How Much Does a Goldfish Cost?

If you want a pet but is too busy to keep a dog or cat at home, a goldfish might just suit you. A pretty little creature, the said fish is an effective stress-reliever even when all it does is swim around. Its natural beauty will also make you stare at it for hours, perfect after a day’s work!

As for maintenance, a goldfish will only require food and a clean habitat. No pet grooming and training needed.

Feeling like owning a goldfish now? Here’s a guide on the goldfish cost to get you started.

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Average Goldfish Cost

Kiplinger says that buying a fish can cost you anywhere from $1 to $25. The said price range is also applicable for goldfishes. Furthermore, there are some types that you can buy for less than a dollar. The affordability makes owning fishes as pets the cheapest option available.

Though generally inexpensive, note that there are some goldfishes which can exceed the above price range. Larger types, for instance, can cost you more.

In general, you will have no problems with the affordable goldfish price. However, there are some expenses that will considerably increase the cost of keeping them. That includes the fish tank, feeds, and in some cases, keeping your aquatic pets healthy.

Sample Goldfish Cost

The goldfish price you have to pay will also depend on the pet store. To give you an idea, here are some sample costs posted by online shops:

  • Pet Smart
  • Ryukin Goldfish: $5.49
  • Fancy Goldfish: $31.99
  • Shubunkin Goldfish: $2.89
  • Black Moor Goldfish: $5.99 to $7.49
  • Fantail Goldfish: $3.19
  • Comet Goldfish: $0.14 to $0.29
  • Buy Goldfish Online
  • Red Ryukin (small): $6.50
  • Calico Lionhead (small): $12
  • Black Oranda (small): $6.50
  • Chocolate Oranda (small): $6.50
  • Red Pearlscale (small): $12
  • Black Dragon Eye (small): $6.50
  • Red White Bubble Eye (small): $12
  • That Pet Place
  • Black Moor Goldfish (small): $4.99
  • Pearlscale Goldfish (small): $4.99
  • Red Cap Oranda Goldfish (medium): $9.99
  • Red Cap Oranda Goldfish (small): $7.99
  • Red White Ryukin Goldfish (large): $6.99

Note that some goldfishes, specifically the larger ones, will cost more than $30.

Aquarium Cost

While you don’t have to spend much on the goldfish itself, you’ll have to invest in aquariums or tanks. The price of an aquarium setup can reach up to $400 and higher. You will also need to pay for electricity to keep the tank’s light and filtration system running.

To give you an idea on the expenses, here are sample costs online. Note that you will see prices of tanks (with no setup), starter kits, and full setup aquariums in this list.

  • Pet Smart
  • Aqueon Glass Aquarium: $14.99 to $89.99 (depending on size)
  • Aqueon 15-Gallon Column Deluxe Aquarium Kit: $94.99
  • Aqueon 125-Gallon Aquarium Ensemble: $499.99
  • Clear-For-Life 20-Gallon Rectangle Aquarium: $209.99
  • Clear-For-Life 25-Gallon Cube Aquarium: $340.99
  • Clear-For-Life 75-Gallon Hexagon UniQuarium: $1,199
  • Marineland 20-Gallon BioWheel LED Aquarium Kit: $124.99 to $249.99 (depending on size)
  • Marineland 60-Gallon Heartland LED Aquarium with Stand: $369.99
  • Marineland 75-Gallon Aquarium Majesty Ensemble: $299.99
  • Top Fin Aquarium Starter Kit: $64.99 to $149.99 (depending on size)
  • Top Fin 75-Gallon Hooded Aquarium: $234.99
  • Top Fin 150-Gallon Aquarium Ensemble: $799.99
  • Walmart
  • Aqua Culture 10-Gallon Empty Aquarium: $14.72
  • Aqua Culture 10-Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit: $29.98
  • Aqua Culture 29-Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit: $97
  • All Glass 10-Gallon Aquarium Tank and Eco Hood: $74.20
  • High Aqua Vision Designer Series 50-Gallon Shadow Box Aquarium: $2,174.99
  • Uniquarium Hexagon Aquarium Tank: $619.99
  • Uniquarium Aquarium Tank: $499.99
  • Uniquarium Pentagon Aquarium: $863.29
  • Hagen Fluval 25-Gallon Accent Aquarium: $386.77
  • Midwest Tropical Fountain Aqua 45-Gallon Vision Double Dome Aquarium Kit: $2,139.99

Buying An Aquarium

Have you seen photos of goldfishes looking cute swimming inside a fish bowl? Well, placing your pets in such a cramped space is actually bad for them.

According to Complete Goldfish Care, the appropriate size of the tank for your aquatic pets should be equivalent to 20 gallons (75 liters). The said size is ideal for one or two fishes. If you want more, you’ll have to add 10 gallons or 40 liters of water for each additional fish.

What’s with the large aquarium size? That’s to accommodate the bulky goldfishes. When young, your pet may fit in a small tank. However, they become much, much bigger as they grow. That fact is what you have to prepare for.

A large area will also contribute to the tank’s water getting murky at a slower pace. That means you won’t have to clean the aquarium every day, and that is equivalent to less stress to your goldfish.

Basically, your pets’ welfare should be of paramount consideration when you’re buying an aquarium.

Goldfish Food Cost

Aside from the goldfish price and the cost of the aquarium, another important expense you should have an idea about is fish food.

Feeding your pet fishes is not that expensive. To give you an idea, here are some prices of fish food from online stores:

  • Walmart
  • Tetra Color Flakes: $6.12
  • Wardley Goldfish Flakes: $2.83
  • Tetra Tetrafin Goldfish Flakes: $1.97
  • Medium Pellet Cichlid Gold Specialists’ Fish Food: $4.97
  • Hartz Wardley Goldfish Small Floating Pellets: $1.97
  • Aqueon Goldfish Granules: $3.99
  • Pet Smart
  • Tetra TetraSmart Goldfish Flakes: $1.20 to $15.99
  • Omega One Goldfish Small Pellets Fish Food: $6.49
  • Aqueon Goldfish Flakes: $2.99 to $12.99
  • Marineland Color-Enhancing Goldfish Flakes: $3.49 to $16.99
  • API Goldfish Premium Pellets Fish Food: $5.49 to $10.19
  • Omega One First Goldfish Flakes: $13.22
  • Your Fish Stuff
  • Goldfish Supreme Pellets: $3.99
  • Green Supreme Veggie Pellets: $3.99
  • Veggie Flakes: $5.99
  • Goldfish Flakes: $4.99
  • Spirulina Flakes: $5.99
  • Super Spirulina Flakes: $6.99

You can save more if you refrain from overfeeding your pet fish. After all, goldfishes do not need that much food. As long as you maintain the tank properly and feed them adequately, your goldfish will live for up to 30 years.

Learn to take care of your goldfish and you’re sure to have a long-time companion!

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