How Much Does a Maltese Cost?

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Infamous with famous people; the stunning Maltese has been prominent in history since the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Europe royalties dating back to two millenniums.

This oldest toy breed from Europe was known as the “comforter” and was believed to help heal the sick and has been a royal crowd favorite ever since.

Royals like Publius, the governor of Rome in the first century; Claudius, a Roman emperor; Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots; Empress Josephine Bonaparte and Queen Marie Antoinette in France; Famous painters, Goya and Sir Joshua Reynolds; even the king of Rock and Roll, Mr. Elvis Presley; all shared a Maltese—or two in common.

Even Hollywood royalties such as Halle Berry, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Tony Bennett, Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda, Ellen de Generes, and Jessica Simpson can’t get enough of this elegant white coated pooch.

What is the Average Price of Owning a Maltese?

Possessing this glamourous tiny pooch takes loads of effort. This high maintenance creature needs a great deal of attention and care. In this post, we’ve rounded up the costs involving the ownership of this adorable little pup; from the purchase to the upkeep costs involved.

Upfront Cash Outs to Owning a Maltese

A Maltese is free of charge if it’s taken from rescues and shelters. However, a minimum fee of $25 is paid upfront for adoption. Breeders sell this pup for as low as $495 to as high as $9,000.

Teacup sizes are absolutely adorable; although breeders warn that if the pet weighs less than 4 lbs., it has a higher health risk and is more prone to genetic disorders.

As a precaution, you should only deal with respected and reputable Maltese breeders, like the ones at the AKC marketplace.

Additionally, several expenditures are directly involved in acquiring this pet, as listed below:

  • Shelter

A Maltese needs a hub to get it settled in its new surrounding quicker. You can choose a crate or a bed based on your personal preference.

A dog crate ranges from $14 to about $427 each; the price varies based on the size and material. On the other hand, a dog bed starts at $11 and you can opt to add a crate pad which starts from $5.

A food bowl is also a day one basic. The cheapest plastic option is around $2 apiece, while the water container goes for $5 each. Selecting the more durable one, preferably made from ceramic or stainless steel will save you more in the long run compared to the lowest priced bowl.

  • Training

In order to raise a friendly and safe adorable pup, you must ensure it gets proper training. Maltese are highly sociable pups thus it’s best to enroll them in a puppy kindergarten to get them started early.

Obedience classes start at $350 for 5 sessions. A group setting is beneficial to hone social skills early. You can find trainers or classes near you via the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). If you don’t have a lot of time to spare you can also opt to go for private lessons, which normally start initially at $200 for about an hour and a half.

  • License

Some jurisdictions require the pet owner to get a dog license to be able to keep the pup. Aside from regulations, it’s also an indicator that your canine is properly vaccinated since you can’t get a license without proper vaccination documents.

An annual puppy license starts at $5. Additionally, if you get your canine from a registered dog breeder, you should be given the registration certificate that you can send to the Maltese National Canine Federation’s (MNCF) to transfer the dog’s ownership.

  • Microchip

Although not mandatory, it’s a sensible idea to get your new pup microchipped. It’s the finest form of identification you can give your dog. The average rate for a microchip is $10. It’s as tiny as a grain of rice with minimal to zero side effects. Just in case you lose your pup, you’ll have a bigger chance to find it if it’s on the dog database.

Maltese Cost
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What’s Included When I Buy a Maltese Puppy?

Aside from the usual free items like food samples, collar or toys that you may get if you buy from a pet store, nothing else will be added in. Particularly if you acquired your pup from a breeder or shelter, you will only receive the dog.

Then again, your source must include all documentation such as registration and medical records regarding your new dog upon purchase.

Recurring Cost of Owning a Maltese Dog

With a Maltese dog purchase comes great responsibility. Before getting a pup, you must be aware of the following costs to maintain this glamorous pet and deem if it’s manageable.

  • Food costs

A high-quality protein and good fat diet are ideal for Maltese. Some breeders would provide a bag of food to take home along with your new pup so you know what it eats.

Try a variety of brands and flavors before settling on a particular one. A good trick to get your pup to try a new brand is by gradually mixing in the old food with the new chow every meal until it gets used to it.

