What To Look For When Buying A New Dog?

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It’s every animal lover’s dream to have a home filled with many dogs to take care of. No one can ever get enough of their playfulness and affection that bring joy in any home. This is no wonder why 80 million US households have a pet, and 43% of which have more than one.

Living with furry friends, however, will not always be lovey-dovey. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration before even buying one.

Some of these include the type of breed that will suit you and your family, its gender, supplier, health care needs, and other supplies it will need for proper growth and development.

Before you give in to your impulse, take a look at the expenses you might be getting yourself into before buying a new dog.

Choosing A Dog Breed

The breed may depend on your personal preference – as to what you find more adorable or low-maintenance. But you may try to take note of the following aspects as well:

  • Pure-bred or Mix-bred

Each has its own perk. Pure-bred dogs will allow you to get clearer information about your dog’s lineage and identity.

As for mix-bred dogs, they can guarantee you the benefit of two or more different breeds that they have. Additionally, there is a less genetic flaw on cross-bred pups that are common on pure-bred ones.

To compare costs, a pure French Bulldog is being sold for a price of $2000 to $5000, while a Frenchie Pug is available for only $1,400.

  • Size

Another thing to look for when buying a puppy is your preferred size since maintenance will depend on it. Ask yourself, will a Great Dane be able to move freely around your house? Is there enough space for your Bull Mastiff when inside the car?

Dogs can be divided into groups according to size. Toy dogs like Maltese range from $495 to $1,450 at Buckeye Puppies in Ohio. On the other hand, small dogs that weigh around 25-50 pounds like the Pugs cost $1000 to $2700.

As for medium dogs like Border Collies, the price is approximately $200 to $1,000. Gentle giants like the Saint Bernard value at $450 up to $2000.

  • Gender

Male and female dogs differ not only in bodily functions but also maturity and behavior. Females go through bloody vaginal discharges once in a while, while males don’t.

Research also suggests that males roam around more often looking for a female partner so they’re not as friendly as the opposite sex. Still, they are more competitive when it comes to sports.

In terms of prices, bitches are more expensive for several reasons. On the website Lancaster Puppies, Quelle, a female Beagle is being sold for $500, while the male beagle Jasper is $250.

  • Temperament and Personality

Of course, you also have to make sure that the type of dog you’ll be purchasing will fit your lifestyle. There are certain breeds that are compatible with children like Labradors and German Shepherds which cost around $200 to $1,200.

However, if you want to settle for a pet that looks terrifying enough for intruders and thieves not to target you, an American Bully on Texas Size Bullies might be what you need. The cost for one is $6,500-$8,000.

Puppy Suppliers

You might also want to decide on what type of company you will get your new doggo from. Here are three options for you:

  • Animal Shelters

Purchasing a new pup from your local animal shelter is an amazing choice if your main goal is to save a life and open up another shelter space for a dog that desperately needs it. Adoption fee is much cheaper than getting dogs from breeding companies.

In CNYSPCA, the payment is estimated at $150 to $200 and that is already inclusive of a veterinary exam, microchipping, anti-rabies vaccine, spay/neuter, heartworm testing, and more services.

  • Dog Breeders for Competitions and Shows

One benefit of purchasing from a dog breeder is your pet’s predictability. Through this, you will already have an idea of what it will look like, how will it behave, and what working abilities it will have.

A great example would be the company Hound House Farm; an in-home licensed breeding company whose pups are guaranteed to meet the breed standards. Its dachshunds cost $1200 to $1500.

  • Pet Stores or Online Marketplaces

Some breeders sell their dogs in physical stores or even online, just like the dogs on Hoobly, which are priced as low as $400.

Dog Supplies

Expenses don’t stop at finally purchasing a dog. We all know that responsible pet ownership comes with choosing the most high-quality and functional commodities for housing, food, and grooming use.

  • Housing and Space

There should always be room for your pet to play, sleep, and exercise inside and outside of your house. Beds can vary from plain mat pads that cost $30 (24×18-inch) to $60 (48×30-inch) to overstuffed luxury sofa pet beds that come in different sizes for $130 to $170.

You may also want to consider fencing if you have guests coming over or a baby learning to walk around the house like the Top Paw® Super-Wide Convertible Pet Gate. This usually costs around $100.

Don’t have an entry pet door for your puppy? You can get one for $65 to $115.

As for cages, the price usually depends on the size. A crate big enough for a golden retriever costs $50.  Meanwhile, the average price for a pet car seat is approximately $40.

  • Food

Like humans, man’s best friend consider food and water as basic needs. Consult with your vet about the type of diet that your dog needs.

The amount of food and water typically depends on the size and age of your pet. Furthermore, how often are you going to feed it in a day?

Food can be canned or dry and packed. Price also varies according to flavor and number of servings. For instance, A 13-oz canned beef dog food costs around less than a dollar up to over $3.

On the other hand, a small pack of 3.5 lbs of dried dog food of the same flavor costs around $5.

  • Grooming

To enjoy the company of your dog even more, it will take sacrifice for maintaining its hygiene. Grooming is not just about baths and maintaining physical appearance. It is also about health like ear cleaning, oral care, and the likes.

