How Much Does a Jack Russell Terrier Cost?

Jack Russell Terrier Cost

The Jack Russell Terrier is an intelligent and athletic type of working terrier. It was originally bred in England during the early years of the 19th century for the purpose of fox hunting.

This breed was named after John “Jack” Russell, a student from the Oxford Divinity School and a hunting enthusiast.

Some enthusiasts with untrained eyes usually confuse it with the Russell Terrier or the Parson Russell Terrier (although they are technically the same breed but with different breed standards).

It is known for its agility and intense enthusiasm towards digging. It is sometimes used for hunting ground-dwelling quarries such as red foxes, badgers, and groundhogs. This ability is considered an important asset of the breed.

What are the One-time Expenses?

The initial buying price of an adult or pup Jack Russell Terrier is cheaper compared to most breeds. The SnowCreek Jack Russell Puppies sells puppies for around $800 to $950. It will first require you to deposit an initial payment of $200 to secure a puppy.

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA) has a directory of reputable breeders available on its website. It is indexed by state and listed in alphabetical order for your convenience. You can use this to find local breeders near your home.

If you do not have enough budget or just prefer adopting to buying, you can check out several rescue and adoption sites. There is the Georgia Jack Russell Rescue, Adoption & Sanctuary located just outside of the Atlanta metro area. You can also contact the Russell Rescue, Inc. and the Jacks Galore Rescue.

  • Essential accessories

There are a number of accessories that are required for your newly-gotten pet. These essential accessories are the food and water bowls, leash, and collar.

A standard dog food/water bowl costs between $1.48 and $25.63. The more expensive ones are usually double diners or are made of stainless steel. These bowls are recommended because they are safer and easier to clean.

The leash and collar that you should buy must be durable but at the same time comfortable. Compromising your pet’s comfort will usually result in unruly behavior.

Given the personality and size of the Jack Russell Terrier, you need to buy it the perfect collar size to prevent it from escaping. It requires a medium regular size (approximately 12” to 15”) collar which you can buy from Petco for around $8.29 to $19.99.

Most collars sold on pet shops already have a paired leash, but individual leashes can be bought for a starting price of $6.79. You may also prefer retractable leashes for convenience. These are sold for as low as $7.49.

  • Shelter

Your pet’s shelter is not only for convenience like what some people believe. It is essential for your pet especially the crate which is used for traveling. The size of the crate for your Jack Russell Terrier must be at least medium (24” x 18” x 19”). You can buy one for as low as $19.95 and up to $153.35.

Aside from the crate, your pet also needs a bedding to lie on at home. A dog this size needs just a small-sized (24” x 18”) bedding. You can buy high-quality beddings from PetCo for around $14.99 up to $249.99.

What are the Recurring Expenses?

  • Medical care

Medical care is potentially the most expensive part of owning a dog but also the most important one. This can be minimized significantly by providing your pet with proper medical precautions and preventive checks. It needs at least proper vaccinations and dental care to maintain its health.

Vaccinations typically cost between $10 and $35 per shot depending on the type. VETCO offers vaccination packages priced at $69 and $89. Both packages include the essentials namely Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo, Round/Hook deworming, and an optional Leptospirosis shot.

The more expensive 2nd package includes an additional Heartworm test. You may also add an extra $10 for testing tick-borne diseases.

Dental care is a bit more expensive. It is recommended that you have your pet undergo dental check-ups regularly. This helps safeguard your pet’s dental health, but this also means that you have to spend more.

The Forever Pet Dental offers affordable dental services for your pet. Its dental cleaning package is priced at $219. This package includes physical and oral exam, sedation, dental cleaning, x-rays, IV catheter and fluids, and even nail trim.

  • Food

The average adult Jack Russell Terrier needs around 450 to 650 calories a day. Due to its small size, it only has a small stomach and thus, must be fed with high-quality dog foods only.

One recommended dog food is the Lotus Oven-Baked Fish Small Bites Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food (grade A). It has a grain-free recipe containing natural ingredients and is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. You can buy one from Chewy for $49.99 per 10-pound bag.

Another one is the Senior Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. It is rich in high-quality protein and has just the right amount of low-glycemic carbohydrates. It costs $49.99 per 13-pounds.

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Factors Affecting the Jack Russell Terrier Price

The price of a dog is primarily affected by the reputation of the breeder. Breeders recognized by reputable organizations, like the American Kennel Club, usually sell puppies for a much higher price, but they also have the most customer-friendly services.

Another factor involving the breeder is their location, especially the number of breeders within an area. The dog’s gender also sometimes influences its price. Some breeders may sell female dogs for a higher price compared to their male counterparts.

Buying your pet is obviously more expensive than just adopting one. Although some rescue/adoption centers may require adoption fees, these are usually less than $150. So, if you are a bit low on the budget, you can just choose to adopt.

The pedigree and coat type of the Jack Russell Terrier can also affect its price. There are some enthusiasts that like certain coat colors over others. Most are also willing to pay more to get one with their preferred color.

Final Words

The Jack Russell Terrier stands up to 15 inches tall and can weigh as much as 18 pounds. Despite its small size, it is fearless and exhibits an immense amount of energy.

It may be a small breed but it has a big heart. It can be a very affectionate companion as long as you give it the love and attention it deserves.

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