How Much Does a Tibetan Mastiff Cost?

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A Tibetan Mastiff holds the world record for the highest-priced dog ever bought, which was purchased at $2 million. This mammoth canine is a status symbol for many owners across major countries in Asia, especially in China.

Rising from the mountains of the Himalayas, this dog is known for its independence, noble appearance, and proud stature. These characteristics make this breed an excellent guardian of your home.

The Costs of Having a Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff is considered the most expensive dog in the world. The average cost for its puppy can average anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000. Pups from top breed lines can go as high as $7,500 or even more.

AKC Marketplace has a variety of listed Tibetan Mastiffs with prices ranging from $1,000 to $5,000; most of the higher quotes include shipping fees.

Among all the variants of this breed, the Red Tibetan Mastiff is considered the most sought-after and therefore has the highest value. Also, if it is trained for security purposes, expect it to comes with a hefty price.

Aside from the ridiculous costs you see above, you may also want to save some money for the dog’s maintenance and other outlays. We will be talking about these additional expenses related to owning a Tibetan Mastiff so read on.

One-Time Costs You Need to Consider

Being a massive dog breed, the expenses that come with buying and taking care of a Tibetan Mastiff are also huge. You also have to consider purchasing the stuff it needs such as kennel, carrier, leash, toys, and brush.

  • Kennel

A Tibetan Mastiff must be given ample time to roam around the yard and perform exercises in order to stay fit. However, it is still advisable to keep it in a cage when no one is around to check on it. This is done to protect both the dog and other people from getting in danger.

An adult male Tibetan Mastiff stands at an average height of 28 inches and weighs around 100 to 160 pounds, with the females having slightly lower figures. With these in mind, you need to buy a large-sized crate with dimensions of at least 42.25 x 30.75 x 41.25 in. offers a variety of dog kennels in different sizes. Its biggest on the list, which is a ProSelect Empire Dog Cage, costs $426.30. It also comes with four wheels below each of its corners so you can move it freely with ease.

  • Carrier

You will also need a dog carrier whenever you have to transport your Mastiff. Whether you do short travels to see a veterinarian or take a long trip with your dog, it is not advisable to let it loose inside the vehicle.

It is important to choose a sturdy transporter that can contain a large and strong dog breed like Tibetan Mastiff. Various online stores offer an extra large-sized Petmate Compass Kennel, which is sold for $134.54.

  • Toys

Tibetan Mastiffs are very energetic. They require a lot of exercises in order to burn energy and avoid developing destructive behavior. You need toys and other accessories which can help you do away with this kind of problem.

A gentle warning about buying chews for your beloved pet; be wary of what chemicals comprising the toy you are going to buy. Always go for known manufacturers that offer branded items which passed the quality control check.

Sometimes, opting for low-quality materials like cheap plastics may pose a health risk and even cause the untimely death of our pet due to the presence of toxic substance and carcinogenic components.

Pet Mountain has a huge list of dog toys that come in different designs and sizes. You may need to spend more on toys for your Mastiff since it requires larger and more expensive ones. A monster-sized Nylabone Dura Chew Barbell toy costs $13.32; more than twice the price of the wolf size.

  • Leash

A Tibetan Mastiff requires an everyday walk as a form of exercise. It can also serve as a good bonding moment for the both of you. Because it is strong and has a large built, opting for a sturdy leash that won’t snap while your dog tries to chase small animals or even people as you try to control it is always the wise thing to do.

You can avail of quality dog leashes starting at $10.99 up to $28.99, depending on the size and the materials they are made of.

  • Brush

A Tibetan Mastiff has a double coat. Once a year, most probably during summer, it sheds its inner coat. The shedding can be very bothersome especially for those who have their Mastiffs stay inside their houses because these furs can ruin any fabrics and furniture at home.

Brushing can definitely help the owner of furry pets address this dilemma. That’s besides the health benefits that brushing your dog’s coat can bring.

Several websites recommend the Furminator de-shedding tool for this in order to remove loose hair quickly. The posted price for this kind of brush is $13.32.

  • Training Costs

Training a Tibetan Mastiff is a very difficult task. However, it is necessary in order to ensure that your dog will not develop disobedience which can be hard to deal with.

Luckily, there are professionals that offer assistance to address this issue. Most of them are paid on an hourly basis. The average cost for this service is around $20 per hour.

  • AKC Registration

AKC registration is done to ensure that the offspring came from certified purebred parents. However, it is not an indication of puppy quality.

Most breeders shoulder the litter listing fee. Still, you need to do individual processing of this paper to have your canine be listed under your ownership. The cost for this one is $34.99.

Tibetan Mastiff Cost
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If the source of your new pet is a reputable breeder, expect the dog to come with a health guarantee and certificate coming from a certified veterinarian that it is free from any disease and that it is up to date with vaccinations and deworming. It even comes with a microchip.

