How Much Does a Tibetan Terrier Cost?

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The Tibetan Terrier is an ancient dog breed that was developed by Tibetan monks to serve as monastery sentries and sheepherders.

Despite the name, Tibetan Terriers, or TTs for short, are not terriers but are more closely related to the Lhasa Apso – a dog that also originated from Tibet.

Despite the confusing history of this breed, it surely is remarkable enough to be revered as the Holy Dog of Tibet.

Tibetan Terrier Price

Tibetan Terrier puppies are currently being sold around $1,800 to $2,500 at the AKC Marketplace. This website shows some of the best AKC registered TT breeders, ensuring the quality and health of puppies for sale.

If adoption is the way to go for you, you need to check out the Tibetan Terrier Club of America where you can find Tibetan Terriers waiting to be rescued and given their new homes and families.

When adopting or buying, some breeders or shelters will assure you that their dogs have gone through prior health checkups, vaccinations, and examinations, giving you the assurance of each dogs’ health and safety.
Also, some breeders will include other procedures such as microchipping and neutering/spaying if you’re looking for that option.

Other One-Time Costs

  • Certificates and Registration

When you’re traveling with your dogs on a plane or getting a dog license, a health certificate is one of the requirements you need to secure. The cost of can range from $38 to $45, but the overall price may vary due depending on the tests your dog is required to undergo.

  • Transportation Costs

The good thing about the TTs is they can pass all restrictions of any airlines when it comes to flying. However, they still need further clearance for carry-on since they are not small enough to be allowed in the cabin.

For the prices, some airlines may charge around $125 to $200, although it is best that you ask your airline of choice to get more accurate prices.

  • Training

Despite their appearance, TTs are strong and agile dogs that can adapt to everyday life. However, not all of them have the same exact temperament. It is best to socialize them with your friends or any frequent visitors at your home since they tend to bark at strangers when their watchdog instinct kicks in.

The safest and most effective way to start with dog training is the basic obedience. This course allows your TT to socialize with other dogs and people while learning discipline and good manners. When it comes to enrollment fees, you should expect to spend at least $150 to $175.

Tibetan Terrier Cost
How Much Does a Tibetan Terrier Cost? 3

Tibetan Terrier Maintenance Costs

  • Food and diet

Aside from the common factors such as age, size and amount of calories and exercise, you should also consider the background of each dog when it comes to feeding. TTs require high-quality, all-natural dry dog foods to compensate for their daily nutritional needs.

To give TTs the best dog food that is both safe and nutritious; consider buying a LID (Limited Ingredient Diets) dog food that costs around $24 to $79. LID dog foods are known to be excellent for dogs that require strict diets and those that can develop dog food allergies.

  • Grooming and hygiene

TTs have double-layered, dense, wavy coats that can be suitable in just about any environment and climate. As for the length, it depends on whether you want them to grow full-length or short coats.

When it comes to maintenance, daily brushing is required to keep their coats from tangles and matting, and weekly bath to keep their coats thoroughly cleaned.

Good quality grooming kits, especially for TTs, are sold online for a price starting at $67.99. It is crucial to remember to mist their coats first before brushing as the hair tends to break off easily. Make sure to brush their coats gently and slowly as well.

  • Vet and other health costs

Just like any other dogs, TTs are prone to develop certain health issues such as Patellar Luxation, Lens Luxation, heart murmur, and hypothyroidism. A checkup with the vet should involve exams concerning their eyes, hips, and thyroid and heart tests as they are prone to developing problems in those areas.

When visiting the vet, you should expect to spend around $35 to $50 for a wellness checkup.

Other Tips and Information About Tibetan Terrier

There are a lot of advantages to owning TTs. For one, their size allows them to be ideal companion dogs. With their Zen-like attitude, TTs seem to relate if you want peace. They are also independent and can be laidback making them good therapy dogs as well.

With a lifespan of 12 – 15 years, TTs are generally healthy and don’t go far behind when it comes to exercise. They can be energetic and agile enough to keep up with you on your usual brisk walking or jogging routine.

Measuring 14 – 16 inches and weighing 20 – 25lbs, the size of TTs are just about the size of being the smallest medium breed. Their size also means that they are adaptable when it comes to any living condition. Just make sure they get enough exercise, especially if you are living in an apartment.

In ancient Tibet, TTs are believed to be sacred dogs bringing luck to whoever owns them. They are so valuable that the only way to own one is when someone gives them to you as a gift. It just goes to show that apart from being excellent pets, they may be the lucky charm you need.

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