How Much Does a Xoloitzcuintli Cost?

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If you’ve seen the Pixar movie Coco, you’ve probably noticed the hyperactive dog with the main character almost throughout the movie.

It’s a Mexican-native breed dog named Xoloitzcuintli (show-low-eets-kweent-li), from the Aztec word itzcuintli meaning dog and the Aztec Indian god named Xolotl.

This breed is considered as one of the oldest breeds evolving from natural occurrence rather than with human intervention.

It is often referred to as Mexican hairless dog, contrary to it having two varieties.  The other is the coated variety that has soft, small hairs found all over its body.

The Xolo is a moderate type of dog in all aspect as it is loyal, highly intelligent, a good watchdog, and calm especially at its maturity.

Owning a Xoloitzcuintli

Buying and looking for a Xolo needs patience as it is of a rare breed.  Oftentimes, people wait for future litters from reputable breeders.

A Xoloitzcuintli price will range from $700 up to $4,500 depending on the pedigree.  You may be able to find a $500 dog but without papers. However, as with any other dogs, it is not recommended to buy without those.

You may find registered puppies from the American Kennel Club Marketplace or at the Xoloitzcuintli Club of America.  They usually include health certificates and breed registration depending on the breeders you find.

Cost of shipping dogs across the country will vary depending on the size, destination, and breed.  Shipping by air is more advisable as this causes less stress for dogs.  An estimated base cost of $350 (by air) should be considered, this still does not include your pet’s airfare and travel kennel.

A high-quality travel kennel will cost you from $544.97 for a small crate up to $664.97 for an intermediate crate.  These already includes all accessories needed for the travel.

Recurring Expenses of Having a Xolo

This dog is not of the low maintenance type even if it is hairless or does not shed so these things should be considered:

  • Food

A good quality type of food is essential for purebreds and for puppies who need the extra energy.  This dog comes in three sizes:  toy (10 – 15 lbs), miniature (15 -30 lbs), and standard (30 – 55 lbs).  As with any other dogs, the amount of food depends on the size of the Xolo and its activity.

It is typical to distribute food equally to puppies to about 3 to 4 times a day. While an adult requires about twice daily.

You can find commercial quality food prices from about $22 to as high as $107 for a 30-lb bag.  Homemade food is also recommended but it is advised that formulation is under a supervision of a veterinarian.

  • Grooming

The coated types are fairly easy to care for.  Weekly brushing of the short coat is recommended and occasional bathing using mild soap is required to keep it shiny. The use of cloth soaked in warm water is suggested to keep the pores clean especially for the hairless variety.

The usual trimming of nails must also be done with a groomer for about $10 if you’re not comfortable doing it.

  • Health

This type of breed is naturally healthy having a lifespan of 14 – 18 years.  There are no specific diseases linked to them but it is still important to note about how delicate their skin is.  The hairless needs to be protected from the sun when outdoors by putting on mild sunscreen.

Maintenance check-ups and vaccination should still be done which will cost around $100 including boosters and veterinary fees.

Xoloitzcuintli Cost
How Much Does a Xoloitzcuintli Cost? 3

Tips for Soon-to-Be Xolo Owners

  • Training

They are an intelligent breed of dogs so early training for the puppies would be essential.  Young Xolos are very active and need the proper discipline early on.

Xolo breeders start their training at a young age using positive reinforcements.  This breed doesn’t respond using harsh instructions.  If trained properly, they can be your ultimate obedient and agile watchdog.

  • Exercise

They also need their daily walks to keep their weight in check as obesity can cause problems with their joints.  They should also be mentally stimulated with toys or just plain playing with them to prevent mischiefs when they get bored.

  • Social Needs

They love to be around with their family and is good with kids.  They need someone to be with at home all the time.  They may crave for attention showing their dominant personality.

Be cautious as they do not fit well with strangers that is why early socialization is needed for the youngsters.  They need to be exposed to different environments so they would be able to adapt.

  • Rescue/Adoption

Xolos are usually not recommended for first-time dog owners as they have specific needs. So typically, some dogs end up in shelters.  Some previous owners don’t realize early what they’ll look like when they mature.  They’re a very unique-looking breed but are attentive and caring when properly handled.

You may choose to adopt instead which will cost you around $300.  You may check out Xolointzcuintli Primitive Breed Rescue, Inc. for adoptable Xolos.

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