How Much Does a Black Russian Terrier Cost?

Black Russian Terrier Cost

The Black Russian Terrier (also known as “Tchiorny Terrier”) is a large dog with a thick, all-black coat. It is classified as a working dog which can live for 10 to 12 years.

Its average weight is 80 to 130 pounds while its height is around 27 to 30 inches for males and 26 to 29 inches for females.

This breed is ranked 119th out of 194 in American Kennel Club breed popularity. It is developed to guard military installations in Russia. Black Russian Terrier is a calm and intelligent dog but it is not stranger-friendly. It is known to be protective of its territory.

Black Russian Terrier One-Time Expenses

Here are the things you have to consider at least once as a new parent of your puppy:

  • Actual Black Russian Terrier Price

There are a lot of breeders who sell this breed. The actual price of the Black Russian Terrier is around $1,750 to $2,500 at

  • Shipping Costs

The shipping fee will depend on the breeder who sells the puppy. The estimated shipping fee is around $400. The cost of shipping will vary depending on the destination and probably the weight of the dog.

  • Obedience Training

Black Russian Terrier can be so stubborn if not trained. You should teach your dog different commands such as sit, come and no. You should never give your dog a negative training and that a reward-based training is always preferred.

You should also consider enrolling it in training courses to prevent aggressive behavior. A online class at Sirius Dog Training starts at $249. Price will vary on the number of weeks the training will last.

Your puppy can also be trained for one hour privately. It will cost you around $135. If you want it to be trained at home, it will cost you around $205 for one hour.

  • Registration

Some Black Russian Terrier breeders offer AKC registered puppies. If you need to register your dog yourself, you’ll have to pay $34.99 to $49.99 depending on the type of package you will choose. Fees for late registration will cost you an additional $35 to $65.

Black Russian Terrier Maintenance Costs

In taking care of your Black Russian Terrier, here are the expenses you have to consider:

  • Food Costs

When it comes to food, you can give it either home-made or commercial dog foods. Most owners prefer a high-quality dog food such as the 25-pound Merrick Grain Free Real Chicken + Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food which you can buy at a price of $59.99.

If you prefer a canned dog food, you can buy Beneful Medleys Tuscan Style Medley Canned Dog Food, 3 oz., case of 3 for $2.49.

  • Grooming

Because of the thick and wavy coat of the Black Russian Terrier, you have to brush it one to two times a week to prevent mats from forming. The teeth and ears should also be cleaned regularly to prevent complications.

You can also pay for grooming services like at Its services start at $29 to $131. It will depend on your choice, if you want to have a service upgrade for your dog. It includes shampoo, brushing, haircut, nail trim, ear cleaning and hair removal, pad shaving, sanitary trim, and anal gland cleaning.

If you want extra pampering for your Black Russian Terrier, it’s also available for the price of $46 to $152 depending on the package you choose.

  • Medical Costs

This type of breed is usually healthy but it doesn’t mean it should skip the medical checkups altogether.

Physical examination in a veterinary clinic costs around $38. If your dog is not yet spayed or neutered, you have to pay $220 to $275 for spaying and $130 to $255 for neutering. The price will vary depending on your pet’s weight.

Dog vaccines start at $16 for each shot. Make sure your dog gets the vaccine it needs at specific ages. Intestinal parasite exam will cost you around $20. If you want its anal gland to be expressed, it will cost you around $19.

Black Russian Terrier Cost
River, a Russian Black Terrier dog going to Crufts with owner Katya Lynnyk-Ali (15) Picture: ROB CURRIE

Factors That Can Affect the Price of Black Russian Terrier

The following are variables that can affect the price of your pet:

  • Limited AKC registration, as some breeders offer it
  • Health guarantee
  • Items included, such as health certificate, gift pack, and starter food
  • Pedigree and show potential of the dog

Black Russian Terrier Buyer’s Guide

  • Make sure the puppy you buy is healthy; ask for health screenings.
  • Make sure that there will be enough space for your dog at home before buying one.
  • Look for breeders with license to get quality dogs for your peace of mind.
  • Black Russian Terrier is a smart dog but make sure to start training it at young age in order to avoid behavior problems. It will enjoy playing in wide area so spend some time playing with your pet.
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