Insights into the costs of dog ownership and care


How Much Does Limb Amputation in Dogs Cost?

One of the lingering questions pet parents have in mind when their pet is afflicte d by a terrible leg injury is “should I amputate my dog’s leg?” The dog leg amputation ... Read more

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

Explore pet insurance cost: factors, coverage options, and premiums. Find the right plan to safeguard your furry friend's health and your peace of mind

How Much Does Pet Licensing Cost?

Learn about pet licensing cost: fees, regulations, and benefits. Ensure compliance and protect your pet with the right licensing for their safety and well-being

How Much Does it Cost to Microchip a Dog?

The cost of microchipping can vary from one place to another – either from a clinic, hospital or an animal shelter. The cost can be broken down into three parts: the RFID ... Read more
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How Much Does It Cost to Neuter or Spay a Dog?

For us humans, we feel a certain kind of emptiness when we know that we can’t be a mother or a father biologically. But have you ever wondered what dogs would feel ... Read more

Where to Get a New Puppy From?

Finally gave in to the idea of getting a puppy? See, just the thought of cuddling that little furball makes your heart skip a beat. Dogs are not only man’s delightful companion ... Read more

Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Dog Breeds

The domestication of dogs from wolves over 20,000 years ago has evolved from wild hunters to cherished pets, a transition shrouded in history and folklore, famously portrayed in the 2018 film Alpha. ... Read more

The 8 Best Books for New Dog Owners

Find the best books for new dog owners. Explore essential guides to navigate the joys and challenges of canine companionship with confidence.
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What To Look For When Buying A New Dog?

It’s every animal lover’s dream to have a home filled with many dogs to take care of. No one can ever get enough of their playfulness and affection that bring joy in ... Read more
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8 Tips for Choosing a Responsible Breeder

Discover essential tips for finding a responsible breeder and ensure a healthy, happy pet. Get expert advice on selecting the right breeder for your needs