How Much Does an Oriental Shorthair Cost?

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Known to be a result of man-made cross-breeding between the Siamese, Abyssinian, and the Russian Blue breeds, the oriental shorthairs share a fair amount of characteristics from all three. It has a beautiful hue (the breed of which has more than 300 color combinations) of the Russian Blue.

This breed, considered to be one of the smartest, is 100% allergy-free to humans. Also, its penchant for companionship, love for play, and long conversations are characteristics of a Siamese.

Want to own one? Here’s how much it costs.

Oriental Shorthair Price

There are two ways by which you can acquire an oriental shorthair cat. Either you get your cat from a breeder or you can adopt from one of the many shelters or rescue groups scattered all over the US.

Purchasing from a breeder is the more expensive option. Upon purchase of the oriental shorthair, some breeders would already include a toy or two, food to last for a few days, and a warranty.

This gives you an assurance that the breeder would take your cat back should it turn out to have a disease that was not earlier declared. With all of these, expect to pay for about $600 to $2,000.

Should you be interested, organizations like the CFA (Cat Fancier’s Association) can be very helpful in locating a breeder near you.

Getting an oriental shorthair from shelters or rescue groups could be the cheaper option but it may lack a few things that a breeder can provide. Aside from the usual toys, cage, and the occasional cat food, breeders are able to provide you with the oriental shorthair’s lineage.

But to reiterate, adopting costs less. A kitten can cost you $130 for those 6 months or younger. An adult oriental shorthair costs $100, while a senior would cost around $50.

There is also a non-refundable deposit for kittens that costs anywhere from $50 to $100. Kittens are also not allowed to be adopted by homes that have children 6 years and younger.

Adopting comes with rabies vaccines good for a year, a microchip and registration, leukemia test results, shelter ID tag, and age-appropriate vaccinations.

Additional Costs to Pay Upfront

  • Transport and Shipping

You’d be lucky if the breeder or shelter is just a stone’s throw away from your place. What if it is on the other side of the country?

Shipping your oriental shorthair from one place to another within the US can cost you anywhere from $225 to $425. This, of course, would depend on the destination.

If it is going to Guam, it could cost even more as it’s pegged at $600.

Flying your cat from the breeder or shelter is also another option. When choosing to fly with your cat, expect to pay $75 to as much as $175. This is just for cats traveling inside the cabin.

Some cats may be too large for travel inside the cabin. For such oriental shorthairs, traveling as checked baggage is recommended. This would cost you $225 per way.

When traveling with your cat inside the cabin, your oriental shorthair should be comfortable inside a carrier that fits under the seat in front of you. This would cost you around $28 or more, depending on the brand and the quality of the carrier.

If your cat travels as checked baggage, a bigger and sturdier carrier is needed.

As an additional precaution, please check with the airline in advance the dates when your cat can travel. Some airlines would only allow a specific number of pets per flight and the sooner you check and book, the better.

  • Vaccinations

Most oriental shorthairs from breeders would already have been given basic vaccines. These should all be discussed with you prior to bringing your feline friend home.

For all other vaccines, discuss with your vet first before deciding on which ones to administer. Remember that certain vaccines like rabies (costs $24 per shot), and FVRCP (costs $24 per shot) are required.

Other vaccines may not be required by vets. The administration of such vaccines would depend on your cat’s lifestyle and environment. One example is feline leukemia which costs $27 per shot.

  • Microchip and Registration

No matter how much we keep an eye on our oriental shorthairs, the inevitable can sometimes happen. One of these is losing them.

The cat may wander away through an open door or may have been taken by a good-hearted (or not) individual. Whatever the case may be, having your feline friend microchipped and registered is advisable.

A microchip is implanted by a vet to your cat. Your oriental shorthair is then registered in a database for easy tracking of ownership in case the cat gets lost.

There is a one-time payment that amounts to around $65 in New York City but can be cheaper elsewhere. This would already include the cost of the chip and lifetime registration of your cat.

