How Much Do Friesian Horses Cost?

The beautiful Friesian horse takes its name from Friesland in Holland (The Netherlands). The Friesian is one of Europe’s most ancient equine breeds – a horse with truly versatile talents and the smarts to match. Friesian horses are not always easy to come by … Read more

How Much Do Pygmy Goats Cost?

Pygmy goats make lovely pets. They are good-natured, cooperative, responsive, and can help clear your backyard. They are contented if they have plenty of space to roam around. And, as long as they’re not alone, these adorable animals will always remain your happy pills. … Read more

How Much Does a Baby Sloth Cost?

Exotic pets are getting more and more popular among pet owners in the US. It might be due to the thrill of owning an animal that people don’t normally see in captivity. Or, some just thought the unusual home buddies are cute. One of … Read more

How Much Does a Teacup Pig Cost?

Did you ever sniff, sneeze, and wheeze because of dogs and cats? Is your allergy from fur keeping you from getting a cute little pet? If all of these are accurate, then you might want to try getting a Teacup Pig. This mini pet is … Read more

How Much Does a Rabbit Cost?

Oryctolagus Cuniculus is the scientific name of rabbits. Oryctolagus is derived from the Greek words oryktes, meaning digger and lagos, meaning hare. Cuniculus is the Latin name for rabbit which comes from Ancient Greek kýniklos, meaning “burrow”. Rabbits are lovely creatures and they hardly make a sound. Their behavior is quite … Read more

How Much Does a Hedgehog Cost?

Do you happen to live in a place where poisonous snakes and scorpions abound? Alternatively, do you have a garden swarmed by garden pests? Then you should own a hedgehog! A hedgehog wrestles and eats snakes and scorpions. Hedgehogs are immune to both types of … Read more

How Much Does a Flemish Giant Cost?

When Flemish Giant Rabbits were first bred in Belgium in the 16th century, the sole purpose was for the production of fur and meat. However, as time passed by, people discovered that this breed can make a good pet. Not to mention that Flemish Giants … Read more

How Much Does An Alpaca Cost?

Alpacas, or the Vicugna Pacos, are often mistaken for llamas and while they are highly similar, they are also vastly different from each other. To start, alpacas are of a smaller built compared to towering llamas (scientific name: Lama glama). Alpacas are subjectively a lot more … Read more

How Much Does a Gerbil Cost?

Gerbils, despite being part of the rodents family are the cleanest among the clan with a very minimal odor. It’s because their kidneys excrete the least of waste. They are a very sociable animal although their olfactory denotes a high sense of clanship. They’re … Read more

How Much Does a Sugar Glider Cost?

Petaurus breviceps means short-headed rope dancer but it is more appropriate to call these animals sugar gliders because of their preference for sugary food like nectar and their capability to glide through the air. This pet resides in countries like Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea … Read more