How Much Does a Dog DNA Test Cost?

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Do you assume your dog is more closely related to a Basenji because of the large, upright ears or to a Corgi because of their muscular thighs? Dog DNA testing is the most precise and best option if you’re keen to learn more about the breed composition of your animal. In general, these tests are particularly beneficial for discovering the genetic background of mixed-breed animals and shelter dogs, whose histories are often unknown.

Breed information is not the only thing that interests the owner; it can also be of use medically, as different breeds have different predispositions to genetically inherited diseases.

Continue reading to get an overview of how much dog DNA test costs and other miscellaneous factors.

The Cost of Dog DNA Test

DNA tests on dogs occurred as a result of experts’ concern regarding mutations that cause diseases and also affect phenotypic traits in pets. However, today, it is not just known for determining diseases in dogs before they reach mating age but also for telling what breed your companion is and how big he might get.

The average cost of a dog DNA test can range from $60 to $200. However, they can escalate up to $300. It is very economical since the result lasts a lifetime, unlike other examinations that need to be redone after a certain amount of time.

Types of Dog DNA Tests and Its Costs

There are primarily two methods for performing a DNA test on your puppy. These include: 

  • At-Home DNA Testing
  • Vet-based DNA Testing

At-Home DNA Testing

  • Cheek Swab DNA Test Kit

This is the easiest method that can be done in the comfort of your home. Simply buy a cheek swab DNA test kit online, collect saliva from your dog, pack it within the container that is given, and mail it using a pre-paid envelope. The sample will come with mailing instructions, which you must carefully read. Make sure you correctly follow all the instructions and carry out the steps in a safe and hygienic manner.

Depending on the company, the results will be posted online or sent in the mail. They are usually available 2 to 8 weeks after the sample was sent.

The tests themselves vary in what information is analyzed and provided to you. These mostly range from $70 to $200.

For example, the Embark Breed ID test, which covers over 350 breeds, costs $99. The Wisdom Panel Breeds Discovery deals with over 350 breeds of dogs and costs around $79.

Dog DNA Test Cost
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Vet-Based DNA Testing

  • Cheek Swab DNA Test

This is similar to the process of DNA testing at home. Either the owners or the veterinarians collect the swabs from the dog, pack them, and send them in an envelope. They can then consult with a veterinarian about the findings regarding the dog’s health.

  • Blood-based DNA Test

A blood-based sample is more expensive, and the prices are inaccessible since it can only be collected from veterinary hospitals. Additionally, the procedure for collecting the sample should be done by a professional.

The dog DNA blood test is used to determine a dog’s relationship with another dog. This also evaluates the well-being of the dog and traces its family tree. 

DNA blood tests are more accurate and comprehensive than saliva tests, as the blood contains a higher concentration of the genome and helps to identify genetic abnormalities and other risks, some of which can be fatal. The results of more expensive tests are more detailed, so they can be used to find genetic signs of disease.

The cost of a blood-based DNA test is not much different from the cheek swab test. It only varies depending on the number of samples collected. 

A DNA panel, which is a combination of different dog genetic tests, costs $58 to $168 depending on the number of samples. To verify if your dog is registered to the correct dam and sire, there is a fee of $38 per sample to pay.

As more DNA tests are done on dogs, more data is added to the database. This means that more genetic markers of disease can be found.

Dog DNA test costs of different companies

This section discusses the best dog DNA tests available, and the costs associated from popular DNA test kit brands in the USA.

Embark Dog DNA Test Package Costs

The leading provider of canine DNA tests, Embark Vetenary, Inc., began its mission to end all dog diseases that may be prevented. As a result, they introduced the Embark Dog DNA Test, which helps owners trace the ancestry history of the dog and identify any potential future health issues. Costs range from $99 to $139. You can get all the information you need with the highest level of accuracy from a simple cheek swab.

1. Embark Breed ID Test

  • It costs $99 with free shipping.
  • Tests for over 350+ breeds
  • Connects with your dog’s relatives

2. Embark Breed + Health Test

  • It costs around $139 with free shipping.
  • Compared with over 350 breeds for finding mix percentages.
  • Tests for over 215 health conditions, 35 physical and personality traits, 200,000 genetic markers
  • Analyze the ancestry and family tree of your dog.

