How Much Does a Devon Rex Cat Cost?

Devon Rex Cat Cost

Devon Rex – also known as “pixie cats” – is surprisingly not related to another popular cat breed, Cornish Rex. These cats have a short and curly coat with wide and huge ears that are set low on their head.

The breed started in 1959 at Devon, UK by Beryl Cox as she discovers a cat in her care that came from a feral, curly-coated tom and a straight-coated Calico female.

Now, how about the word “Rex”? Though it usually pertains to Cornish Rex cats’ curly hair, it actually came from when the judges in a rabbit show accepted the curly haired rabbits that King Albert I of Belgium entered.

They were afraid to anger him so they wrote “Rex” on the score sheets which is Latin for “King”.

Devon Rex Cat Price

Pixie cats are on the middle range when it comes to pricing. You can probably find a breeder that would sell it for as low as $500.

If you want to adopt retired Devon Rex cats, it would only cost you $250 and up. If you prefer to have kittens, always purchase from breeders that are accredited by some of the known cat organizations.

  • Night Magic Devons

Devon Rex kittens from Night Magic Devons costs $1,450 that includes a health record, health guarantee, and lifetime support from the cattery.  All cats are already vaccinated, dewormed, and spayed/neutered.
One-month free pet insurance from Trupanion is also included but the buyers are the ones who should register their Devon Rex cats within 24 hours of ownership by using the given breeder code.

A registration paper either from TICA or CFA is also included but the cost of registration, as well as the registration itself, should be the sole responsibility of the buyer. A $200 holding fee is required to reserve the chosen kitten with the remaining balance due at pick up or delivery.

Night Magic offers $100 off from each kitten that you purchase if ever you take two. Price may also change if you want to purchase a retired or adult cat.

Kittens can be taken home within 14-18 weeks. It can hand deliver them by car if you’re within the North East region or you may opt for a World Wide Courier Service where you could meet with a courier at the nearest airport.

Fees vary by location so you should contact them about it. On average, it can you $400.

  • Autumn Rain

Cats from Autumn Rain range from $1,000 to $1,200 depending on the quality, coat, and eye color. It requires a $300 deposit to reserve a kitten.

The price includes the first two to three vaccinations, a folder containing all the health papers and CFA registration, one-year health warranty, as well as a care sheet.

It can hand deliver your kitten at spots within an hour from the zip code 61859 for free. However, fees will apply for shipping depending on the location especially if you’re out of its covered area.

The owner of the cattery says that kittens must only be spayed or neutered once they reach their 5th month.

Devon Rex Cats from Atreyukatz Cattery costs $1,700 with a deductible $100 reservation fee that can be paid via Paypal.  You have to settle the remaining balance 10 days before the kitten can be taken home.

At this point, the cattery will start to make flight arrangements if ever you opt your cat to be shipped.
The cattery uses United or Delta Cargo in shipping which costs $400 up to $500. You can also choose your kitten to be hand-delivered with the same fee.

The total cost already includes a special shampoo, CFA/TICA registration papers, and a blanket with the scent of the kitten’s mom and littermates. The cattery owner also puts together a personally made packet that consists of things that your kitten likes and other stuff that the buyer might need in caring for the new pet.

In addition to this, a complete health record is also given with a memento of all the things that the kitten has done since it was born. Lastly, the contract includes a 72-hour Health Guarantee as well as a 3-year Genetic Guarantee.

  • Devon Rex Heaven
Devon Rex Cat Cost Wide
How Much Does a Devon Rex Cat Cost? 3

Kittens from Devon Rex Heaven came from Triple Grand champion lines. Usually, its kittens cost $1,200 but it also has cats that cost $800.

The chosen kitten will be spayed/neutered before leaving the cattery. Your pet will also be microchipped and registered in CFA or TICA.

The price already includes up-to-date shots and deworming, as well as a health certificate. The cattery offers to ship for $400.

