How Much Does a Ragdoll Cat Cost?

Ragdoll Cat Cost

With their striking blue eyes, Ragdoll cats are surely one of the most adorable cat breeds. They are also described as dog-like; thus, they can be easily trained to play fetch or to come when called.

As a lap cat, a Ragdoll is perfect for someone who likes a cuddly pet. It is also a suitable choice for families with kids with its affectionate personality.

Aside from its friendly personality, the Ragdoll breed is known to be one of the few quiet cat breeds. It is a great pet choice for a person who wants some peaceful company.

Purchasing Your Ragdoll

Being a unique breed, the Ragdoll cat price is usually exorbitant. The price varies from breeder to breeder. It also depends on the features of the cat and its pedigree.

Similar to other breeds, breeders place a price variation between pet quality and show quality Ragdoll cats. Some breeders also sell breeder kittens and cats which are at a higher price point compared to show and pet quality cats.

Additionally, being known for its beautiful coat, the price of a Ragdoll depends on its coat’s pattern. Those with traditional colors are priced lower than those with contemporary colors. More expensive are Ragdolls with bi-colored coats.

A male pet quality Ragdoll cat with a traditional pattern which is either mitted or color point and with a traditional coat color starts at $1,050. A female with similar features is priced higher at a minimum of $1,150 due to the increase in the cost of spay.

A male pet quality Ragdoll cat with a traditional pattern and a contemporary coat color has a minimum price of $1,150. A female version having the mentioned features costs $1,250. A Ragdoll with a bicolored coat, male or female, is valued at $1,400 and up.

For show quality kittens, the price point starts at $1,600. The value goes up depending on the coat pattern of the kitten. For blue, lilac, and lynx bi-colors, the minimum purchase price is $2,400.

Although Ragdoll cats are generally expensive, breeder kittens and cats are placed at a higher premium. The cost of a breeder Ragdoll starts at $3,500, which increases depending on the pattern and the color. A blue bi-color is priced at a minimum of $4,000.

Choosing a Ragdoll Breeder

Purchase price differs among breeders. The prospective buyer must consider some important factors when choosing where to get a Ragdoll cat.

To start, the potential buyer may check the website of The International Cat Association (TICA) and of the Cat Fancier Association for a list of accredited breeders.

Accredited breeders shall be the first option since they are signatories of the Code of Ethics. This means that they adhere to the proper protocol in handling the kittens.

The buyer may then narrow down their options based on the proximity of the cattery to their hometown. Although some catteries allow the shipping of their kittens, it is preferable to personally fetch the Ragdoll.

It is also a chance for the future owner to check the environment of the cattery.
Generally, Ragdoll cats are affectionate and friendly. However, it is important that the breeder has exposed them to a highly interactive environment. This will ensure that the Ragdoll will not struggle in adapting to its new home.

Also, the breeder shall be able to prove that the kitten has received the appropriate vaccinations and has undergone veterinary examinations. The buyer may ask for a health certification to serve as proof that the kitten is healthy and disease-free.

In purchasing a Ragdoll, the reputation of the breeder shall be of primacy. Some breeders may price their kittens cheaply in exchange for low-quality breeding grounds.
Usually, accredited breeders offer their Ragdolls for a higher cost since they have really spent on the welfare of their kittens.

Ragdoll Cat Cost
How Much Does a Ragdoll Cat Cost? 3

Caring for Your Ragdoll

Despite the exorbitant amount of money that comes with purchasing a Ragdoll, they say that it is pretty low maintenance. However, owning a pet, in general, adds to your list of expenses.

Having a Ragdoll cat in your household means you would have to spend for its grooming, hygiene, equipment, food, and most importantly, for its health.

  • Grooming

Due to lack of an undercoat, the coat of a Ragdoll does not become matted easily. However, to keep the tresses of your Ragdoll healthy and tangle-free, you would have to comb it at least twice every week.

This is also necessary since Ragdolls are known to be self-groomers and might swallow balls of fur without weekly grooming.

It is advisable to use a brush with soft bristles when caring for your Ragdoll’s soft coat. You can purchase a soft-bristled brush for as low as $8. At only $9.50, the HaloVa Double-sided Pin and Bristle Bamboo Brush is also a good choice since it may also function as a massaging tool for your Ragdoll.

Any remaining loose coat shall be removed by using a rubber brush or mitt. A 2-pack grooming glove from the brand Axl and Beaux’s is priced at only $8.99.

A stainless steel comb is also necessary to remove any dirt or debris from your Ragdoll’s fur before using a soft-bristled brush. Pixikko offers a stainless steel cat shedding comb for only $10.47.

Occasionally give your Ragdoll a bath. Use Magic Coat’s tearless shampoo valued at $6.14 for a 12-oz. bottle when doing so.

This does not have to be a weekly routine as long as its coat stays healthy through regular brushing.

