Claire Harrison

Claire Harrison worked as a copywriter for a national advertising agency for many years, and then went freelance as a marketing consultant and freelance copywriter in 1998 writing and placing numerous features, articles and news stories for clients in the national press, trade publications, lifestyle magazines, radio, and TV.

In early 2011, Claire wrote her first children’s book, Coming Home – Peggylicious and The Do Good Dog Clan which was soon followed by two more books; all of which follow the exploits of her beautiful, black cocker spaniel, Peggy.

Claire’s love of dogs and Cocker Spaniels, in particular, led her to become a registered Kennel Club Cocker Spaniel breeder and she now lives at home with her four Cocker Spaniels, Peggy, Honey, Tiger, and Primrose. Her Kennel name is, of course, Peggylicious! When embarking upon the journey of breeding Cockers, Claire became expert in the breed and potential health issues such as PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), FN (Familial Nephropathy or shrunken kidney) and hip dysplasia, ensuring her own bitch was health tested for these diseases as well as Primary Glaucoma.

Claire’s love of writing has taken her to study a degree in Creative Writing. She is currently in her final year and due to start a Masters in September. Her work has won awards and been published in numerous anthologies.

When not at work, writing away on her laptop, Claire can be found out walking with her dogs in the glorious countryside near her home in the Cotswolds.