3. Embark DNA Test for Purebred dogs

  • It costs around $139 with free shipping, same as the Embark Breed + Health Test
  • Ideal for pedigreed or purebred dogs
  • Offers the same features as the Embark Breed + Health Test

4. Embark for Breeders

  • It ranges about $159 per kit.
  • It costs $139 for 2 to 10 kits and $129 for 11 to 20 kits.

5. Embark for vets

It contains detailed instructions and support from a veterinary geneticist.

You can grab upto 20% off above and over the above prices if you’re buying multiple kits.

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Package Costs

Wisdom Panel have researched and genotyped more than three million. They range from $74 to 199.

Wisdom Panel has three important tests that discover your pug’s genetics. These include:

1. Wisdom Panel Essential

  • It costs around $75. 
  • Analyzes over 350 different breeds.
  • It checks for over 25 health conditions, such as spaying and neutering.
  • Tests more than 35 physical traits linked to your dog’s appearance.
  • You have access to the dog’s multigenerational family tree.

2. Wisdom Panel Breed Discovery

  • It ranges from around $80.
  • Tests for medication sensitivities (MDR1 Test).
  • It screens over 350 breeds and traces your dog’s family tree back three generations.

3. Wisdom Panel Premium

  • The price range is $120.
  • Tests for more than 350 breeds and over 200 medical conditions.
  • It examines 35+ physical traits.

You can enjoy offers for purchasing multiple kits that can save up to $80.

  • Essential bundle costs $180 and saves up to $20 
  • Premium Bundle charges $240 and saves over $80.

DNA My Dog Test Package Costs

DNA My Dog proposes a fast, easy, and completely painless DNA test. It costs about $68 to $99 and digs up the unique genetic background of your dog. These are best for budget users.

It extends three genetic testing offers.

1. DNA My Dog Breed Test

  • It costs about $68 and saves up to $5 for the purchase of two or more kits. 
  • Compares your dog’s DNA with more than 100 breeds.
  • It also gives an analysis of the personality traits, genetic health issues, and disease chances of your dog.

2. DNA My Dog Breed Test PLUS Wolf – Canid/Hybrid

  • It starts at around $88.
  • It includes an additional test to determine whether your dog has genetic resemblances to wolves or coyotes, in addition to the basic test.

3. DNA My Dog NEXTGEN Breed Identification and Genetic Age Test

  • It ranges around $99 and saves $5 for more purchases, like the Breed Test Kit.
  • It contains everything in the standard breed test and determines your dog’s age.

Other Fees to Consider

  • Veterinary Fee

One of the first things a vet will do when examining a dog is ask for background history, so knowing the specifics of your dog’s genetic makeup can be important.

The cost to see a vet for routine check-ups is around $50 to $250. The cost escalates only if your dog requires more complex tests and unexpected vet visits like ultrasound, emergency surgery, etc.

  • Nutritional and Medicinal Supplements

If your pug is spotted with some health concerns or a genetic mutation after the test, a suitable remedy must be adopted by the pet parents to prevent harm. Thus, new food habits and medicinal supplements will be required to include. The cost of this completely relies upon the disease discovered and the vet’s prescriptions.

Accuracy of the Dog DNA Test

Many companies producing DNA kits claim that they are 90% accurate. But some factors influence the accuracy of DNA tests. These include: 

  • Type and quality of the sample collected
  • The kit used to perform the test
  • Provider’s database
  • The genetic makeup of your dog

Always consider the possibility of misleading results. Sometimes, they may expose the breed’s risk factors, which may be similar to your dog’s. It’s just a general risk factor that can affect the breed.

The breed results can also be inaccurate. They might just tell you what breed your dog is most likely to be related to based on genetic similarities.

Also, there are no long-term scientific studies to conduct follow-up research. So, if you are worried about certain diseases affecting your pug, you should talk to your veterinarian. 

Dr. Patty Khuly

Patty Khuly, VMD, MBA is a prolific pet health writer, occasional media personality, and a practicing veterinary clinician (for almost 23 years!).

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