy one, you can adopt instead. You can get one from the Bulldog Rescue Network or the Southern California Bulldog Rescue.

  • Food and water bowls

Usual food and water bowls can be bought from Petco for as low as $4.39. These are generic bowls and are usable for all breeds and they come in different shapes and colors.

But if you want one that is catered towards your pet Bulldog, the Enhanced Pet Products sells food and water bowls specially designed for it. Its product Enhanced Pet Bowl™ has an angled surface and a ridge perfect for the Bulldog’s flat face and undershot jaw. It is being sold for $22.95 to $29.95 depending on the size.

  • Bedding

As mentioned earlier, a Bulldog can grow up to 16 inches. A dog this size needs at least a large-sized (36” x 23”) bedding. One recommended bedding for your pet is the Plush & Décor Comfy Couch Orthopedic Sofa-Style Pet Bed that can be bought for only $22.99. This is the perfect bedding to keep your pet cozy.

If you want to check out a wider selection of bedding designs, you can visit the Mollymutt’s pet shop. It sells high-quality bedding products priced between $39 and $45.

What are the Costs of Maintaining a Bulldog?

Aside from the one-time expenses, there are also the recurring costs of maintaining the health of your Bulldog. These include food, vaccination, dental care, and grooming.

  • Food

The Bulldog is prone to gaining too much weight. You really have to watch out for its diet and eating schedule to avoid possible health problems. It needs around 1,300 calories per day on the average and should be fed only with certified high-quality meat.

The top two recommended dog foods for the Bulldog are the Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food which costs $48.99 per 30-pound bag, and the Castor & Pollux Natural Ultramix Adult Dry Dog Food priced at $57.99 per 30-pound bag. These products contain just the right ratio of protein and fats for your pet’s daily needs.

  • Vaccinations

The Bulldog is very susceptible to several health problems; thus, its medical concerns must be given utmost attention.

Vaccinations greatly help in minimizing the health risks your pet may face. The VIP Pet Care offers a variety of vaccination packages priced between $39 and $69 depending on your pet’s age. Individual vaccine shots start at $10 depending on the type of vaccine.

  • Dental Care

Similar to vaccinations, dental care also helps prevent the development of certain diseases. A lot of bacterial infections come from mouths that are not taken care of properly.

The Pet Dental USA offers free general preventive check-ups like dental care and testing. Its free dental exam includes a full investigation of your pet’s mouth and a discussion of recommended treatments including their estimated costs.

Its dental procedure services are priced between $269 and $669 depending on the types of operations conducted. The price depends primarily on the number of teeth extracted and includes post-extraction x-rays and pain and infections medications.

  • Grooming

Grooming is very important for your Bulldog. It keeps your pet healthier and at the same time feel more comfortable. Bulldogs have fun the most when being groomed especially during baths.

The Central Bark Doggy Day Care offers pet grooming services at affordable prices. It offers a Barkley Works package which starts at $35. This package includes bath, blow-dry, nail trim, brush-out, and ear cleaning. You can also avail of these services individually, plus anal expressions, and teeth brushing starting at $10 per service.

If you prefer grooming your pet on your own, there are a lot of high-quality brushes out there. You can try the FURminator Short Hair deShedding Edge which is specifically designed for short-haired breeds like the Bulldog. It reduces the amount of shedding by up to 90%. You can buy one for just $17.99 and up to $38.94 for larger sizes.

Bulldog Cost
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Tips and Facts About the Bulldog

The Bulldog has quite the unfortunate past of being used for violent activities. The Bulldog back then was strong and tenacious. Nowadays, it still retains its strength and tenacity but is now gentler and more loving as a companion.

The Bulldog requires a lot of attention and should not be left alone as much as possible. Lack of adequate time together may cause it to develop destructive behavior.

It is known to be a great family pet due to its tendency to be very affectionate. It is generally carefree and goes along well with children and other pets.

Your pet’s coat can serve as a good indicator for any existing health problems. If there are any abnormalities regarding its coat such as abnormal smell or excessive amount of shedding, it is advisable that you visit a professional and get your pet checked as soon as possible.

It is also intolerant to hot weather. It prefers a chill environment, especially during summer. Proper grooming and frequent baths help in keeping it comfortable during warm days.

The Bulldog is prone to a lot of health problems such as overheating, arthritis, skin allergies, cherry eye, hip dysplasia, heart disease, and respiratory diseases. It also has the highest cancer rate of all breeds. Knowing this should not discourage you from getting one. Rather, it should inspire you more to give your pet the love it deserves. May be prepare for the treatment costs, though.

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