How Much Does a Pembroke Welsh Corgi Cost?

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Nipping at the heels of livestock since the 10th century, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the ultimate herding dog breed.

Full of energy and boundless enthusiasm, this lovable dog is a true fan favorite. In fact, it is the preferred breed of Queen Elizabeth II who proudly owns more than 30 of them.

There are two types of Welsh Corgis – the Pembroke and the Cardigan. The Corgi’s name reflects its stature – “Corgi” is Welsh for “dwarf dog”.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi One-Time Expenses

If you’re looking to buy puppies, the average Pembroke Welsh Corgi Price at the American Kennel Club’s Marketplace is about $1,800. An adoption is also a viable option if you’d like to help out one of the thousands of Corgis currently being cared for at animal shelters.

According to the Sunshine Corgi Rescue Center, the adoption fee will range up to $350, with a lesser price for senior dogs.

Two of the most immediate expenses that you’ll incur up-front is a license for your dog and optional registration in a Corgi club. If you plan to enroll your dog in agility trials or other events, you’ll need to pay a fee of about $30 to $79.99 to compete at Westminster. License fees are based by county and can range from $8.50 to $30.

Next, you’ll want to get your new dog neutered to avoid unwanted litters. Some breeders actually perform this service at no extra charge, so make sure to inquire first. They may also have had the puppies microchipped as soon as they were a couple of weeks old. If they did, you saved a bit of money as a microchip plus registration can cost about $25.

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi will need a nice crate where it can have some personal space to nap. A 36” crate is recommended to provide it plenty of leg room. The price for a crate of this size with double doors costs $45.99 and comes with free divider panels to use for puppies.

Upkeep Expenses for Corgis

Besides the initial costs, a Corgi will need additional care throughout its lifetime. This can come in the form of recurring expenses, so it pays to know in advance how much you’ll be shelling out for your pet.

Corgis have a few serious health concerns including intervertebral disc disease and CHD (Canine Hip Dysplasia). Vaccine shots are necessary (and mandatory in the case of rabies shots) from 2 weeks old up until adulthood.

Your dog also needs to take periodic wellness exams with a vet. Here’s the dollar value associated with each expense:

  • Healthcare (Vet Checkups) – $50
  • Medicine (Deworming – $12.99 to $19.99, Vaccinations – $75 to $100)
  • Food – $64.99
  • Shipping / Transportation – $650 to $875
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Cost
How Much Does a Pembroke Welsh Corgi Cost? 3

Buyer’s Guide & Price Inclusions

Choosing the right breeder is important so that you know exactly what you’re getting with the purchase. More often than not, breeders provide the dog’s papers, pedigree, take care of initial vaccinations, and sometimes throw in a free bag of dog food.

Being a responsible buyer means that you should be financially capable of raising a dog from infancy to maturity. Corgis need a large area to play in, as they are very energetic and love to run. Make sure the area is fenced in so they can’t escape easily and wander onto the streets.

Due to their hyperactivity, they aren’t a recommended breed if you have young children in the household.

Keep your Corgi’s mind stimulated by engaging in daily activities with it to establish a routine. The breed loves to participate in challenging sports such as obedience, tracking, and herding.

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