How Much Does a Flemish Giant Cost?

Flemish Giant Cost

When Flemish Giant Rabbits were first bred in Belgium in the 16th century, the sole purpose was for the production of fur and meat. However, as time passed by, people discovered that this breed can make a good pet. Not to mention that Flemish Giants have the characteristics of being submissive and friendly.

With their size that can reach up to 2.5 feet, these pets belong to what is considered as the largest breed of rabbits.  Because of that, an owner has to exert extra effort in caring for these pets.

A Glimpse of Owning a Flemish Giant

This article provides details on the expenses to be incurred for owning a Flemish Giant. Before buying, you have to consider the price of its habitat or cage. It is also important to be aware of the amount of food it eats as well as other recurring expenses for maintenance.

For having this pet, you also have to know the cost in case there are health issues to be addressed. Moreover, the different factors that may affect the Flemish Giant price will be discussed.

Items for One-time Expense

Sites such as and offer a wide variety of Flemish Giants ranging from $10 to $225. The prices depend on how many private breeders sell their pets. Moreover, the costs vary in size as both sites have a baby and maturely-bred Flemish Giants.

However, if you want to spend less for Flemish Giants, there are facilities open for adoption. Often, owners of these for-adoption pets ask for donations and require an adoption interview.

Other than the bunny itself, the housing for your pets is where some of your expenses will be going to. If your backyard is too dangerous for freeing Flemish Giants, you might consider providing them an indoor cage. sells varied sizes of cages from $32.88 to $273.89 depending on how big your pets are.

Meanwhile, does not just offer different sizes but also sells beautifully-designed cages. The normal size and design can cost as low as $74.99 while large and well-crafted cages (some are like mini-house already) can cost up to $454.99.

Apart from pets and cages, there are other necessary things for breeding Flemish Giants. These include:

  • Food and Water Dishes – feeding your Flemish Giants can become harder without the help of food and water bowls. At Walmart, the lowest price for a food dish is $9.36 while the cheapest cost of water drinker is $9.32.
  • Grooming Items – a bath is not encouraged for rabbits for they are afraid of water. So making them hygienic includes brushing, nail clipping, and teeth cleaning. For this, you will need a pet brush which costs $3.99 to $11.99 in PetCo. The same store also offers nail clippers and hays for as low as $4.89 and $4.19, respectively.
  • Bedding – just like humans, Flemish Giants want to be comfortable in their cages during rest hours. So providing them beddings is necessary. PetSmart’s prices for these range from $1.45 to $27.99 depending on the size.
  • Toys (Optional) – Toys contribute a lot to the enjoyment that rabbits must feel when in their habitats. sells different kinds of toys such as balls and toy carrots that are really appropriate for your pets. Price starts at $0.25.

Owning a Flemish Giant – The Inclusions

Although it is hard to find sellers with all-out promos for purchasing Flemish Giants, some inclusions come from other necessary stuff. For example, there will be no shipping fees for cages purchased at This will allow the owners to allot more money for the food and health care services of their Flemish Giants.

In PetCo, buyers can enjoy a 90-day to 1-year warranty for purchased hutches. This is in case the weight of your pets becomes inappropriate for the procured cages and eventually breaks them.

Recurring Expenses

Because Flemish Giants are naturally large in size, they need food to support their bones. Feeding them must be twice-a-day during mornings and evenings. You can give them protein-rich pellets which cost $35.29 for 20 pounds and $23.09 for 9 pounds in PetCo. If your budget is for smaller quantities, the same store offers a 5.3-ounce of giant rabbit treats for $2.79.

According to House Rabbit Society, it is also necessary to feed your Flemish Giants with hays. Some websites give measurement for proper feeding for your pets. At PetSmart, hays are offered at $3.99 to $23.37 for 24-ounce to 5-pound packs.

For health care purposes, there should be a regular veterinary check-up for your pets. Some veterinary clinics charge giant rabbit owners $40 up to $100, with medicines still not included.

What Factors May Affect Flemish Giant Rabbit Cost?

There may be cases when the prices you expect to pay for Flemish Giants go a little higher. If this happens, one reason could be the location where you buy your large rabbits. If you cannot find a pet store or private breeder near you, you will have to spend for transportation purposes.

Another factor that may affect the price of Flemish Giants is the source. There are stores that do not allow online purchase. Also, if you buy from private breeders, prices always differ as they have their own computations of how much they want to sell these pets.

The colors of the Flemish Giants also affect their pricing. As there are only 7 recognized colors by the American Rabbit Breed Association (ARBA). Flemish Giants with colors other than these may be sold at a lower price.

Helpful Advice for Flemish Giant Buyers

When you decide to buy Flemish Giant Rabbits, make sure that you have ample amount of money to suffice their needs. If your money is just enough to buy a small cage, consider postponing your purchase as this may affect the health and proper breeding of your pets.

Always ensure that you have a space in your home for these pets. Unlike typical-sized rabbits, Flemish Giants need bigger space to freely move.

Include in your plans to have a stock of food for your pets. As time passes by and your rabbits get larger, they may also need more food. Allotting and spending for a stock of food will surely provide convenience for you as you need not rush to pet stores during a shortage.


When owning Flemish Giants, it is important that you have all the care and love to give for your pets. More than the material things, these giants need treatment like a true family from their owners.

It may be required to exert extra effort to ensure proper breeding for your pets. But the feeling of satisfaction as you see them growing and giving back the love will surely be all worth it.

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