  • Neon Cat Devon Rex

The Devon Rex cats from Neon Cat only cost $1,000 at the very least. More terms will be discussed during the initial phone call with the cattery but just like other breeders, it requires a $350 deposit.

It also has a special pair price of $1,800 since these pixie cats love company.

You can take home your kitten after 12-14 weeks. Its contract is different for those who buy Devon Rexes for breeding.

It offers a warranty for the first year just in case there’s a genetic or congenital defect. A replacement kitten will be provided as long as a record from a veterinarian is given back to the cattery as proof.
Neon Cat doesn’t allow shipping but it is willing to meet with buyers at Dallas-Fort Worth airport or Love Field Dallas. The Air transportation fee is $60 and is only available during weekends only.

If a health certificate is needed for transport, it would cost you an additional $37. All other airline fees are handled by the buyer.

Maintaining a Devon Rex Cat

Devon Rex cats considered low maintenance cats even though just like the Sphynx, they have a thin coat. In fact, their coat requires very little grooming and frequent brushing isn’t necessary.

Their fine fur can be damaged by this and that’s why all they really need are baths from time to time. What you should be concerned about is food as Devon Rex cats love to eat.

It doesn’t matter what it is that you’re currently eating; they’d still want a piece of it. To combat obesity, you should monitor how much these pixies are eating.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food offers the optimal nutrition that your cat needs. A 14-lb. bag only costs $19 that should be enough to feed them for a long time.

Since this breed has a thinner coat, Devon Rex cats can be prone to sunburn if they are left outside for an extended time. However, this should not stop them from playing outside every once in a while.

Cat-toure sells different cat clothing that can fit your furbaby. Tank tops and Polo from its shop costs $28 – $33. These would surely fit your pixie since the owner’s inspiration for this clothing line is its very own Devon Rex pet.

Aside from letting them play out occasionally, Devon Rex cats can be considered as indoor cats that are good for kids and families. They are also highly intelligent so it’s best to take advantage of it by giving them games and puzzles.

You can find good interactive games from Petco that cost $5 up to $25.

This breed is generally healthy. However, common cat problems such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, patellar luxation, and hereditary myopathy that concerns the muscle function can still affect them. Always check how the breeders take care and detect these things.

It would be good to get a health insurance for your pet that covers these common health problems. Getting one can help you save in a long run.

For instance, patellar luxation surgery and medication can cost up to $4,000. Insurance from Trupanion can cost you $27 a month. It already covers a variety of congenital and hereditary conditions, as well as accidental injuries that your pet may face in the future.

Necessary vaccinations are always done by the breeders themselves once the kittens hit a certain age. Most of the time, it’s given between the 6th  and 8th week and repeated every three weeks until they’re on the 16th or 18th week.

Vetco Clinics offer FVRCP – a core vaccine, as well as a FeLv vaccine and Round/Hook Dewormer for $59. Meanwhile, rabies shot costs $19. These are basically the vaccines and boosters that your cat needs. You can also have them tested yearly for FeLv, FIV, and Heartworm that costs $35.

Note that you shouldn’t over-vaccinate cats since it can make them sick too. If your cat has been vaccinated annually, it’s recommended to reduce these vaccinations to every three years as they hit adulthood.

Tips for Devon Rex Cat Owners

Contrary to the popular belief, Devon Rex cats are not hypoallergenic. However, if you only have mild allergies and would love to care for cats, a Devon Rex might be good for you. They shed less compared to other breeds because they have short hair.

One of the Devon Rex cats’ hobby is climbing and jumping from high places. This is because they have a light body and long legs with large toes.

Be careful in stocking fragile furniture atop cabinets and tables so these pixies wouldn’t knock them off.
This breed is generally healthy. However, common cat problems such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, patellar luxation and hereditary myopathy that concerns the muscle function can still affect them.

Always check how the breeders take care and detect these things.

Devon Rex cats feed on for attention and can be demanding from time to time. If you frequently leave the house for an extended amount of time, this breed may not be for you.

You can opt to get them a companion if you really like this kind of breed so they won’t be alone for long.

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