In order to maintain optimum health, an active 10-pound young adult Maltese dog requires a caloric intake ranging from 404 to 436 depending on age and activity level.

A pup 4 weeks to 12 weeks can be freely fed small portions of fresh food up to ½ cup the whole day. A 12-week to 9-month old must have a set schedule of 3 times, up to ¾ cup a day. And an adult can have a 2 to 3 times a day feeding schedule.

Choose your brand carefully– anything with fillers, artificial additives, generic meat sources or by-products should be avoided.

Maltese food must be the one made particularly for small toy breeds. The dry tiny-sized kibble which ranges from $3.50 to $79 would be ideal. Likewise, you can infrequently give your little pup a treat, a small bag starts at $2.

  • Grooming and Hygiene Costs

This enchanting little pooch has a long demanding upkeep checklist to keep its glorious beauty in check. Its coat must be brushed daily or every three days based on its hair length. A brush starts around $3.50.

The face must be combed and spritz too. A comb starts at $2.50 while a spritzer is roughly $17.10. Face and eyes must be wiped two to three times a day. Wipes are about as cheap as $3.50 a pack and a tear stain remover is also around $3.50.

Moreover, baths must be every 3 weeks with full body wipes in between. Shampoo ranges from $2 to $147 while a conditioner starts from $4. Teeth must be scrubbed daily, with the toothbrush costing $4 at least and the toothpaste ranging from $2.50 to $18. Teeth cleaning can be mildly expensive.

Ear cleaning and clipping must also be done every three weeks. You can buy a nail clipper for about $2 to $147 depending on the quality. Also a must-have at home is the flea, tick, and parasite control that ranges from $3 to $380. A dog dryer for about $60 can also help take care of your pooch’s long mane.

Lastly, opting for professional work is something you can get from time to time. A session of full spa grooming with haircut starts at $50.

  • Toys and Exercise

Purposeful exercise routine of up to 30 minutes a day will work great with your Maltese, may it be a walk or 2 a day up or a fun exercise indoors. Although your pup doesn’t require a huge amount of exercise, daily physical activities will keep it active.

Best toy options are companion toys that start from $5, balls for fetch for around $1.20 each, chew toys for about $2.50 per piece, and stay busy toys that promote independent play is around $6.

  • Medical Costs

It’s always recommended to bring your new pup to the vet immediately after purchase to ensure optimal health. Average cost for vet consultations is about $35 to $48 for each visit. Vets also suggest getting your Maltese pups screened for Chiari Malformation Syringomyelia, as this condition that can be detected through screening.

Additionally, you must request for the medical history of its parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents from your source to know the diseases that run in the family.

  • Insurance

In getting your pup insurance, it’s best to talk to your vet and get recommendations on what’s best for your Maltese dog. The average premium of pet insurance, inclusive of accident, hereditary, and illness coverage is from $35, while the policy with vet fees, shots, and flea control inclusion starts at $53.

  • Travel and Recreation

If you’re traveling with your darling Maltese, anticipate on additional fees at the airport to bring your dog. And before taking it to the airport, you must ensure that you have an airport-approved travel crate, which normally goes for $30 to $326.

A dog harness that is suitable for your tiny pup is around $3 each for the cheapest. Additional necessities such as clean-up bags, travel food, and water bowl are around $2.50.

Factors That Can Affect Maltese Price

The adoption fee from a shelter or a rescue averages $150. Normally, that covers the adoption kit, veterinary exams, vaccination, microchipping, spay/neuter, and flea and worm treatment as per CNYSPCA.

Buying from a breeder will cost you about $975 for the median pup, about $1,100 for the average type, and roughly $4,300 to $10,000 for the top quality kind.

Additionally, most breeder charges a higher price for a female Maltese.

Maltese Dogs Buying and Caring Tips

Always get a pet from respected shelters or reputable breeders. You can head to the American Maltese Associationwebsite to find a reputable breeder near you.

Make sure you dog-proof your home before you buying your new pup. A Maltese, despite its size, is an excellent jumper so be sure to put away things that can possibly hurt it.

Once you’ve planned out your purchase, get ready to own a glamourous hypoallergenic pup called a Maltese!

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