How Much Does a Hamster Cost?

For some families, hamsters are a great first pet to for kids. They help a child learn how to be responsible by caring the animal. For other people, who don’t have sufficient time and energy, or are not just ready and capable of taking care of a bigger pet, hamsters are perfect creatures that can give them happiness.

Maybe you want to own a hamster. However, you feel uncertain because you don’t know how much does a hamster cost. It seems simple to purchase that adorable hamster in the window, but there are some commitments, of both time and money.

Average Cost of a Hamster

Typically, a hamster goes from $10 to $35 depending on the breed, size, shades, markings, age, gender, and characteristics. Moreover, the prices also differ on whether you get it from a pet shop or right from a breeder. The following are the five most known hamsters breeds along with their averages prices.

  • Syrian Hamsters: The largest of the pet hamster species{The bolded/unbolded parts are things you say but offer no follow up to. You don’t mention the size of them, and all you give are disturbing facts about hamster murder not how they’re most liked}

Syrian hamsters are the most well-liked hamsters kept as pets. They are not so social with other hamsters, and after ten weeks of age, they ought to be held alone. If confined with another hamster, they will kill each other. These hamsters are nocturnal. You could purchase them for around $5 to $20 each, with an average price of around $12.50.

  • Dwarf Campbell Russian Hamsters: The Fast Hamster {Why are they the fast hamster?}

Dwarf Campbell are more sociable than Syrian hamsters, and they can be held in same-sex pairs of their breed if they are acquainted at an early age.  Although they are nocturnal, they are awake for brief periods throughout the day. The price for this breed runs from $4 to $12, with the average at around $8.

  • Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamsters: The Friendly Hamster

Dwarf Winter White behaves similarly with Dwarf Campbell Russians. However, they don’t have the habit of biting when anxious, and they are sweet and friendly normally. They are tiny and swift. Thus, they can be challenging for kids to handle. The price for this breed could go from $5 to $12.

  • Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters: The Timid Hamster {it’s almost there, just connect the hard to pick up to timidity}

Roborovski Dwarfs are another sociable type of hamster. They are cute hamsters that don’t typically nip. Although they have great personalities, they are in general better only for viewing than for touching because of their quickness and size. You can buy these kind for around $14 to $30.

  • Chinese Hamsters: The Anti-Social Hamster

Chinese hamsters are mostly are not sociable. But, although they can be violent towards each other, with people they are pleasant, slightly shy, and seldom bite. They are lively for brief periods throughout the day and active at night and can be bought for around $12 to $16.

two hamsters

Hamster Shopping List

Along with the little pals themselves, their necessities will increase your total expense.

  • Hamster’s Cage

The hamster cage can range from $40 to $200, with a average of $110. The price varies according to the type you want and on the size of the hamster. The cage could be wire, glass or plastic. Be careful when choosing a cage, as some hamsters can get stuck in Penn Plax tubes.

  • Hamster’s Bedding

The bedding of a hamster would cost between $3.50 and $15. It must be changed weekly. The hamster’s bedding has various purposes. It absorbs odors, lines the floor, acts as a toilet, and as a hide-out. It comes from a variety of materials; recycled newspaper, wood pulp fibers, aspen shavings, Eco-Straw Pellets, Soft-Sorbent, etc. Moreover, it has different smells to choose from, from unscented to strawberry and apple scented.

  • Hamster’s Food dish

The food dish will be around $2 to $9. You could select a food dish from wood, plastic or ceramic. Some hamster owner recommended buying a ceramic bowl, as there is a tendency amongst hamsters to chew on the plastic or wooden dish until there is nothing left. If you want to lessen the expenses, you can utilize a ceramic bowl from your kitchen as a substitute.

  • Hamster’s Water bottle

A water bottle for a hamster would cost around $2 to $8. You should be careful when you place the bottle in the cage; a hamster will likely chew low-hanging plastic. So, it must be high enough.

  • Hamster Feed

The basic food mix costs from $5 to $6 per 2-pound pack, which typically lasts for a month. Be extremely mindful when you buy food for your hamster, as you might pick the rabbit mix instead of hamster mix by mistake. Rabbit mix is a poisonous to your beloved hamster. You could also feed your hamsters fresh fruits like apples and strawberries, and vegetables like lettuce and carrots, as well as seeds, various grains, and alfalfa hay.

  • Hamster’s Toys

A hamster requires a wheel so he can exercise and entertain himself, which costs between $4 and $25. Some toys that you could buy later are a ball, chew toys and tunnels. If you want to save some cash, you can use a toilet paper or paper towel rolls as a toy tunnels for your hamster.

  • Hamster’s Handbook

A Hamster Handbook is optional, but it can be a great help for those first-time owners of hamsters. The book is informative and can be bought for around $1.99 to $20. There are books about hamster available for kids around 9 to 12 years Old as well.

  • Hamster’s Vet Cost

Some hamsters need a vet check-up from time to time, which can cost $75 to $80. The general issue of hamsters is their teeth. They never stop growing, like rabbits’ teeth, so it needs to be trimmed regularly by a vet.


According to Global Animal, the maximum value of hamster expenses is around $220. Once you have the hamster, cage, dish, bottle, and toys, you need to spend around $32 monthly for its bedding and food.

The table below provides a summary of the costs involved in keeping a hamster.

Item Description Costs
Cage One off cost $40-$200
Bedding Recurrent $3.5-$15
Food dish One off cost $2-$9
Water bottle One off cost $2-$8
Hamster mix Recurrent $5-$6
Hamster toys One off cost $2-$30
Hamster book One off cost $1.99-$20
Veterinary Check-UP Occasionally $75-$80
TOTAL $131.5-$368


A hamster can add up an assortment of expenses with its new home and other needs, though it is small. Thus, be ready to add the hamster’s maintenance and care charges to your family budget, before deciding to add one of these adorable critters to your family.

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