How Much Does a Pet Rabbit Cost?

Rabbit Cost

Oryctolagus Cuniculus is the scientific name of rabbits. Oryctolagus is derived from the Greek words oryktes, meaning digger and lagos, meaning hare.

Cuniculus is the Latin name for rabbit which comes from Ancient Greek kýniklos, meaning “burrow”.

Rabbits are lovely creatures and they hardly make a sound. Their behavior is quite unique compared to most other pets.

They tend to be shy and cautious as they are prey animals but they show a lot of affection and playfulness once they are comfortable with their keepers.

One example of a fun and special feature that rabbits possess is that they “bink”, which means jumping or hopping repeatedly to show their emotions of joy. Rabbits may also show affections by licking or lying idle near you as a sign of wanting attention.

Rabbit Prices from Various Sources

You can purchase several types of rabbits from Adopt A Bunny Rabbit with the majority costing $50. Adopting a rabbit from previous owners is also viable and this is why the prices of bunnies may go as low as $10 but the cost of purchasing a rabbit from stores usually range from $25-$150.

Bunny prices may vary depending on the rabbit’s show quality and health. Some rabbits may even cost more than $150. This is because the rabbit for sale may have already been neutered and vaccinated by the stores selling them to prevent customers the hassle of doing it themselves.

Rabbits can be purchased from your local pet stores or shops online. Take note that there are many factors that could change the adoption fee of a rabbit; it could be quality, age, breed or the store might put restrictions that a bunny can only be sold in bonded pairs, making your expenses double.

Necessary One-Time Costs in Keeping a Rabbit

  • Puppy Pen

Rabbits like to chew almost everything; from wood, slippers, phones, and even furniture. This is why a puppy pen is necessary when you have a rabbit at home. Setting up a puppy pen is part of the “bunny proofing” process. Puppy pens have a starting price of $35 up to $50, but the real cost depends on how big you want the puppy pen to be.

  • Litter Box

Rabbits are quite smart. This is proven by their ability to be trained in using the litter box. It may take some time but they will get the hang of it. Rabbits are known to be like cats when it comes to hygiene and this is also why rabbits do not need baths. The price of a litter box starts at $5.

  • Rabbit Cage

A rabbit cage is still a standard idea for transporting rabbits and some cages even serve as the rabbit’s home although it is not encouraged. Depending on its size and design, a rabbit cage has a starting price of $35 and goes higher as quality goes higher.

  • Food Dishes

The price of food dish is quite optional. The cheapest ones start at a price of $5 and goes higher if you want a stylish food dish.

  • Nail Clippers

Nail clipping is a must if you want to keep your rabbit healthy since overgrown nails can cause them to tear off. Long nails can also impact the ability of the rabbit to hop. It’s no fun keeping a rabbit that is unable to hop. Nail clippers start at $10.

  • Cord Protectors

First things first, a rabbit should have a habitat to remain comfortable and your house should be “bunny-proofed”. Bunny-proofing is the process of protecting your valuables as rabbits will chew things and hop around in your home.

A part of bunny proofing your home is protecting each of your electricity wires or chords from these chewing-loving creatures to avoid disasters. These items can cost $35.

  • Hay Feeder

A rabbit’s diet consists mostly of hay, thus, it is necessary for a hay feeder to be present at the bunny’s habitat. Hay feeders have a starting price of around $15-$20 and scale higher as the quality goes up.

  • Rabbit Neutering Cost

Spaying or neutering a rabbit can bring a lot of benefits for the rabbit and for you. Neutered rabbits are known to be more relaxed and gentle while unneutered rabbits tend to be more aggressive and spray urine which is not what you want. The average cost of neutering a rabbit is $150.

  • Toys

Like kids, rabbits may get bored too. If you happen to find your pet inactive or lacking energy, then perhaps toys for your little buddy may become a necessary purchase. There are plenty of toys to choose, be it chew toys, rabbit wheels, cardboard castles, etc. that you can purchase at $2-$100.

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What are Included?

Local pet stores would usually suggest the right and appropriate materials for the pet you purchase. They might offer you cages suitable for rabbits but some may be only for transporting the bunny. But there are cages that are big enough to act as its habitat.

Upon purchasing a rabbit, there might be freebies such as toys and foods enough for a few days while you find a permanent source.

The pet store will answer most of your questions regarding the behavior and the needs of rabbits since these creatures are known to have different personalities.

Regular Costs of Maintaining a Rabbit

The items and aspects needed in maintaining a rabbit are somewhat similar to most pets and these are the following:

  • Food – $30/Month

As we’ve mentioned, the diet of a rabbit consists mostly of hay. It is a great food for it simply because it tears down the teeth of the rabbit. This fact is relevant because it is observed that the teeth of a rabbit can grow up to 12cm a year. However, occasional pellets, carrots, and treats are good for your rabbit. Bunnies love surprises as well.

  • Vaccination – $60/year

Unfortunately, rabbits are also prone to diseases. The most common diseases a bunny can get are the VHD and Myxomatosis. With this in mind, it is important to vaccinate your rabbit twice a year to prevent this from happening. Each shot costs about $15.

  • Checkups – $25 to $40 per visit

This part is optional. You don’t really need to let your bunny undergo veterinary checkups if you know that your rabbit is healthy and have been vaccinated. But if you’re anxious, then visit your local vet shop if you think it’s necessary. Checkups before neutering also cost the same.

Tips for Buying and Maintaining a Rabbit

Most of the materials mentioned above are available at your local pet shops, stores, and even online shops such as Petco and Petsmart. Other shops such as Zooplus and Chewy may have them for sale as well.

When buying rabbits, it is suggested that you purchase the ones that have already been neutered since these rabbits are much easier to handle and you’ll no longer have to do the hassle of going to the shop for neutering.

If you are short on funds, buying rabbits from other people or getting preloved rabbits is also a viable and much cheaper option. But before you do that, make sure that the seller can be trusted and the rabbit is still in good shape.

Stores may suggest that you should purchase the bonded pair of the rabbit if available. This is because rabbits tend to get bored easily and they may grow lonely if raised alone. If you have enough budget and time to maintain more than one rabbit, then you should consider getting a pair.

If you happen to raise only one and it has shown signs of loneliness, then it’s time to get your friend a partner.

Rabbits have specific needs since they are special and unique kind of pets. Taking care of a rabbit will require commitment and responsibility but overall, it’s quite worth it for they are such adorable pets.

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