How Much Does a Brussels Griffon Cost?

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Small dogs with big hearts, the Brussels Griffon is a toy dog that was initially developed for vermin hunting in the stables of the early 19th century Belgium.

The Brussels Griffons, or Griffs, are regarded to be almost human because of their big round eyes and expressive bearded faces.

Be prepared to have a daily dose of dog loving as these dogs are considered to be a “Velcro Dog”; which means that they are not afraid to show their extreme loyalty and sweetness to their owners.

Brussels Griffon Price

At AKC Marketplace, Griffs are being sold by some of the most reputable dog breeders for prices around $1,800 to $2,500. Its website will show Griff puppies assured of their quality and health. Just be sure to contact and speak with the breeders so you’ll know all the information you need about the dog you are buying.

If you choose to adopt, the National Brussels Griffon Rescue is an organization dedicated for the preservation and welfare of rescued Griffs. Its website shows foster homes that rescue Griffs ready for adoption for prices between $200 and $500.

The foster homes and the American Brussels Griffon Association are also recognized by the AKC to give you the assurance of the Griffs’ health and quality as well.

What are Included in Your Purchase

Most breeders, especially those recognized by the AKC will ensure aspiring owners that their dogs have undergone medical checkups and vaccinations to ensure their health and safety. These health procedures include rabies vaccinations, deworming, neutering or spaying, and microchipping.

Some breeders also include the price of shipping to the total cost of your purchase to give you peace of mind in delivering the dogs to wherever you are.

Brussels Griffon Cost
How Much Does a Brussels Griffon Cost? 3

Factors That Affect the Price of Buying a Brussels Griffon

While some breeders may include some factors to the overall cost of your purchase, some breeders will have you shoulder the responsibility of taking care of the necessary paperwork for your dog. Aside from that, there are some factors that you need to work on your own as they may be required by your local jurisdiction such as the dog license and health certificates.

Some breeders also sell female Griffs at higher prices compared to male Griffs. This may be due to the ability of female dogs as dames if ever owners wish to have a breeding program of their own.

Other One-Time Costs of Owning a Brussels Griffon

  • Certificates and Registration

As a dog owner, especially for first-timers, the first thing you should consider getting is the health certificate. Your dog will undergo health examinations and vaccinations before it is cleared for the certification.

For the prices, vets usually charge around $38 to $50 depending on the location and where the certificate will be used.

  • Transportation Costs

Griffs are snub-nosed dogs that require a lot of attention and restrictions when it comes to plane travel. They are what the veterinarians call brachycephalic; meaning they are more prone to respiratory problems compared to other dog breeds, not just during flights.

It is recommended that when shipping snub-nosed dogs, you trust the professionals as they understand the needs of every dog during the flight. In estimation, you may spend $700 to $1,500 for transportation of small pets for domestic and international flights.

  • Training

Even though most toy breeds appear to be just lap dogs waiting to be pampered and petted, Griffs are an exception as these dogs are smart and eager to learn.

As with any other dogs, Griffs need to be socialized well with other dogs and children. Because they tend to develop a strong bond with their owners, they are easily trainable and can excel in obedience training and tricks.

However, be sure to take it easy when it comes to training Griffs as they don’t respond positively to strict training methods.

The best course to start with is the basic obedience course that goes for prices around $150 to $225. It is a course especially made to keep your dogs disciplined, well-behaved, and well-socialized with other dogs and children as well.

Maintaining Brussels Griffons and Their Costs

  • Food and diet

Griffs don’t require strict diet and ingredients but as long as they are fed with high-quality dog food, whether dry or wet foods you buy from the supermarkets or foods you can prepare at home with the approval by a vet; they should be getting the nutrients they need for sustenance.

In feeding the Griffs, a serving of at least 1 ¼ – 1 ½ cup of dog food divided into two meals a day is an ideal amount of daily food intake. You should take note that when it comes to feeding dogs, the amount of food and calorie intake should always depend on their age, size, breed, and the amount of exercises they do on a daily basis.

You should also consider incorporating Salmon in their diet so they get the necessary fatty acids they need for nutrition.

For the budget, you can get dog foods that are especially good for Griffs for around $8.83 to $29.99 for a 4 to 24-lb. bag. Lastly and most importantly, don’t forget to consult the vet about the best nutrition for your dogs.

  • Grooming and hygiene

Grooming Griffs can be a challenge especially when you’re doing it on your own. They get scared easily, that’s why it is best to start each grooming session with a mild massage and let them know that a simple clip or trim won’t hurt them.

Griffs have two types of coats: the smooth and the rough. Each coat has different ways of maintenance. For example, smooth-coated Griffs require weekly brushing and bathing as a routine for coat maintenance. As for the rough-coated Griffs, the coat maintenance level is not as high as the smooth-coated.

Generally speaking, a good old weekly brush and bath routine is the best way to maintain any kind of coat. When it comes to trimming, it is best to follow guidelines base on their breed standard.

To give you a start when it comes to coat care, you can get high-quality grooming kits with prices starting at $67.99. On the other hand, if you want to bring your dogs to a more steady-handed professional, a typical grooming service from pet groomers may set you back at around $29 to $152.

  • Vet and other health costs

With a life expectancy of 12 – 15 years, one of the best traits of Griffs is that they are considered generally healthy dogs. However, just like any other dogs, some of them are bound to develop diseases no matter how good you take care of them.

When visiting the vet, the exams you should ask for Griffs should be concerning their eyes, knees, and hips as they are prone to developing problems in those areas. You should expect to spend between $50 and $63 for a wellness examination but it is recommended that you go to the nearest vet in your location to get more accurate prices.

Other Tips and Information about Brussels Griffon

The Griffs are known to have a loving, smart, and somewhat arrogant temperament and personality. They are not known to be aggressive or shy dogs but they tend to be a little too sensitive to their surroundings.

They also tend to build a very strong bond with their owners and sometimes become overly attached. As a result, they may develop separation anxiety. Also, they may exhibit dominant attitude towards other animals; even larger dogs and that may become a problem for them.

As bad as it seems, this is something you can correct with socialization and discipline and also through proper training and conditioning.

Weighing in at 8 – 10lbs and measuring in at 11 inches, these toy dogs are unique in their own way. They love to snuggle making them good companions and they’re also active enough making them worthy workout buddies as well!

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