If it comes from a rescue or a shelter, besides the microchip, it will be turned over to you already spayed/neutered at no extra charge. Some breeders also do the spaying and neutering for free but that is at the option of the buyer as there are those who wish to breed this type of dog.

In case of pet stores, since Tibetan Mastiffs cost a lot, you can probably ask the seller for a freebie such as a leash or a chew toy. They also give free treats or sample foods to last a few days.

Recurring Expenses

  • Diet and Treats

Since not all dog breeds are the same, you must be very particular about the kind of food you are giving your Mastiff. One way to ensure that you will give it the right food is by asking the breeder, the pet store, or even the shelter where the dog came from, what kind of diet the Mastiffs require.

Some generic feeds that are safe for all kind of breeds like grain-free dog foods are available for as low as $1 per pound, that is, if you are working on a budget.

For breed-appropriate dog food, always go for the feeds that can provide for all the nutritional requirements that a Tibetan Mastiff needs such as protein and vitamin-rich food since it is a very energetic breed of dog.

Black Gold has a list of different kibbles based on the activity of your Tibetan Mastiff. Since you want your dog to maintain an active lifestyle, you can go for the Black Gold Explorer Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Formula. It provides a high-quality protein and energy required for everyday stamina and endurance of your canine. Its price is around $48.99 per 40-pound pack.

Tibetan Mastiff is also a curious breed. Although it is not known to be a fast learner, you can still teach your pup a good number of tricks by being patient and consistent with what you do. And let some treats help you “do the trick”. These are inexpensive items that can be bought for as low as $6.99 per pack.

  • Grooming

All dogs, regardless of breed, require a regular grooming. And a Tibetan Mastiff is no different. So please prepare a budget of around $25 for a regular hair service that typically includes haircut and bath.

Next is its nails which tend to get too long if not regularly trimmed. That’s besides the health risks and damage that its long nails can bring to your dog and the people in the household. If you don’t intend to do it yourself or you simply do not have the skills, a $10 charge is required for professional service.

Other services that you may want to consider are the ear cleaning and plucking which may cost around $15.

But if you can’t be bothered availing these grooming services separately due to inconvenience and budget issues, availing it all from one place is not a bad idea. Some pet salons offer them all at under $70 depending on the size of your pet and may even include other services such as teeth brushing, anal gland expression, and cologne application.

  • Medical Costs

Spaying or neutering your puppy if you do not intend to be a breeder shows that you are a responsible pet owner.  It is imperative to prevent any unwanted pregnancy especially if you are not capable of taking care of such obligation. This procedure is priced at $2.50 per pound of dog weight.

Your dogs can also acquire bacterial infections despite the precautionary measures you have placed. In case this unfortunate scenario happens, there are antibacterial medications available in the market.

Just make sure to consult a veterinarian first, typically costing $40 to $60 per regular office visit and $100 or over for emergency care, before giving your dog any kind of medicine.

To give you an idea of the prices with regards to this matter, a bottle of Zeniquin, a wide-spectrum antibiotic, costs $2.86 per tablet.

Vaccinations are also important regardless of the breed of your dog. The 5-in-1 vaccine addresses canine distemper, parainfluenza, canine parvovirus, infectious hepatitis and adenovirus 1 and 2, and can be availed at around $60.

What Determines the Tibetan Mastiff Price?

Tibetan Mastiffs are highly-priced because of its mammoth size and proud stature. Many wealthy men, especially in Asian countries, vie for these coveted canines because of their ability to intimidate others and guard their owners. The larger the dams and sires are, the more expensive the litters will be.

Some buyers also look at the variant of the puppy in question. Most of the time, they put a higher tag on a Lion Head Tibetan Mastiff because of its daunting appearance similar to that of a lion (hence the term).

Red-colored mastiffs are also considered more valuable than others. All of the dogs sold at a price of $1 million or more have this color. This may be attributed to the fact that a lot of Asians have high regard toward red.

Interested on Having One? Read This

The Tibetan Mastiff is considered a purebred canine. Ask for an AKC certification stating that the puppy you are going to purchase comes from a good ancestral line. It is very difficult to distinguish pure Mastiff puppies from those that are mixed-breed without the paper.

Although considered a large breed, Mastiffs still have a fairly long lifespan. The average is around 10-14 years so you better prepare for a long-term commitment. If you feel any hesitation at all with regards to this decision, then don’t proceed in buying it.

Getting a Tibetan Mastiff is also not advisable for people who are new to taking care of dogs. This breed is very difficult to manage and requires much attention from its owner. If left unattended for long periods, it may develop an aggressive behavior that may prove to be detrimental to people around it.

Always have your Mastiff leashed outdoors if left alone. This breed is very protective and may attack if it feels threatened. Your backyard should be fenced to keep it from running away or going after your neighbors. These will protect not only the people around you but also the dog itself from such dangers.

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