How Much Does a Caucasian Shepherd Dog Cost?

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Born and raised in the snowy Georgian mountains in the Caucasus region, the Caucasian Shepherd dog is a fierce protector and loyal ally. It is also known as the Caucasian Ovcharka or the Caucasian Mountain Dog.

The breed can trace its ancestry to the Molosser dogs of West and Central Asia, and its large size can intimidate most casual dog owners – so much that the Caucasian Shepherd isn’t exactly the first dog of choice for most. In fact, it is only recommended for experienced dog owners.

Caucasian Shepherds are very protective of their owners and anyone that they consider family. They do not trust strangers easily and can sometimes be insolent and stubborn.

However, when trained properly, the breed is an excellent guard dog and good for household protection. They’re not recommended if young children are around as their large size can cause accidental injuries even when they’re still puppies!

Items You Need to Spend On Upfront

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is not considered a popular dog for the masses and as such, there are very few breeders that are selling puppies.

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog price is a whopping $2,000 each, on the average. As Caucasian Ovcharkas aren’t that commonplace, few shelters have available dogs for adoption and almost none have any puppies.

ThunderHawk Caucasians currently have a couple remaining that can be rescued and the adoption fee is $750.

Other one-time fees that you’ll need to shoulder for your giant furry pal are for its travel/home crate or kennel, neutering services($136 to $156), and a microchip ($11.05) to track its location.

An XXL crate at about 54” is recommended for your Caucasian Shepherd and has a starting price tag of over $230 for the good quality variety. Having an appropriate crate will enable you to more effectively train the dog.

Regular Expenses

The Ovcharka is generally a healthy dog; only suffering from a few of the most common dog ailments such as hip dysplasia, obesity, and heart problems. Still, periodic veterinary check-ups are recommended to assess your pet’s overall health.

Wellness exams cost about $90. Make sure your Caucasian Shepherd is getting its regular shots too. It needs to be well protected against rabies, CD, Parvo, and Lepto. These vaccinations can be provided for around $10 to $26 each.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Cost
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Buyer’s Guide

Caucasian Shepherd dogs aren’t for everyone. They can be difficult dogs to train, take care of, and may cause you more frustration than what they’re worth. Before you make the decision to buy or adopt one, consider first and weigh the pros and cons.

If you feel that you can handle the difficulties involved in raising a big dog that is naturally aggressive, then go for it.

Consider starting with training as early as 6 weeks old. Caucasians need to be taught early that you are the head of the household, or else, they may grow up with authority issues and refuse to follow your instructions.

Consult the breeder that is selling you the dog and make sure to procure feeding instructions, health screening results, and specific information about your new pet.

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