Oriental Shorthair Cost
How Much Does an Oriental Shorthair Cost? 3

Oriental Shorthair Maintenance

  • Cat Food

Just like their bigger and wilder versions, oriental shorthairs need to be fed food that is high in fat and protein (specifically meat). They should be given fewer carbohydrates to reduce the risk of diabetes.

As for the food itself, oriental shorthairs need a balance of wet and dry food. Expect to pay for as low as $6.44 for Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete Natural Dry Cat Food, Chicken with Lentils & Salmon Recipe for a 3-lb. bag up to $25 for a bag of Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food, 30 lbs.

Wet cat food for adults would cost you anywhere from around $5 for 12-pc. 5.5-oz cans of variety pack wet cat food to as much as $31 for “I and love and you” Salmon Chanted Evening Stew Wet Cat Food 3-oz (24-pk).
You should also remember that kittens have a different diet than that of adult cats. Dry food for kittens can cost you around $12 for 16 lbs and as much as $21 for 35-lb. bag.

Some brands may also be more expensive than the others and could cost $34.99 for a 15.5-lb. bag of dry kitten food such as Hill’s Science Diet Kitten Healthy Development Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food.

Just like an adult cat, your oriental shorthair kitten also needs to have a balance of wet and dry food as part of its diet. A box of 24 cans (3 oz each) costs $12.

Take note that kittens, as they grow, need more fat and protein. Adult cats need about 25% fat and 40% protein. Senior cats do not need as much protein as they get less active over the course of time.

  • Grooming Expenses

Most cat parents tend to ignore (or mostly forget) about cats needing oral health. The oriental shorthair, just like any other breeds, needs regular dental care, too.

In fact, oriental shorthairs need it more than any other breed as they are more prone to periodontal disease more than the others. As such, cat parents have to give emphasis to their oriental shorthairs’ regular dental checks.

Such dental checks can cost you about $40.25 per month or $483 per year at Cotner-Superior Petcare in Nebraska.

Toothpaste and toothbrush specifically made for cats would also be very helpful. For these two amounting to about $6, you can brush your oriental shorthair’s teeth yourself.

Cats are extremely clean pets. They love to lick themselves most of the time.

They also despise dirt. However, no matter how much they clean themselves, they would also need some bathing once in a while.

Cats have more sensitive skin than humans and so you and your cat can never share one brand of shampoo. A cat’s shampoo can cost around $7 or more, depending on the brand and the bottle size.

Oriental shorthairs would also appreciate it if you brush its hair at least once a week. Brushes made for cats can cost you at least $5.

Once in a while, oriental shorthairs also deserve a treat. Get your feline friend relaxed and pampered in a grooming salon for $65 to $100 for a deluxe bath.

Prices vary depending on the breed, type of coat, and other additional services. Additional services can include ear cleaning (costs $10), nail trim (costs $15), nail painting (costs $20), and even tooth brushing (costs $10).

  • Medical Costs

Your oriental shorthair needs regular checking. A physical exam costs $30. Depending on the type of vaccine, it could cost you $15 to $17 per shot.

An additional $12 is to be paid for cats 4 months old and older that are not spayed or neutered. Spay/neuter of a male cat costs $50 while it is $60 for females.

What to Expect from an Oriental Shorthair Cat

Oriental shorthairs, just like their predecessors, the Siamese cats, love being given attention. They talk as much as the Siamese does.

Although oriental shorthairs are not as loud, still they tend to demand so much of your time. Expect them to also follow you around most of the time.

They are also extremely curious. Prepare to have moments when you find your pet cat inside a bookshelf, a cabinet or tangled in wires.

Oriental shorthairs can demand so much of your time and hates being alone. Either you go home early from work every day or you find your oriental shorthair a companion. But they would already be contented with you brushing its fur at least once a week.

If you are the kind of person who does not have all the time in the world for pet care, you may want to consider getting another breed instead.

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