Pet Smart’s best-selling shampoo can be bought for around $16 per 473ml bottle. Also, pet dryers cost around $70 to $180. Nail clippers (around $35 including nail file and blade replacement), brushes (around $10 to $15) toothbrush (around $4), and water hose are also available on the site.

You can also avail grooming services for your pet in Canine Country Club where bath costs $25 and nail trimming is $10. This will save you time and energy yet, it will surely cost you more.

  • Collar and Leash

One of dogs’ favorite activities includes long walks around the neighborhood. Leashes and collars are necessary so you can bring your dog anywhere with you without worrying about it escaping, especially if your dog is not trained to follow you everywhere.

Collars (starts at $5) are less expensive than harnesses ($20 to $33). Retractable tape dog leashes cost $16 to $37.

Healthcare Costs

Buying a new dog also means being concerned about its health. Even before getting one, you might want to research on what kinds of disease it’s prone to and if you can afford such treatments.

Keep in mind that your pet’s health will also be crucial to you and your family’s health, so you must be reliable enough to deal with these types of situation.

  • Regular check-ups

Routine vet visits are a must to assess the progressing of your dog’s life. Dogs age at a faster rate than us, humans, so they should see a doctor more often than we do.

You can’t just bring your dog to the vet if it “looks” sick since underlying conditions may be experienced by your pet without them even being evident. Dogs cannot talk and we cannot understand what they are feeling unless a physical examination is done. Remember, even the healthiest of the healthy dogs need to see a vet at least once a year.

In Jarrettsville Veterinary Center, consultation with a specialist costs $40, while consultation over the phone will cost $30. As for physical examination, you will be charged $50.

  • Vaccinations

These are very essential since vaccinations, like the anti-rabies vaccine, ensure the safety of both dog and owner. You might not realize it, but vaccinations actually help you save money as they prevent your pet from catching fatal diseases that are very hard to treat.

In the same veterinary center, professionals offer three rounds of vaccines – one during 8 weeks of birth, the second on its 11th week, and the last one during its 16th week. These three cost a sum of $500 to $700.

  • Dental Care

Most of the time, dental care for pets is neglected. This is why approximately 85% of all pets have periodontal disease by the time they reach 3 years of age.

Such ailments can lead to bad breath, painful chewing, teeth loss, and bacteria that can travel all the way down to the heart, kidneys, and liver.

Canine dental cleaning and polish are the only way to remove tartar from the teeth of your dog. The payment for this service starts at $250.

  • Preventive Medications

These will give you a sense of relief from the fact that your pet will not be at any health risk because it receives annual preventive treatments. For instance, heartworm medications also prevent intestinal parasites so that your dog can cope in whatever environment it is exposed to.

Medications to avoid heartworms, fleas, and ticks are required every year and the price is $50.

  • Pet Health Insurance

Pet health insurance will be helpful in case an unexpected illness or injury happens to your dog. It is a great choice for it will enable you to not have to choose between financial stability and your pet’s own life.

The price depends on certain information like your dog’s breed. The average cost for pet insurance in the USA is $43 per month.

Additional Costs to Consider

  • Registration

Sometimes, the pup you’ll be buying is not yet registered, so you’ll be left with the responsibility of running its papers. This is important if ever your dog gets lost and it also lets people know that your dog is up to date on rabies. Moreover, it is required by law.

In Plano Pet Registration in Texas, the price of registering your furry friend depends on its type (whether it is non-spayed, spayed or a dangerous animal). The price range is $50 to $250 plus an additional $5 for an identification tag.

  • Dog Training

You might also want to enroll your dog in training classes so that keeping it around the house or bringing it with you in malls will not be a difficulty. An advantage it can give your dog, on the other hand, is the mental stimulation that keeps it happy as well as the physical exercise that comes with it.’

Training sessions are reward-based. This means that positive reinforcements are given as a reward (whether through treats or simply a pat on the had), while no positive reinforcements are given for committing bad behavior. This type of system does not consider physical or verbal punishments as options for inappropriate deeds of dogs.

In Canine Country Club of Arkansas, a two-week program of Board and Train is valued $1,000, while a three-week program is $1,200.

  • Pet Sitting and Boarding

You can’t bring your doggo anywhere with you. There may be times you’ll leave for weeks because of work and you’re left with no choice but to turn to pet boarding companies. Canine Country Club offers dog boarding at $39.99, inclusive of all your pet’s needs.

The benefits of getting a lovely dog come with responsibilities; most of which are financial. Before buying one, you must understand that you will be spending a lot of money, energy, and even drama once you finally get one.

Say goodbye to your spontaneous travels because it’s not easy to find someone who will babysit your puffin. Your savings for a new gadget might go to your puppy’s immunization and registration fees. Sacrifice your lazy pamper nights because you’ll be needing to bathe your dog too.

But in the long run, you’ll know that this commitment is indeed gratifying and worth it. Sharing a home with a canine will bring you so much joy because of its loyalty and constant companionship.

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