How Much Does a Sphynx Cat Cost?

Sphynx Cat Cost

Not to be confused with the Sphinx in Egypt, this cat that’s originally known as Canadian Hairless Cats came from a genetic mutation in 1966.

The kitten from Toronto that’s called Prune because of its wrinkled and bald features was bred to other cats that resulted in the animal that we’ve come to love today.

It’s now popularly known as Sphynx cats because of its close resemblance to the ancient Great Sphinx of Giza.

Although it may look hairless at first, this cat actually has a fine layer of hairs and a suede-like feel in its coats.

Sphynx Cat Price

According to The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), the usual cost of Sphynx cats depends on the type, health, personality, and bloodlines. These are also distinguished by Grand Champion (GC), National Award Winning (NW) or Regional Award-Winning (RW), and Distinguished Merit (DM) parentage.

  • No Coat Kitty

No Coat Kitty’s Sphynx kitten costs $1,800. Meanwhile, its Elf Kittens which are hybrids of American Curl and the Sphynx cost $2,000 – $2,500 depending on the cat’s ear quality.

The outcross Sphynx kittens are the cheapest since these cats have hair. Their cost ranges from $300 – $500.

Aside from the written health guarantee, the overall price already includes the first two distemper vaccinations, deworming, at least one veterinary exam given before it leaves, sweater, blanket, and TICA/CFA registration papers.

Since these cats are one of the most affectionate breeds, they’ll do much better with a companion. No Coat Kitty offers a discount if you purchase a second kitten.

A $500 deposit is required for every purchase which will go towards the total price. All cats can only be taken home once they hit 12-14 weeks old.

You can pay the remaining balance once you pick up your kitten or 1 week prior to shipping. Shipping can cost you an additional $400 – $450.

This fee includes a hand courier or a representative that will fly with your pet on the plane.

  • Hooligans Sphynx and Bambinos

The price of its Sphynx cats depends whether they are pet quality ($1,850 – $2,500), breeder quality ($2,800-$3,000), or show quality ($4,500 up). The price already includes 1st vaccination and a guarantee and protection against hereditary or congenital HCM on your kitten’s first 1 year of life.

Hooligans Sphynx and Bambinos also requires a $400 deposit for its Sphynx cats. You can contact the cattery to know more about its policies since its website has limited information about purchasing kittens.

  • Purrbastet

Purrbastet is a cattery that services in areas around Virginia, Washington D.C, and Maryland. Its Sphynx kittens cost from $1,750 up to $3,400 or even more, depending on coat quality and color.

Breeder and show quality cats also cost more, although the price is not listed on its site.
A $400 deposit is also required. Its kittens are sure to be FeLV/FIV negative, dewormed, and up to date on vaccines. The price includes all of these with an accompanying health record.

  • Naked Kitties

Naked Kitties has a straightforward pricelist for its Sphynx cats. All kittens, regardless of their colors cost $2,000 except for the odd-eyed cats which cost $3,000.

Every kitten is guaranteed to be vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed/neutered.

It also offers a 5-year genetic health guarantee in every purchase. A deposit of $500 is required to hold the cat until it can be taken home during its 12-16 week.

Unfortunately, it does not ship kittens and therefore, must be picked up in the cattery which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It can deliver kittens by air when you pay for the cost of the flight.

  • Lil Nudists

Lil Nudists offers not just Sphynx kittens, but also other hairless breeds like Bambino, SphynxieBob, and Bambob. It has locations in Southern California, Denver, Virginia, as well as Northern and Central Florida but its kittens can be shipped anywhere within the US, Canada, and selected countries.

Its Sphynx cats only cost $1,800 with a wide range of inclusions like registration papers, FIV/FELV negative, spay/neuter, microchip, and a health certificate. The health guarantee is up to 3 years with lifetime breeder assistance.

Two rounds of distemper vaccines, 1 month of free health insurance, and de-worming, are also included in the adoption.

Lastly, pamphlets and instructions on feeding and how to take care of your new cat as well as a brand new baby blanket, toy, and photos of your kitten as it grows can be taken home.

The Cost of Maintaining a Sphynx Cat

Sphynx Cat Wide
How Much Does a Sphynx Cat Cost? 3

Some may think that since these cats are basically considered hairless, they won’t need a lot of care. On the contrary, Sphynx can be high-maintenance cats.

Cats are good in keeping themselves clean than other animals. However, Sphynx cats have different coat compared to most cats.

They usually need to be bathed weekly and wiped down from time to time to avoid the build-up of natural skin oils. A pack of wipes from Well & Good which are hypoallergenic costs only $6.

Their skin is also more sensitive and common pet shampoos might irritate their skin. Earthbath has a good shampoo for your Sphynx that can cost you $15 per bottle.

You can use it to prevent them from having acne breakouts. Aside from that, they also need a frequent ear and claw cleaning to avoid wax build-up. You can treat them to a full grooming session that takes care of everything which costs $65 – $75.

Giving cats sunscreens can be harmful to them once they ingested it so you might want to skip purchasing one. But then, how can you expose them to enough heat without risking them of sunburn or worse, skin cancer?

Fret not since there are cat tents available for your beloved Sphynx, it can cost you $60 for a good quality tent like the Cat Camp – The Teeny Tiny Tent for Indoor Cats or you can prefer making one on your own.

Sphynx cats are much like dogs; they enjoy going out and walking around. To protect them, try investing in cat clothing to help them regulate their body temperature.

Sweaters cost only $15 at best. Meanwhile, a trendy harness with a leash that you can use for summer walks costs $32.

They also have higher metabolism so they can keep their body warm in the absence of a fur coat. They’re actually 4 degrees warmer than that an average cat. Because of this, Sphynx cats want to eat constantly.

Stella and Chewy’s 18 oz. bag of cat food with enough moisture and nutrition costs $40. The annual cost of cat food depends on the brand you choose and how often you feed them. It is advisable to feed them small meals in even intervals in a day.

Tips for Future Sphynx Cat Owners

Before you purchase or adopt Sphynx cats, remember that they are not hypoallergenic or allergy-free cats just because they are hairless. Cat allergens come from can dander and saliva.

Hairless cats, although have less danders, produce skin flakes instead of fur which they can spread when they lick themselves.

If your goal is to avoid allergies by having this breed, think twice. You can try to be around them for a while to make sure.

They are also like tiny dirt magnets because of the natural oils that they produce. These bodily oils can leave marks on your clothes and furniture that’s why frequent bathing is essential.

However, only bathe them when there’s noticeable build-up because excessive bathing can deplete their skin of natural bacteria which are important when it comes to protecting them from infections.

As usual, take caution on the breeders where you choose to purchase your Sphynx cat from. Hereditary myopathy (spasticity) and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) are common health conditions seen on this cat breed.

Make sure that the lineage of your pet is scanned regularly for these defects. Breeders usually remove cats that have this condition to the breeding program.

Lastly, take consideration on how much you’re away from home. Sphynx cats are known to be very affectionate and needy.

They can use a companion if ever you’re not there to be with them. Cats can be depressed and turn destructive when they’re bored or sad.

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