How Much Does a Bull Terrier Cost?

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The entertaining clown of the dog world, the Bull terrier, is well-known for its distinct face, its long egg-shaped head, and triangle-shaped eyes are a fascinating sight.  It was formerly known as the ‘canine gladiator’ given that it was initially bred to fight just like the birth of other dog breeds.

This canine was later bred with other terriers and became an all-white breed known as ‘White Cavaliers’ and soon after gained extreme popularity that by 1897, the Bull Terrier Club of America was established.

Bull terriers are also renowned spokes dogs; Famous Bullies such as Spuds Mackenzie, the mascot of Bud light; Bullseye, the Target dog; and Patsy Ann, the official greeter of Juneau, Alaska to name a few.

Bull Terrier Cost Overview

Owning a Bull terrier can be nerve-racking and expensive at the same time. This guide will help you plan the upkeep of this wonderful pup and the expenses that are tagged with it. We will narrow down the basic necessities and preparation costs involved.

Upfront Cash Outs to Owning a Bull Terrier

The dogs are free if you get them from a shelter or a rescue facility. However, there are adoption fees you are required to pay, which starts at $25 from a shelter and slightly higher if the pet is from a rescue facility.

The Bull terrier price can be as low as $500 to as high as $3,500 but can be much higher depending on quality if bought from a reputable breeder.
Aside from the source, the pet price is also based on the age, gender, and type of breed. Additionally, there are upfront costs you need to get ready for besides the purchase of your pet. These are as follows:

  • Shelter

One of the essentials in getting a new pup is a crate, in order for it to quickly adjust to its new environment. A basic home crate starts at $14 and the fancier ones can be as steep as $427 each.

To make your new doggie comfortable, you can also purchase a crate pad for as low as $5. A food bowl and a water drinking container are on the basics list as well. The cheapest plastic food bowl is around $2 each and water bowl each starts at $5.

To avoid a puddle and possible contamination it’s recommended that you get a weighted bottom bowl, made either of ceramic or stainless steel in the size that’s correct for your Bull terriers.

  • Training

Since you will be sharing your home with your new pup, it’s vital that it gets a good canine education. Although it is not regulated by law, training is essential to have an amicable bond in and outside of the house.

A private dog training lesson starts at $440 for about 6-8 sessions, while an initial behavior training starts at $150 on the average. Rates vary depending on your location and the age of your Bully.

  • License

Most areas consider a Bully as potentially dangerous and thus, require to be licensed. Although state dependent, the license cost ranges from $14 to $72 and you can also choose from one to three years of validity. You can apply for your dog’s license online or in person at the animal services.

  • Microchip

If your pet is from a shelter, it’s more likely that it has already been microchipped. Otherwise, it’s advisable that you also get it done just to be on the safe side. It’s always better safe than sorry when it comes to our adorable pets.

The lowest average fee for getting a microchip is around $10. It’s a good way for your BT to be entered on the pet database.

Bull Terrier Cost
How Much Does a Bull Terrier Cost? 3

What’s Included When Buying a Bull Terrier?

Normally, if you obtain your Bully from a pet store you might get freebies like food samples, a collar, or toys as with any other dog purchase. On the other hand, if you get your pup from an animal shelter or a reputable breeder you will only get your four-legged friend.

That in mind, remember to secure your dog’s medical records from your source. One good indication that you’ve transacted business with a reputable breeder is if they can present the Bull Terrier’s parents’ medical records as proof of the health of your new pup.

Recurring Cost of Owning a Bull Terrier

  • Food costs

Categorized as a medium to large dog breed, the Bull terrier requires a superior quality protein food source for optimal health. Experts recommend high-class fresh meat or fish and a well-balanced diet that includes natural calcium.

A Bull terrier is quite prone to food allergies. So double check the food labels before you serve it to your pup. Additionally, skip on the grains as that can be something it is highly sensitive on.

Find grain-free food specifically tailored for energetic medium or large breeds. You can also list down the breeder’s food recommendation if you’re new to your dog’s nutritional needs. Average costs of food are around $0.50 to $256. The cheapest bag of grain-free food costs about $4 a pound.

