How Much Does a Tamaskan Dog Cost?

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What’s the easiest way to get your own pet wolf? Make one! And that’s exactly what Finnish breeders did when they crossed several sled dog breeds together with the Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute.

While these canines are not actually wolves nor true wolfdog crossbreeds, they do greatly resemble their distant lupine counterparts.

“Tamaska” means “mighty wolf” in the Native American language, and the Tamaskans were first bred in the 1980s. They typically weigh between 55 – 85 lbs. and are 24 – 28 in. tall at the shoulder.

Tamaskan Dog Price – Buying Your Own Personal “Mighty Wolf”

As the Tamaskan Dog is only recognized by a few breeder clubs such as the American Rare Breed Association (ARBA) and the Tamaskan Dog Registry (TDR), picking up a puppy is very difficult. Not only that, but due to the stringent process that breeders have to go through in order to conform to the breed standard, only several litters are produced each year.

If you’d like to jump on a waiting list, Sylvaen Tamaskans has upcoming litters in spring, summer, and winter of 2019, priced at $2,000 per pup. There is a screening process in place and an application form needs to be filled out in order to be placed on the waiting list.

Sylvaen Tamaskans is run by a registered TDR breeder and a purchase from it includes tons of freebies including rear dewclaw removal, a four-week deworming series, EU passport + international microchip, first set of core vaccinations, a health exam at 8 weeks old, a health certificate, testicle check, flea & tick treatment at 8 weeks old, along with certificates of official TDR registration, and health profiles for the sire and dam of the litter.

Additional accessories such as a harness, leash, toys, a blanket, and treats are also included. It’s a pretty good value for the price.

As of writing, there are not many other breeders with Tamaskan Dog litters ready for sale. But there are lists of local and international registered TDR breeders online that you can check.

Other Possible Costs

If there are no available puppies from North American breeders, you can try to contact international ones and possibly have one shipped over; although you’ll have to pay a large shipping fee.

An animal shipping company such as Air Animal International may charge anywhere from $1,600 to $2,700 for a move depending on several factors.

The most uniquely outstanding health issue that about 10% of Tamaskan Dogs suffer from is cryptorchidism – a condition which occurs in males wherein the testes fail to descend. Usually, only one testicle is visible while the other one remains hidden in the abdomen or just under the skin in the groin region.

Invasive surgery is needed to remove the undescended testicle and it usually costs more than a regular neuter.

Surgical services at a clinic like Texas Litter Control charges $99 to $163 for a standard neuter plus an additional $35 for a cryptorchid Tamaskan. The good news is that many breeders will shoulder the surgery expenses on your behalf when purchasing a “mighty wolf” pup.

Rescuing a Tamaskan Dog from a shelter is also an option. While adoption fees generally range from zero up to several hundred dollars, Tamaskans are very rarely seen available.

Regardless, you may keep an eye out at,, and in case a listing pops up. You can also check the official Tamaskan Rescue page on Facebook.

Tamaskan Dog Cost
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Upkeep for The Tamaskan Dog

If you were lucky enough to score a Tamaskan pup, congratulations! Your new pet will be highly versatile and do well in obedience, agility, and working trials when it gets older.

But there’s still a long way to go and your new Tamaskan will need a lot of support from you in order for it to excel.

Some states, municipalities, and other jurisdictions require that all pets carry an identifying dog tag and/or license.

Even if it’s not required in your area, it’s a good idea to prioritize the tracking and identification of your puppy for safety purposes. After all the hassle you went through, you wouldn’t want your pet to get lost.

A dog license will cost around $5 to $72 per year, depending on the city and state where you live, whether the dog is neutered or unneutered, and the gender of the dog.

The breeder that sold your Tamaskan probably already chipped the pup. But if they didn’t, you can buy a microchip yourself and have a vet inject it.

Prices range from cheaper $3.29 Pet Key chips to $40 Datamars RFID chips. Don’t forget to have the chip registered online as well.

Your Tamaskan puppy is a pretty large animal even at a young age and will require similarly large amounts of nutritious food to help it grow properly. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that it doesn’t become overweight.

Tamaskan dogs are known to have sensitive stomachs, so you must be particular about what you feed your pet. It’s recommended to put your puppy on a grain-free diet of any high-quality kibble on the market, or a raw food diet.

One of the best products for Tamaskans is Orijen for Large Breed Puppies. It’s high in protein, low in fat, packs tons of nutrients, and a 25-lb bag only costs around $85. A bag of this size should last your puppy for about 30 to 35 days.

You’ll probably want to get your puppy settled in right away, so get an extra large 48” crate with dividers to last a lifetime. You can pick one up at online shops for about $78.

You can get two of them and use one for travel and one for home, or just buy one and use it whenever you need it.

By the way, if you’re planning to travel with your adult Tamaskan, it’ll be too big to bring in the cabin. But you should be able to book it for the cargo hold of the plane without any problems.

Many breeds of dog are banned from flying on planes, but thankfully, the Tamaskan dog isn’t part of that list. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that you’ll need to hook your pet up with a passport for travel as well as a domestic or international health certificate.

The specific requirements for travel by air are different with each airline. The Texas USDA Veterinary Services office can issue one for $121 to $173.

Lastly, you’ll want to pick a good vet or nearby clinic that will serve as your go-to whenever your Tamaskan gets sick, needs medical attention, or has to take a wellness exam.

Here’s an example of pet healthcare service prices provided by VIP Petcare which has outlets in 31 states:

  • Wellness Package (includes physical exam & vet screen) – $90
  • Senior Wellness Package (includes senior profile screen) – $110
  • Rabies Vaccination – $20
  • 5-In-1 (DA2P + Parvovirus) Vaccination – $35
  • Bordetella Vaccination – $35
  • Leptospirosis Vaccination – $35
  • Lyme Vaccination – $35
  • Rattlesnake Vaccination – $40
  • Canine Influenza Vaccinations (H3N8 + H3N2) – $40
  • Roundworm Dewormer – $25
  • Tapeworm Dewormer – $30
  • Fecal Test Screening – $30
  • Anal Gland Expression – $20
  • FIV/Feline Leukemia Test – $43

Buyer’s Guide

As the Tamaskan Dog is a relatively rare breed, you’ll want to arm yourself with all the preparatory knowledge that you can in order to make the best buying decisions. Here’s a checklist to follow when hunting for a mighty wolf companion:

  • Make sure that you only do business with a TDR registered breeder
  • Be on the lookout for backyard breeders and puppy mills
  • Assess whether your situation is best-suited for a Tamaskan
  • Research the heritage and bloodline of the pup that you’re eyeing
  • Never buy a puppy on an impulse
  • Don’t put a deposit on a Tamaskan without fully thinking things through
  • Ask the breeder honest questions and develop a relationship
  • Ask for copies of health test results and DNA profiles
  • Have a face-to-face meeting with the breeder and inspect the dogs’ living conditions
  • Check what’s included in the Tamaskan dog cost
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