How Much Does a Munchkin Cat Cost?

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In 2013, the Guinness World Records awarded a tortoiseshell Munchkin cat from California as the world’s shortest cat alive. Its name was Lilieput and it stands only 5.25 inches tall.

Munchkin cats were only accepted as an official cat breed in 2003. Shorts legs with extremely cute looks – that’s simply how you describe them.

At first glance, you might even think that this cat is related to a Dashchund dog due to their similarities. Aside from being called Dachshund Cats, they are also commonly known as Sausage Cats and Mini Cats.

No doubt, they are the cutest cats you can find from the US!

Price Range of a Munchkin Cat

An adopted munchkin cat cost around $75 to $150. On the other hand, purchasing from a breeder could really be expensive.

A munchkin cat price from reputable breeders starts at $600 and could go all the way up to $2,500.

The final price of a munchkin cat depends on different factors, such as gender. Female munchkins are usually priced higher than males due to the fact that they could be used for breeding purposes.

Another factor would be the coat color and pattern. Munchkin cats come in various colors and patterns, such as tabby, calico, tuxedo, tortoiseshell, and even bicolor.

However, they look cuter in a bright-colored fur that’s why many people prefer bright-colored ones. There is no wonder why those with dark furs are sold cheaper.

The cat breeder is also a huge factor. If you go for a well-known and registered breeder, be prepared because their cats may come with a hefty price tag.

Munchkin cats with good health and excellent family records are also priced higher since they can produce quality cats. In addition, older cats are sold cheaper than kittens.

The geographic location affects the price too. You will notice that different areas or cities offer diverse rates. In addition, take note that a reputable breeder may demand you to drive a hundred miles which may cost you extra money.

The freebies that come with your cat also determine the cat’s price. Some sellers provide free vaccines and checkups.

Some cats even come with health insurances. The cost will go up higher with more freebies included.

Where Can I Buy a Munchkin Cat?

You may choose to go for reputable breeders or check the Hoobly website in buying Munchkin cats. The Petclassified website is another excellent choice if you want to find affordable munchkins.

Munchkin Cat Cost
How Much Does a Munchkin Cat Cost? 3

Regular Maintenance Costs

Aside from the actual price of a munchkin cat, you must not forget to consider the recurring expenses that come with owning a pet.

In light of this, see to it that you consider the following:

  • Food Costs

Cat food typically costs around $25 per month. The Canidae Grain-Free PURE Foundations cat food is an excellent choice for your Munckin due to its grain-free ingredients. Each 2.5 pound-bag will last for about 2 weeks and only cost $14.00.

If you wish to save money, always buy in bulk. But this doesn’t mean that you should allow your cat’s bowl to overflow. A regular feeding schedule with ample amount of cat food is advised.

Make sure to ask your breeder’s feeding instructions for your munchkin cat. If allergies occur, talk to a vet and ask for recommendations.

  • Grooming Costs

Munchkin cats are known to shed moderately. For munchkins with short hair, occasional brushing is fine.
But when it comes to long-haired munchkins, grooming should be done twice a week. Regular grooming is necessary in order to preserve your cat’s fur in good shape.

For this reason, you are going to need a good-quality brush for your cat. Brushes vary widely in price, but you can get a good-quality brush around $5 to $15.

Aside from a hairbrush, there are many other grooming tools needed to ensure your cat’s good condition. You will need to clean your cat’s ears regularly and this could be done by simply using a moistened cotton ball.

Cotton balls with water works well in clearing the wax and dirt in the outer ears. However, you may also buy an ear cleaning solution for around $11.00.

Trimming your cat’s nails every two weeks is important to avoid ingrown nails. A nail trimmer only costs $6 – $12. But if you opt for a professional groomer, Pampered Paws Mobile Grooming offers home services and charges $25 – $35 for a single nail trim session.

Since all cats are susceptible to periodontal disease, regular brushing must be done at least twice a week. You can buy a basic dental care kit for as low as $6 to $12. Each kit usually comes with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and an extra finger toothbrush.

If you opt to pay for cat grooming services, you can have your munchkin groomed such as at Pet Salon USA, the basic services start at $25.

  • Health Costs

The life span of a munchkin is 12-15 years. To prolong the cat’s life, maintenance check-ups are necessary. Going to the veterinary clinic regularly may cost you a lot, but prevention is better and cheaper.
Even if your munchkin is healthy, keep in mind that it still needs a yearly checkup. All About Animals Rescue charges at least $25 for each physical exam.

The actual price really depends on the vet you choose. In addition, accidents can’t always be avoided so be prepared for the cost of emergency vet visits.

Even though there are a few controversies surrounding their short legs, munchkin cats are really healthy in general. They are not known to be susceptible to many illnesses.

Yes, their short legs might potentially cause spinal issues over time, but the same is true with any cat breed. For this reason, medical costs would not be burdensome for owners.

The only diseases that munchkins are prone to would be Lordosis and Pectus Excavatum.

Lordosis is a type of disease in which a cat’s spine muscles do not develop properly. It results in a sinking and curving spine.

Some cases of Lordosis are mild, but severe cases could be fatal. Pectus Excavatum, on the other hand, is a type of chest deformity that results in a cat’s breast bone to sink inwards.

In the end, it is still encouraged to get insurances for your munchkin. It might cost you an extra dollar now, but it can save you from paying expensive medical bills in the long run.

Depending on your chosen plan, insurance providers typically cost $7-$100. For instance, the HealthyPaws Pet Insurance & Foundation costs $15 – $90.

The final cost per month, however, depends on the age and breed of your cat. Your zip code and other factors listed on its website affects the price too.

Other Costs

You want your cat to feel good and comfortable in its new home. For this to happen, a few necessary cat gears must be purchased.

For instance, you will also need a little box for your feline. A standard litter pan costs around $6 at Petco.

Aside from that, here are other tools that you may want to purchase to keep your Munchkin happy:

  • Feeding bowl: $10 – $20
  • Cat bed: $10 – $30
  • Cat toy: $10 – $26
  • Scratching post: $15 – $70

Tips for Buyers

Before you purchase a Munchkin cat, here are the few things you must consider:

  1. Consider rescuing and adopting one.

All over the US, there are countless cats that are homeless. Many of them are even purebred.

Adoption is a better choice because it is much cheaper yet life-changing for a homeless munchkin. However, you will have to pay extra for the initial vaccinations if you choose to adopt.

  1. Take your time to search for a registered breeder.

If you intend to purchase, see to it that you buy from a reputable and registered breeder. This will ensure that you are well aware of your cat’s health information.

  1. Ponder on all the expenses and possible costs of owning a cat.

Aside from the initial upfront cost, there are many other recurring expenses that you must prepare for. The cost of food, grooming and vet visits should be at top of your list.

Munchkin cats may be short in height, but they will bring you a long time of happiness. Despite their tiny legs, they sure have big hearts!

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