A BT is also prone to getting overweight; hence, make it a point that you only give your loving pet an occasional treat to avoid obesity.  Grain-free treats start at around $4.

  • Grooming and Hygiene Costs

Few items are indispensable in keeping your precious one spotless and healthy every day. Vets suggest brushing your pup’s teeth once a day. A toothbrush cost starts at $4 and a toothpaste is around at $2.50 to $18.  Dental chews, about less than a dollar each, are also helpful to prevent tartar build up.

Additionally, weekly bathing, ear cleaning, and nail clipping are needed.  The cost of a dog shampoo range from $2 to $147. A BT doesn’t require frequent bathing so you can alternate regular bathing with a damp towel or use a dry shampoo that cost about $10.

A nail clipper for about $5.50 to $53 each is essential too. And be sure to grab some flea, tick, and parasite control items which would go for around $3 to $380. These items can be purchased at a pet store or online.

A bully is a low maintenance when it comes to grooming. This dog only requires weekly brushing to maintain its shiny coat and to keep shedding at bay. However, during spring and fall, it sheds more so you’d need to use a stiff brush daily to remove loose hair.

On occasion, you can also opt for professional grooming. Rates start at $45 to $55, depending on the size of your pup.

  • Medical Costs

It is imperative that you take your new bully to a vet right away to make sure health is in check. The average cost for a vet consultation per visit is $35 to $48.

The national breed club recommends health tests like a cardiac exam, kidney-urine analysis, Patella evaluation and BAER testing specifically for BT since it’s prone to some health risks. When it comes to immunization, the average rate starts from $14, annually. The type and number of shots are dependent upon the age of your pup.

  • Travel and Recreation

If you’re an active traveler and want to bring your bully with you, you’d need to be ready to shoulder additional costs of flying with your pet. Aside from that, you’d need to get an airline-approved travel crate too, which starts at 30 to $326.

A Bull terrier is an active dog and loves to be outside. A must have is a Dog leash, collar or harness for your energetic pups when you’re outside which are about $3.50. Other travel essentials start from $2.50 each, such as clean-up bags and travel bowls for food and water.

  • Toys and Exercise

If you want to own a Bully, you need to be ready to be really active and to be able to spare a plenty of time to play with your pet. Your BT will get bored with just the regular walk in the park routine since its energy level is really high, especially when it’s young. Thus, plenty of exciting exercises is a must.

Exciting varieties of play fetch, trick training, and weight pulling are the best options for your Bully. Find the perfect toys that will aid its agility and mental exercise routine to keep it occupied. Toys range from a dollar to as high as $200.

  • Insurance

Pet insurance can be knottier than people insurance and premiums can increase depending on the coverage you prefer. The typical coverage cost for accident, illnesses, and hereditary conditions is around $35 per month while the coverage including the shots, flea control, and vet fees normally start at $53. Talk to your vet and get an opinion on what’s best for your BT.

Factors That Can Affect the Price

The asking price of a BT from a shelter or a rescue will be relatively lower than if you buy your pet from a pet store or a breeder.  Although some shelter will add everything up (shots, tags, microchip, etc.) and charge an adoption fee of around $425 if you decide to adopt.

Additionally, the type and age of a Bull terrier from reputable breeders will also be factored into the price.

Bull Terrier Buying and Caring Tips

Certainly, reputable breeders are the way to go if you want a healthy pup. Aside from their rescue option available, the Bull Terrier Club of America has a list of respectable breeders that you can check out in your area.

This strong creature needs to socialize quite often and must not be left alone too long as it is susceptible to separation anxiety. Likewise, BTs are prone to OCD and a few other health problems.

Learn more about your Bully’s conditions and energy level to make certain you both fit in your lifestyle and get ready to be filled with fire with this energetic egghead!

As long as you keep it fairly active, this energy-filled Bull terrier can be the most loving, protective, and fun pet you’ll have!

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