Aside from its coat, you should also care for its ears by cleaning them every week to remove any dust. For this, you would need cotton buds.

Also, its claws shall be trimmed regularly. The Pet Republique Claw Trimmer which costs $7.39 is a perfect choice for the nails of your little Ragdoll kitten.

  • Hygiene

Another necessity when caring for a Ragdoll kitten is a litter box. In choosing a litter box, consider getting one that the kitten would fit in when fully grown. Pet Fusion sells a large-sized open top litter box called BetterBox Litter Box for $40.

To help the Ragdoll transition to its new home, initially, you should use the cat litter used by the breeder. There are a lot of good clumping cat litters in the market. One of them is from the famous brand Purina which sells a 40-pound box for $20.

Make sure that the litter box is located in the room where the kitten is in. It takes some time for the kitten to really be familiar with where the litter box is, so you might prefer placing the Ragdoll in one room together with its litter box.

For your Ragdoll’s dental hygiene, veterinarians suggest that you clean its teeth daily. It is recommended to just use tissue paper when applying the toothpaste to its teeth. This is because your Ragdoll would most probably not allow you near them with a toothbrush in hand.

Pick a no-rinse toothpaste with a pleasant taste. Virbac’s Tartar Control Enzymatic Cat Toothpaste is a good option for only $13.95. This will remove the hassle of rinsing the kitten’s mouth after cleaning.

  • Equipment

Aside from a litter box, another equipment for your Ragdoll is a scratching post which surely will be enjoyable for your kitten. Also, it will allow your Ragdoll to shed the sheaths of its claws in the post, not on your pieces of furniture.

The brand Smart Cat has an available 1-level scratching post priced at $42. You can also opt for the cat tower from Topmart which costs $85.

Other than a scratching post, your kitten will have a playing cat tree and a mouse toy.
In addition to the mentioned equipment, do not also forget that your cat needs a place to sleep on. A plain box with a blanket is already enough for your Ragdoll but you can also purchase a cat bed for it.

For only $25, Pet Craft offers an ultra soft bed made with memory foam. Plus, it is also washable.

  • Food

Similar to other kittens, Ragdolls are advised to have both wet and dry foods on their diet. It is even advisable to follow the diet that the breeders have introduced to them.
If you would want to change your pet’s diet, do it gradually, so as not to mess up with its digestion.

An excellent wet cat food is by the brand Purina. A set of 24 cans containing 3-oz. each costs $32.64. You may choose from 6 different varieties: chicken, chicken and salmon, chicken and turkey, salmon and trout, tuna, and turkey.

Kittens shall also be given dry food to munch. It will help strengthen their dental health.

Dry cat food from the brand Meow Mix retails for $46.64 for 4 bags with 3.15-lb. of product each.

It is also important that you provide your cat with water to keep it hydrated. This will also help combat hairballs that it ingests due to self-grooming.

Also put in mind that, unlike other cats, it is not recommended to give Ragdolls milk.

Keeping Your Ragdoll Healthy

To ensure that your cat is healthy, take regular trips to the veterinarian for checkups and for scheduled vaccinations. Ragdolls are known to be prone to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy; an inherited heart condition.

Regular trips to the veterinarian will help prevent such disease. Your Ragdoll would have to undergo echocardiography in order to diagnose the said condition.

  • Physical Exam: $50
  • Echocardiography: $300 – $500

For preventive care, vaccinations are a must for your Ragdoll. A Maryland-based veterinary centerprovides an outline of a kitten vaccination protocol. Its program consists of vaccinations and other needed treatments and tests.

According to its website, the first FVRCP shot shall be administered when your kitten is already 8 weeks old. FVRCP is for feline distemper and for upper respiratory tract diseases.

Together with the shot, the price also includes Leukemia/Immunodeficiency test, deworming, and fecal exam for intestinal parasites.

At 12 weeks old, your Ragdoll kitten may already receive its second FVRCP shot and its first Leukemia shot. You may also microchip your Ragdoll at this point.

Upon reaching 16 weeks old, the last shots for FVRCP and Leukemia shall be administered. The Ragdoll may also receive its 1-year rabies vaccine.

Aside from the vaccines, pre-operation spay or neuter bloodwork may already be conducted.

Below are the prices provided by the veterinary center for the protocol:

  • FVRCP Part 1, Leukemia/FIV test, deworming and fecal exam:$135
  • FVRCP Part 2, Leukemia Part 1, microchip, first dose of flea preventative: $80
  • FVRCP + Leukemia vaccine, 1 yr rabies vaccine, pre-op spay/neuter bloodwork: $165

If the protocol is followed, follow-up FVRCP and rabies vaccines shall be administered every 3 years. The Leukemia vaccine, on the other hand, shall be received yearly by a Ragdoll that is at risk.

  • FVRCP, 3-year duration: $30
  • Leukemia: $25
  • Rabies (with certificate): $16
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