Insights into the costs of dog ownership and care


How Much Does Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Cost?

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, commonly called as Tollers, are sporting dogs used to lure and retrieve ducks. Their name basically came from the technique that they use to lure ducks. Tolling ... Read more

How Much Does a Titer Test Cost?

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How Much Does a PTSD Service Dog Cost?

One of the most identifiable but ironically less understood men tal health issues plaguing the United States is called ‘post-traumatic stress disorder’ (PTSD). Contrary to popular misconception, PTSD is a condition not ... Read more

How Much Does Dog Glaucoma Surgery Cost?

Glaucoma is a condition wherein pressure – specifically intraocular pressure – increases within the eye. It can happen in dogs as well as people and is caused by dysregulation of eye fluid; ... Read more

How Much Does a Dog DNA Test Cost?

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How Much Does Addison’s Disease Dog Treatment Cost?

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How Much Does Cruciate Ligament Dog Surgery Cost?

A cruciate ligament injury is one in which the ligament that stabilizes the knee joint breaks down or even completely ruptures. It can occur both acutely through an injury due to a ... Read more

How Much Does Dog Lipoma Surgery Cost?

Lipomas are seen in around 16 percent of adult dogs; affecting one in 50 of all dogs every year. Although lipomas are generally harmless, their rapid growth and subsequent large size can ... Read more

How Much Does Dog Intestinal Blockage Surgery Cost?

An intestinal or bowel blockage or obstruction is a fairly common occurrence in dogs, especially those prone to chewing on foreign objects, which, unfortunately, is typical in most dogs. Eventually, as they ... Read more

How Much Does Dog Heartworm Treatment Cost?

Dog heartworms can be best put in this simple rhetoric: “easy to prevent, hard to cure.” Heartworms are acquired if the dog gets bitten by an infected mosquito and in return, a ... Read more